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UC Berkeley

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Que homem incrível, Dr.  john a. powell (ele prefere assim, em minúsculo). Ele é um dos maiores pesquisadores em questão racial do mundo, trabalhou com a implementação de políticas afirmativas nos EUA, África do Sul e Brasil, além de ser professor de Berkeley. Ele foi o key note speaker do seminário que começou hoje. Discussão elevadíssima sobre racismo estrutural (ele é um dos pioneiros desse debate), branquitude como questão sociológica e não de fenótipo. Sem essencialismos, professor john encantou a todos e todas com seu conhecimento. Este seminário é inédito em Berkeley e muito me honra estar aqui com pesquisadores desse nível. Meu coração está em festa, ouvi-lo me deu a certeza de estar no caminho certo. Ser apresentada a ele foi um dos pontos altos do dia. Que evento, senhoras e senhores!❤
LEFTIST VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS! A Leftist Thug Violently Assaulted A Conservative Student That Was Recruiting For Our @turningpointusa Chapter At UC Berkeley! @tpusaberkeley This Is How Violent & Intolerant The Left Has Become On Campus! #tpusa #turningpointusa
Suited up and ready. Thank you @boss for getting me fresh to go see our 44th president. 🙏🏾
“Happy place.” 🙂⛅️ #berkeleypov by @conloncreatives  #ucberkeley #campanile #sunrays
Incredible Italian loveseat in mint felted wool ✨  Available in store and online (tap photo to view listing)
Buick Century
Happy Birthday Max! 👊🏽 @4Q69 Have great day! 🎥 @JeremyMcNamara_
Oh gosh look who busted out the bread knife!! For anyone wondering the set I use is from @chefsvisionknives Cosmos Series ❤️ 🌌 Is anyone else obsessed with space like I am? I’m convinced I might be from another planet lol 👽maybe even Galaxy. . ⭐️Subscribe to my YouTube ⭐️be the first to see new vids! 🖐🏼👉🏼@powderycrunches👈🏼🤚🏼 ⭐️Don’t forget to follow me! 👻Snap Me?👻 : SharkySnapped ⭐️Behind The Scenes & More! - #chefsvision #chefsvisionknives #powdersounds #howirelax
What A day, funeral + workshop!! Thank You @livandchiuartstudio hosting 2days portrait workshops with amazing models @john_a_carrasco and @annahshtamm 🙏🙏
FINALLY- SUITS FOR A PETITE BODY ❤️ . I was stressing out because I HATE bathing suit shopping. Does any girl actually like it? Those lights in the dressing room, the size differences, etc. The amount of times I’ve went IN confident and LEFT crying or discouraged... is a freaking lot. . Bathing suits are what STARTED my struggles with food. I would actually starve myself when going to the beach so that I wouldnt look bloated. It was such a bad cycle. . So, I went on a limb and ordered about 8 suits from @sheinofficial which were all about $12ish. So cheap, right? I figured... worst case scenario, I tried. . Luckily for a petite body, I feel so confident in these. The booty isn’t too revealing but it’s a little cheekier than im used to, and I’m OKAY with it which feels so good. Feeling those #bootygains. . I got a small in all of them and I love the majority of them. Petite girls, I recommend them! This is my honest review- I’m not sponsored by this company. . What do y’all think? Honest thoughts!
When you tell people you’re visiting Berkeley, the first thing they usually say is, “You have to go to Cheese Board.” They’re not wrong. No matter what the flavor is that day, you should be there. #eeeeeats 📸: @mayaginoreats
This week at the Chez.
#found |  not my father.
Berkeley City Council UNANIMOUSLY passed the most comprehensive piece of municipal legislation in the US for reducing single-use disposable foodware. . . If you're dining in, everything must be reusable EVEN fast food restaurants will be serving on real plates! . . If you need something to go and you didn't BYO, the takeout options have to be compostable and come with a 25 cent fee while theyre working on creating a program for reusable to-go containers with pick up and drop off locations citywide. . . I'm most excited to see the reusable to-go containers come to fruition! What do you think? would you like to see something like this implemented in your town?  #goingzerowaste #gzwgoodnews
ⓢⓔⓔⓘⓝⓖ ⓑⓔⓐⓤⓣⓨ.
