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Scribe Winery

Instagram photos and videos at Scribe Winery

Succulent afternoon & promising myself to slow down and cease the over booking - except for booking lunch at this dreamy heaven, of course.....
💕Belated Mother’s Day💕
cheers to wine tasting and the best coworkers a girl could ask for 💜
Napa with my snacks 🍷🍇🥨#30flirtyandthriving
Estate Pinot Noir suckering as the maritime fog rolls in... 🌬
Distressed neutrals @scribewinery.
Coppa debut @scribewinery 📷 @eu___eu.  #coppa #capicola #capocollo #curedmeats
Brother bear (and Stephanie) love these two lovebirds!!!!!!!
The most beautiful wedding in the most breathtaking place for a perfect couple! 💞 #hysekeverafter
It’s raining, it’s pouring, but the vineyards are still serving. 🌿 | #sonomacounty #scribewinery
The Real Housewives of Napa Valley
VI. Sweetheart of the West 💛2016 Estate Chardonnay
Excited to spend the weekend (sans kids) in wine country with this amazing woman.  Even more excited to share this journey called life (with kids) at the side of this amazing woman.  Happy anniversary Karen @finchmiller
Whisked from the city to wine country in #sonoma yesterday was a good day. #sanfrancisco 🌁
love the world xx
🍷 🥂 ☀️ 👭
Grapes and great friends 🍇
The Hacienda @scribewinery  Even the restroom is pretty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vacation #vacationmode #sonoma #winetasting #sanfrancisco
Can I just move to Sonoma?
✨VII. HYMN✨2018 Estate Pinot Noir bottling
😋 Focaccia @scribewinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vacation #vacationmode #sonoma #winetasting #sanfrancisco #bread #focaccia
Food pairing with the @scribewinery tasting was so fresh and delicious. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vacation #vacationmode #sonoma #winetasting #winecountry #sanfrancisco #scribewinery
We are so lucky to have you. Happy Birthday, mama 💐
Shouldn’t May look more like this? ☀️🌬🌾#latergram #marniandme
Last stop before catching our flight home ✌🏼🌸🍷
Today’s tasting features our friend @canteenmeats three month dry-aged coppa made with spices all indigenous to the Americas. 2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir + 2018 Estate Riesling + 2016 Estate Chardonnay + 2017 Estate Pinot Noir. Canteen Meats coppa with celery salad, whipped feta with herb oil and garden favas, garden lettuces and cucumbers with SCRIBE verjus vinaigrette, house made focaccia with tomato, Mariani almonds, marinated olives and garden turnips and radishes.
1.  winery site model study from preston scott cohen
🌸🌴🍷💞 #mostbeautifulplace
Missing wine country & the west coast 💕
Drank a little too much wine and thought that a photo looking at a grape leaf in the vineyard was provocative but nope... just drunk. #sonoma #scribewinery #vineyard #mothersday #prada #asos
Toasts are often one of my favorite parts of a wedding. They’re full of so many authentic emotions and reactions. And it’s pretty incredible to witness the amount of love that your friends and family bring to your day and hear it verbalized. 🥂
Scribe is a ✨magical✨ place where your idea of happiness is completely transformed! Welcomed with a glass of their rosé of pinot noir, I was brought to my table overlooking the vineyard and patio where strangers mingled, smiled, and soaked up the sunshine🌞  As I enjoyed my meal and four glasses of delicious wine, I felt like I had discovered the meaning of pure bliss🙇‍♀️🤩 If you are planning a trip to Sonoma or Napa, Scribe is a MUST visit winery to put at the top of your list!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ❤️: Scribe 2016 Estate Chardonnay ⁣⁣ 🍇: Chardonnay⁣⁣ 👄: Unoaked, fresh tropical fruit, minerality⁣⁣ 💌: Although Scribe’s tasting included four wines I want to tell you about their chardonnay.  Most people have a strong opinion about chardonnay; it’s either all they drink or they avoid it at all costs.  What both of these types of people share is the idea that chardonnay is an oakey, buttery, and heavy white wine.  I used to think that until I discovered that it doesn’t have to be aged in oak, and in Chablis it often sees little or no oak.  Scribe’s chardonnay is more French in style than the buttery style typically made in California.  It can completely change your opinion of chardonnay, which it did for Marissa Ross (wine editor at Bon Appétit) and me!
4 years ago I attended a film photography workshop held at beautiful Scribe Winery, taught by the lovely Emily Scott. We got to shoot in the Hacienda (a former speakeasy and brothel) before it was renovated, while sipping Scribe’s incredible wines. I JUST got my film developed 😂. Next is a visit back to the Hacienda to see the remodel. 📷 🍷
Jon came to visit! We took him to Scribe, apparently it's a thing
Hacienda mood #fromwhereistand #latergram #whatmarniworetoday
So dreamy @scribewinery
Yes I really did sit here and stare at the view like this for the duration of our tasting 🍷🐠
It was so so special to get the family tour of @scribewinery yesterday. The history of this property, the perfect design that preserves all the lives the hacienda has led and getting to meet the @scribewinery fam was such a treat. Can’t wait to come back, thank you so much guys!
@scribewinery is such an eclectic gem and perfectly curated property. The vibe is as good as the wine pairings with farm to table food. #designgoals #scribewinery #interiors #inspiration #eclecticdecor #bohodecor #winery #creativity
Happy birthday to the love of my life @jkulla81! Here's to dressing up and making lots of wonderful memories together 🥂 Wishing you the best year yet! ♥️ #birthdayboy #scribewinery
s c r i b e
Thank you so much for the warm family tour @scribewinery Such an amazing experience getting to hang with your family!
Finally back in #winecountry @scribewinery #wine #needadrink #stillbeautiful #love #home
NEW GROWTH 🌱 reaching for the palms 🌴
Sonoma #!!! Great day!!
So wonderful to spend the afternoon at my happy place, @scribewinery. Thank you @kelmariani for the delicious Mexican lunch and @yeahkazzy for the hospitality. Always great to see the Scribe tribe! ❤️ #sonoma #scribe #scribewine #svs #rogue #foodandwine #rosé #riesling #chardonnay #pinotnoir #petnat #happyplace
Rosé with bae 🥂 #latergram #hoitytoity
Wonderful tasting at Scribe Winery today! Delicious food and wine paired with beautiful views from their property that pioneered pre-prohibition Sonoma Valley winemaking.
... She gave a sigh of bliss. 💛 #sonoma #naturalbeauty
Sonoma days are my favorite days.
Awesome Mother’s Day. Thanks to Nini and MegMeg. Im so lucky.
a little pop of colour to brighten up this gloomy Monday
To me you are perfect and my wasted heart will love you until you look like this 🥀