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Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Instagram photos and videos at Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Before and (swipe ➡️) after. What an incredible evening celebrating the IG plant community @foliacollective last night. We taped an episode of @bloomandgrowradio in front of the most awesome live audience. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet so many new ones! The episode will air sometime in April (as @mvf10 educated me on, there’s no live-streaming podcasts, *yet*). We’ll keep you posted on the release 🤗. In the meantime it’s back to work today👩🏼‍⚕️. I think I’ll be having a bit more caffeine than usual to get through it ☕️ but so worth it! Thank you for having me @bloomandgrowradio and @foliacollective! #workhardplanthard #plantyplaces
BTS of the group performance with @tribaltheory @nico_theory @rudy_theory @ku_theory @youngrobstone @jeffbernat working with a few @quasarscience bulbs...
There’s one in every crowd...
Should I start teaching a yoga class?
Flamingo Estate, Richard Christiansen’s (@chandeliercreative) 1940s-era home in #eaglerock, is the ultimate Los Angeles fantasy. The sunny kitchen, pictured here, is stocked from the garden — a 7-acre stepped Babylonia of agave, plumerias, rhododendron and half a dozen species of basil tilled from what was once a sandy patch of nothing. Click the link in our bio to see more. Photo by @simonpwatson.
What are you guys doing for Spring Break? We are staying in town this year, but are planning fun things locally and that includes a visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s! Smith gets so excited when we go and loves all the games. Mama gets so excited because it’s actually super affordable (you can do All You can Play for $10) and I love the pizza – it’s so good lol. Plus, if you sign up on the @chuckecheeses app or on the website for the More Cheese Rewards, you can get free pizza, coupons, deals and more perks for playing! Head to my blog to learn more and sign up now + tag a mom friend who might want to join in the comments! (Link in my bio) # ad #springbreak #momstyle #momsofinstagram #momlife #ootd #springstyle #mystyle #chuckecheeses
T-Minus one month until my birthday 🎉 !!! I cannot wait. There is an adventure planned, but honestly I won’t believe it until I’m there. I am SO EXCITED! Also, my kids birthdays are 2 weeks alway and I’m realizing that as I type this 😩 not going to freak out over what I’m doing for them.... it’ll come to us& for the first time, I don’t feel bad about ♈️ 🙌🏼 #ariesfamily
[THANK YOU PART 2] On the art side of things, I would love to give a HUGE shout-out to @emilyshur who took both the 7" cover and this cover. Both shoots were super fast with little room for error, but Emily knocked it out of the park instantly. Also thanks to our friend @annaglen for handling the retouching on the album package, also incredibly fast and professional! Thanks to @callheraplum for making sure my hair looked mod, and @erinmaidensfx for giving me a black eye! Thanks to my roommate @annaliantes for letting us take over your room, and helping dress the set and art direct! Also thanks to @brianguido who took all the press photos for this album cycle. Another great friend who was incredibly professional and fast. Last but not least, thanks to @benjamincritton for being my 24/7 design (and life) support. I drove you insane as well, but we make a good team. I believe the secret to good art is finding the right people to help you realize your vision. I'm so proud of mine, I couldn't have done it without you all.