Post nap snuggles
An Ansel Adams (1902–84) photo of campus from “Fiat Lux: The University of California,” 1967. Today is Adams’ birthday. · Happy #bwwednesday, photography lovers. #bww · #ucberkeley #sathertower #campanile #berkeley150 #goldengatebridge #anseladams @anseladams
I had to sneak out last night to get another darkside shot of a full moon. After the blood moon last month I got a teleconverter to get a little closer to the sky for the next one. I've been horribly sick for the last week but it was totally worth it to crawl outside and shoot something fun. Thanks to my awesome friends who helped me pick my best edit on my story in the middle of the night! #fullmoon #astrophotography #darksideportrait
Talent is overrated, it’s all about your work ethic and discipline 🙇🏽‍♀️
We can’t even wait to stand up for animals again at this year’s @animalliberationconference with hundreds of other activists who are also dedicated to making Animal Liberation a reality 💚  This is @veganevan’s best friend, Nico & he is an awesome advocate for the animals!  Nico and his family also have rescued farm animals at home 💚
How do you stay motivated and keep your goals alive for months, or even years?  Whether you’re new to running or training for your next ultramarathon, you’ve probably had one of those days where you just can’t bring yourself to lace up and get out. It turns out you are not alone.  Join me tomorrow at @rei in Berkeley on San Pablo Ave as I share my go to tips on setting goals, breaking out of routines, nutrition and how I turn shorter days, colder temps and wet weather into an opportunity to run different.  There will also be plenty of time to meet and mingle with other runners, and ask your questions on gear, trails, training and nutrition.  See you tomorrow night?  6pm at 1338 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley  #optoutside #forcesofnature #womenwhofly #guforit #timetofly #community #placesweplay #run #running #trail #trailrunning #foodforthought #nutrition #thatsfine #fueltoperform #eattolivewell  Photo credit: @itssarahcotton
When you weren't prepared for a rainy day and your dog takes care of you as soon as you get home😂😂
“The engine that manufactures all things is driven by the past: by hope and by sorrow, by fear and by rage, by all the passions and calculations of our past it conjures up the mechanisms that drive us forward into the carved channels of our futures.” 🎂
#tbt 6 years ago  #atak S U I T_L I F E  @andremalcolm_tattoo  @oji_studio @__thegreys__ Thank you Chris
~❤Y quizás no sepa hablar de amor sin mencionarte❤~
dont chase me, chase your dreams 🖤
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i just treated myself to boba and cookie dough from yogurt park oops
apparently there’s art behind me, but i’d like to think i’m the real masterpiece 😊 #sunsouttonguesout #littlerayofsunshine
One of our absolute favorite fabrics, sandwashed rayon challis, has NEW COLORS! 🌈 Meet Daffodil, Ochre, Terracotta, Peony, and Sangria. 🌼🌸🌹 Which is your favorite? #stonemountainfabric
sucks to be allergic to avocados in california
light as a feather 😌🌾🤞🏻
Today in Black History the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center was founded on UC Berkeley’s campus. I was one of the leaders in the Black Student Union that demanded this space. It was a militant political struggle that birthed the center. Shortly after I graduated, I was hired by the university to implement the center. At 23 years old I helped found the center with my nigga @muchobanksy. S/o to everyone who made this space possible. Don’t tell me Black youth aren’t powerful. We still got work to do but today we celebrate. ✊🏾🖤
who else wants to go on a drive at 1am until we forget about what’s bothering us
Think long-term, not quick fix. Skip the worthless skinny teas, juice cleanses, fad diets, body wraps, fat burners, etc. 😱  Start with strength training and small steps to improve your eating habits.🏋🏻‍♀️🍳Slow progress yields sustainable results. Plus, it’s way more enjoyable!  #sustainablefatloss #slowprogress #onlinecoach #personaltrainer #nutritioncoach #womenwholift #healthylifestyle #bodybloom
Turn around, and you will see your Sol-mate  Heh get it Bc the sun is behind me ;) CC: @vu_dphan . Also a huge thank you for @kimsondoan’s mom for this tailored dress. If you want a super cute custom made dress like this you can send her a DM!
These super chic ottomans and everything else on @shoptheinside is 30% off code : presidents30 in case you need color in your life, extra seating, a pop of pattern or a little more joy. #details #presidentsdaysale #beyondthebeige
Lost a lot of friends and a lot of sleep chasing greatness. It’s too late to turn back now. 🕹
Dan killing it as always
Time flies quick when I’m with these 5 men. Last home dual meet against Stanford on Saturday at 12:00!