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Hamilton, New Zealand

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Neotrad baboon from one of my old designs for Tu done @skinkstattoostudio today.  Cheers bro!
Today we stand in solidarity #theyareus #weareone #scarvesinsolidarity @scarvesinsolidarity #ournewzealand #newzealand
Met the brother @barbarianpoots supporting the local muslim community here in Hamilton #loveandrespect #socialmedia #bomblife #mongrelmob
Celebrating 50 years 🎉 of my friend and father. Keep hammering old man 👊
Get into the tight spot. Drop the anchors. Rip some lips. #powerpole
Vagabond mode on. On the way to Taranaki Falls.
it’s fridayyyyyy
@openpolytechnic #makeyourmove
#headscarfforharmony / @headscarfforharmony +  Kia ora e hoa maa.  Today many #newzealand women will come together in solidarity of our #muslim sisters.  It may feel that the act to wear a headscarf - or #hijab - for a day comes across as tasteless appropriation. I understand where this comes from and acknowledge this now. However, where headscarves are worn regularly in western fashion, without blessing, and without consideration of its significance, therein lies the problem. Today is not a day for appropriation. Today is not a day to ridicule something that shapes so many women’s identities. .  Today I am wearing a hijab for my long time best friend @shahanasaud, her Mumma and her Abba, a well respected colleague, and four of my students. These people lost friends and extended family members in the #christchurchterroristattack. They all are  struggling with the emotional and psychological impact of last Friday. I sought the approval of Shahana and Neha who lost family members, and thank them for letting me share in a piece of their #faith and #identity. While I have the choice to not wear one, many Muslim women wear it strictly. I respect and acknowledge that as a white woman wearing a hijab, I’m not exposed to the targeted abuse Muslim women are forced to endure through ignorance and narrow mindedness. I hope that covering my head today helps broaden the minds of my non-Muslim students and peers, reduces the fear of something that seems foreign and different, and helps people to understand the cultural and personal significance of wearing a hijab. .  I don’t know a lot about Islam, but what I do know I learned though Shahana. It is a religion of #peace, and unfortunately like every religion, has some extremists who give it a bad name. Thank you to my Muslim friends and in particular Shahana for being a beacon of light in this world and showing me what true #generosity, #optimism, kindness of spirit and #aroha really is. I don’t know a purer soul than
Melty script 👅 Character logo commission in @procreate on the iPad Pro
SHOULDER WORKOUT from the weekend just been 💪 My favourite thing to train! Most of this workout is done in th same spot so it’s nice and easy to work through. Presses are up first so it’s especially important to warm up really well, then start off using light weight for a few sets before moving into your working sets.  1️⃣ Neutral grip one arm shoulder press - 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, 6 - increase the weight each set. Similar to a normal DB press but palms face inwards. 2️⃣ Barbell over and back shoulder press - 4 x 10. Over and back again = one rep. 3️⃣ Lat raises 1 1/4 reps - 4 x 8. Up, lower, back up then all the way down = 1 rep. 5️⃣ DB Y raises - lie on a bench set at around 45 degrees. 4 x 15. Superset with 6️⃣ Seated rope pulls - 4 x 15. Think of pulling the rope apart rather then pulling back. 6️⃣ Barbell upright rows - 4 x 12.  Fuelled by @gatsupplements FLEXX BCAA’s. Programs/training by @arkantaha
have fun having fun on the next day friend ☉☉☉
—That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind —My capture tonight of the Full Moon 21 March 2019 10.50pm, Star Wars....HOWL ON  When the Earth is caught between the moon and the sun, the result is the Full Moon bearing the most powerful energies of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon is often seen by people as 'all purpose'-- it's energies are prismatic in that it flows into all areas and needs, be it constructive or destructive. Even more so than the Dark Moon, the Full Moon is a time you would utilize for extra power when you're facing very difficult challenges. This is not just for minor mundane tasks, such as looking for the energy to reorganize your closet or trying to clear negativity out of the house after an argument; this is a time to reserve for those important things in your life that need major changes or major boosts. While you can plan spells for anything, utilize this energy for your priorities that really matter in your life. If you need to win a court case, or find a new job with better pay to prevent you from losing your home, Magic's and meditations revolving around spirituality, psychic development, dreams and divination are particularly well times for the Full Moon. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️➡️ #amazingplaces #photography #moon #magic #shadows #sky #newzealand #kiwi #tron_shots #art #waikato #myview #lovethetron  #photographer #2019 #space #adventures #adventurer #moonlight #universe #myphoto #hamiltonnz #dark #astronomy #nightsky #beautifulplanet #artsy #world #earth #culture
Celebrating Sam & Tom 💘
It’s been a couple of years of planning, plus lots of sweat and tears, but tonight we are so excited and proud to announce the launch of Jake Campus Nutrition Approved Meals! What started as a dream has now become a reality, a range of delicious, balanced meals that can not only work into the JCN plans, but are also perfect for anyone who wants healthy, convenient options without having to stress over meal prep. - Head to shop.jcn.co.nz to shop our menu. We offer either 6, 12 or 18 meal packs in small or large, as well as protein pack options. Gluten, dairy and nut friendly! 📸: @unofficialtmedia
Something finally blew up bigger than @shaunstevenson_ head when he got his first win on madden 😏😂🎮🎈
ITS ON, and what a crazy busy day it has been so far. Not gonna lie - it feels really strange celebrating on such a heavy day for our country. It feels good to be able to provide a wee feel-good escape for people, but our thoughts are with everyone across the country who have been affected by our darkest day yet last Friday. Thank you to all our gorgeous customers who have popped in to give love - remember, we are open til 7 tonight celebrating our third birthday. There is also a ceremony in Garden Place today for last week - so if you need a cuddle before or after, we are your people. Here’s to a funny day of mixed feelings. We love you all x
Snuggle with me
Junior School faculty Lorelei Saito and Rebecca Wagner say "Kia Ora" from Aotearoa! They are in New Zealand on a teacher trip to Southwell School in Hamilton this spring break.