Simply the best. @flamingo_estate @chandeliercreative @studioko
Hi, hello, Nicolette here...one moment please, I'm not quite ready to wake up and start my Instagram takeover! 😴5 more minutes! I really want to meet you, too, but I'm finishing my morning beauty sleep! 💆‍♀️Just keep talking to me, and maybe my tail will keep wagging enough to wake the rest of me up.🤗Check my stories to see if I made it outside! #adoptnicolette #snoozebutton #tailwagger #wednesdaymorning
Happy Birthday Big Brother. Thanks for always being there for me, it means a lot to me. Glad to have you and sis guiding me through this crazy reality called life 😂
The Elevator in Eagle Rock: A Saga 📷: @kloster_is_cool
Working on my @sportsllustrated 2020 calendar spread
This little car of mine, I’m gonna let her shine. ——————————————————————— Please give my photography page @jld_visuals a follow. ——————————————————————— Check out @livedrift_mfg for your drift apparel needs 🔥 ——————————————————————— #toyota #corolla #toyotacorolla #ae101 #bae101 #low #lowlife #loweredlife #lowered #recaro #recaroseats #jdm #jdmlifestyle #loweredlifestyle #needsmorelows #xxr #xxr531 #resurrected #resurrectedcarcrew #devotedsociety #love #socal #savethemanuals #madeyoulook #automotive #automotivephotography #notintgang
Little does she know this is about to become her favorite tree too 🍑✨
Before and after extractions.  Most clients request to have blackheads extracted from their nose. Often times what I see under the dermscope is sebaceous filament not blackheads! . 💠 Blackheads are non-inflamed acne lesions mostly formed by dead skin cells and clogged oil. . 💠Sebaceous filaments are your body’s built-in lubrication system that keeps your skin soft, moisturized and youthful. . 💠Not everyone gets blackheads, but everyone has sebaceous filaments. . Two things to consider before you try to get rid of your sebaceous filaments. . 1️⃣ They’re there for good reason – to moisturize your skin – and they’re totally normal. . 2️⃣A good skin care routine, including exfoliating products and treatments will help make them less noticeable. Don’t try to “extract” them; this can just lead to dilated or broken capillaries. . 💠Remember, keep to a daily cleansing regime to be sure your pores are clean and clear, so your sebaceous filaments can do their job moving oil through your skin without getting clogged up and forming a blackhead. . . 💠Curious if you have black heads or sebaceous filaments? Book now for your consultation, customized treatment and facial!
@kaitlucas is an irl oil painting
Your healing will set you free!  I was such a vivacious little girl growing up and somewhere along the way I lost her. I lost my vivid imagination. I lost my bright eyed outlook on life, I lost my natural ability to trust and most of all I lost my faith that there would be people taking care of me. .  Growing up with parents who struggled with addiction, alcohol, and abuse caused me to dim my light. I became little adult Aubrianna, problem solver Aubrianna and most of all take on everybody else’s emotions  in an attempt to heal them Aubrianna. .  When I left the nest and separated myself from the situation, I remember feeling free! However that was really only temporary. It was the thrill of change, peace and coming of age into adulthood, but the pain, cords, trauma and stuck emotions were still inside me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do with those feelings or where to even start. .  It has been years of processing, learning about trauma, attachment styles, coping mechanism, energy work, removing stuck emotions, grounding and ultimately showing up bravely for myself, but I am finally starting to rediscover the parts of myself that I had lost. Starting to love myself in a new way, show my shine and allow my loved ones to show me that they will be there for me and take care of me. I still have a long way to go, but can honestly say that I am grateful for my upbringing. It brought me to this work, which I have discovered as one of the loves of my life to help others and heal myself.  Xoxo @aubriannakay . .(If you have questions about my work or if it could help you on your journey- DM me ❤️ If you are looking for professional help and a place to start @cassandra_solano is a licensed professional who takes an energetic and spiritual view point into consideration in her work, I cannot not express just how powerful that is. Please check her out and give her a follow. ✨💗)
Shot out to you girl! Listen, i could write a novel. But one thing for sure two things for certain i RISE..every..Single..Time.  Above circumstances, emotions, and losses. I compete against no one but myself. Im so humbled who God has made me to be. Shot out to the one a true King. God himself! #womeninspiringwomen #jesusdidit
Dipped in blue. My newest listing is coming to the market soon and it’s an incredible one!  @monte_bonito_drive  Design by @em_henderson, @theplatformexperiment Architect @williamhuntercollective
And today we moved into our new home. Lincoln and Abby get a yard.  #homeownership #adulting #eastside #eaglerock #movingday
were home. san pedro 2maro 🥴
Digging @huntanddwell and @tracydorealestate’s new listing at 1428 Holbrook street! #nela #dayjob #northeastlosangeles #eaglerock #notskiing
Happy Kazoo Year!!!
@flamingo_estate’s winter corn harvest on the new moon.
Los Angeles put on a little show yesterday 🌈❤️ I took this at our neighbors’ house
Mio dio #35mm
Guys, I'm basically Simba. 🦁👑
We met on Bumble 🐝🌷#pollinate #localhoney
— Не предавай,  не будь как все🖤
Welcome to the jungle
Jesus is waiting on me, just as he always does. Something will be coming up, just like it always does.