NZ Blood Donation | the time taken to do this is a very short 30mins. If you can spare the time to sit on social media and scroll through pages aimlessly for hours, you easily have the time to do this. You have no idea how many lives you may help save. After everything that has happened in NZ across the last week, this is just my small contribution to the well being of the people in our country. Do one act of selflessness every single day, our world will be that much more of a better place 💉❤️
Last year I voluntarily teamed up with the @the_waterboy_nz charity who helps break down many barriers to give Kiwis an opportunity to participate in sport which is an integral part of our culture here in New Zealand! ▪️ With this awesome opportunity I have been blessed to help mentor this talented young lady @kaiilani__ who aspires to be in the @blackferns team one day! She’s a very intelligent Wahine and I cannot wait to help her achieve all of her goals and aspirations in the future! ▪️ Not only do I get to be involved with such a great organisation, but I also get to work with like minded athletes who all have a passion of empowering our youth and helping them make better decisions in life. And with this being said, yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with the legend himself - @robbie_manson We talked about ways of tackling homophobia in Sport & Society and discussed the importance of accepting other people’s differences in life!▪️ This Kaupapa founded by the awesome @nabbsthomas has made a massive impact to many children’s lives already and I support it 100% as it definitely aligns with my values and goals in life! So if you are interested in helping out or getting involved as a sponsor or even a mentor, then give them a call or an email and let’s all team up together in helping make a difference within our community! . #thewaterboynz #aspiretoinspire #strongerpeoplestrongercommunities
Hamilton’s alright sometimes
Throw back to one year ago.... What drives you to get up in the morning and chase your dreams? Why are you working until 10PM on a weekend? Why are you at home working when you could be out partying or hanging out with friends? It’s easy to get lost in your own head and allow procrastination to put your dreams in a standstill.  Invest in your dreams. Grind now. Shine later
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Bernard M. Baruch #beyourself #beyou #livetodayasifitsyourlast
#scrumrwc #rugby En plena cuenta regresiva para la #rwc2019, repasamos el primer try de #lospumas en los Mundiales: ¡try-penal con el scrum como bandera! Fue en la #rwc1987, el 24 de mayo de aquel año. ¿El resultado de ese partido? Caída 28-9 ante #fiji. 👊🏼👊🏼 #rwcxespn
Sunset lover :)
My days are so much more productive when I wake up early to train before work! 🤩 Must remember this feeling at 5am tomorrow 🥴🤞🏻
Kia Ora all!  My name is Lexi and I’ll be taking you with me on my journey here in New Zealand! I am a second year at Penn State in the US majoring in Human Development and Family Studies (We Are!). I’m spending my semester at the beautiful University of Waikato in Hamilton on the North Island. I chose to study in this country because of the amazing scenery and prospect of adventure around every corner! I’m currently on a ten day trip to the South Island; that’s where many of these breathtaking pictures are from. I have loved my time here so far and am super excited to keep making memories. I look forward to sharing the rest of my time abroad with everyone! Cheers!  #studyinnz #universityofwaikato
If you guys haven't checked out the Ossem line you've got to! Sweet full of flavour and the slick packaging is picture perfect! You fuite fans out there from across the world will enjoy every puff of this awesome E-juice. These juices are ↙️ ▪️Japanese Peach 🍑 ▪️American Melon 🍉 ▪️Malaysian Mango 🍊 ▪️Brazilian Lime 🍋 ▪️British Berry 🍇 My personal favourite is Brazilian Lime👌🤘🤤 right on the dot with what a lime flavour should Intale __________________________________________________ Hey guys use this code "sr_cloudz" for 15% off @officialvgod https://officialvgod.com/user/sr.cloudz Sponsor @cloudmachinenz #teamcmnz #cloudmachinenz #vapeholligans #vapelifestyle #nzvape #nzvapers #vape #vapeporn #vapephotography #vapetricks #vapenation #vapesociety #nzvapecommunity #nzvapelyfe #vapemods #vapetrick #vapejuice #nzvaper #osforthebros #vapefam #vapeclouds #snowwolf #vape💨 #vapelyfe #vapebuzz #nzvapefamily #nzvapeshop
she don’t dance, but she dance for me
Asi Kacche Rang jhe sohniae... Sadi kahdi holi....Sohi
Only a few more days left in NZ #bathsoon #summer #hurdles #allin
NU HAIR STEEZ 😈  New hair style - who dis?! 😂  Two weeks without a hair cut 🙈  Feeling fresh, tighter, leaner, tired, shleepy, hungry, and over all feel like a new me.  Good vibes today all round 🤗  Peak week has been physically taxing but my body is responding nicely.  Deep down I know it will be my best even I’ve ever brought to the stage, even with the emotional detour has actually served me well.  Turning that struggle into a strength has given me a better perspective on my life and how I see myself.  And right now I see myself at a big table of my favourite foods with some good company and a good night out on Saturday night.  So can we fast forward to that please 😂. Jokes.  I can’t wait to meet the @nutritionsystems_nz, @me nz_boss, and all the athletes competing this weekend and the @nzifbb_palmy event (hosted by @tiaretawera)  See you all very soon 😘  Ps. Thanks for the shout out and the photo @charly_harris 🙏🏽