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New Orleans, Louisiana

Instagram photos and videos at New Orleans, Louisiana

Scorpion Queen 👑 🦂 @whippedcream 📷 @thebukuproject
BUKU! U were magic 🙏🏼🌹☁️⭐️ 📸by @mk.marykatherine ♥️📸
THREE Los Angeles shooters 🏀🏀📸😁 @stanimal @jharden13 @cassyathena
@asaprocky X @thebukuproject | 📸: @ear2groundtv
How low can you go?!🤔 . . You don’t have to squat a billion pounds in order for your workout to be effective! We are all at different weights and reps and that’s ok!! It’s better to start light, with more reps, and proper from than the opposite! Eventually you will need to increase your weight but in the mean time, get LOW! No matter what leg routine your doing! And what’s in my shaker you ask? @womensbest BCAA’s , Fruit Fusion flavor! BCAA’s support muscle recovery, muscle growth and weight loss!!! Click the link in my bio to get yours!!! And your tickets to my bootcamp in NOLA this weekend! . . Get Low •Narrow/split squat 4x12(1 narrow, then left leg spilt/right leg split counts as 1 rep🤗) •Sumo squat 4x15 •Weighted sissy squat 4x15 . . 🎧: @ludacris . “Be Your Own BODDee Goals” #nolafitness #mondaymotivation #getlow #legs #squats #boddeegoals #bodygoals #nola #fitness
Question: If you get a new pair of Warby’s and don’t post it on Instagram in front of greenery and tag @warbyparker, did it even really happen? Thanks so much @warbyparker (for letting me come in your store and try on glasses and buy them like everybody else). #notanad #notyetanad #iloveyouwarby #pickme #canibeasponsor #lastonepicked #eveninmiddleschool #especiallyinmiddleschool #alwayspickedlast #ijustwanttoplaycoach #putmeinthegame #snowcone #grape
Ԁoɢ ʙʟooԀ oveя ʙʉkʉ . Thank you New Orleans @thebukuproject we love you 🎷 #buku2019 #dogblood
✨Be HUMBLE - Especially if your respected in the spiritual community ✨ One thing I have been thinking about recently is the importance of being humble and truthful if you are a spiritual reader and teacher. I am only 25 and my practice has grown immensely in the past years. I picked up tarot by chance on my spiritual journey and have worked incredibly hard to build my knowledge of brujeria since waking up to my powers. Along the way I have also found out that psychic, spiritual and healing gifts all run in my family and that I have been called to this work for a reason. Through my years practicing tarot, I have not only become very good with the cards, but VERY connected to the spirit world.  And so I just wanted to acknowledge that even if your good at what you do, you can never know EVERYTHING. A good practitioner knows not only their strengths but their weaknesses too! Witchcraft and Brujeria are broad and span a lot of countries, cultures and practices, so it is impossible for me to know it all (and I still make mistakes believe it or not). Along my witchcraft journey I have really honed in on specific skills. My strengths are candle Magick, Botanica Magick, Money and Abundance, Tarot, Protection and Cleansing, Meditation, and ancestor communication.  Everyday people ask me so many questions about witchcraft and Magick, and I try my best  to answer when I can, but sometimes you are better off going to a different source! For example, even though I am a student of astrology and I am able to receive messages from the cosmos, I often send these questions to real astrologers  because they have more experience and can give you the best guidance. I am consistently on a #spiritual journey and I am so excited for my own growth as I get older. I want to thank every #elder or teacher that has helped me get here. I stay humble because I believe that we are all AMAZING and capable of great things. I stay humble because I always want to be a real ass and relatable
En este camino de la vida, de tu mano SIEMPRE !!!
This drip will be televised! #playoffsclinched #unleashthemanimal
(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`) 📸: @csythes *:゚*。⋆ฺ { @☻̴̶̷̤ꈊ☻̴̶̷̤@ } *:゚*。⋆ฺຶ *
2 outta 3 ain’t bad 😁😁😬
BATHING SUIT SEASON IS UPON US!  WITH HELP FROM THE COLLARD MELT YOU WON'T SHOW UP WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN A BOOMIN ASS! #thiccboisclub #gethighandstoponby #whataboominass #wait30minutesbeforebuttstuff
When two separate things have the same desire and goal they will ALWAYS find each other, naturally. Work that is done on you impacts the other and visa versa. • This week the message of two separate energies- polar opposites, it looks like- but with similar goals merge and flow together. This popped up MUTLIPLE times during my reading and will be a major theme that you’ll watch unfold in your life 🌹🌿🦡 • 🕊🗣MERCURY DIRECT- Mercury is switching his rotation and will start to move forward on the 26th but give him some space and time to rebuild his strength before you disappoint yourself. There’s still friction in the cosmos but I see this as encouraging because it shows that at least SOMETHING is being done, created, and moved. • 🌹🌈💞Creative ventures, music, romance, business and money (!!! Especially this!!!) start to do exceedingly well! • 🗣🕊💞 ASTRO LIVE TONIGHT: We’ll talk more tonight during Astro Live on YOUTUBE (not ig)- 🗣🗣🗣: Who will I be seeing? • Also, think of question that you need to have answered and I’ll do a group pull tonight. My magic has shifted this morning so I’ll be sharing that with you as I’m guided.🌟✨ Lots of love and talk soon, Jess xoxo💋 ✶
✨: BehatiLife.com
🎥: YouTube.com/C/BehatiLife
✍🏾: Info@behatilife.com for order questions
📷 : @behatilife ✶
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Smiles all weekend long thx to @thebukuproject 🌞🦋🧿🌻
take me backkk🦋
☀️ out, pipe guns out! 💪🏼 It’s all about the concealed carry warriors. You think these bad boys are 9mm or .50cal? Let me know what you think below 👇🇺🇸⚜️💥 #marines #marinecorps #usmc #mcrd #futuremarine #sunny #sunsoutgunsout #poolee #mcjrotc #jrotc #fitness #biceps #workout #getfit #military #veterans #hiit #southerncharm #usa #merica #infantry #lancecorporal #terminallance #grunt #country#geauxtigers #louisiana #whodat #marchmadness #redwhiteandblue
☀️Soaking up the golden rays☀️
⚡️⚡️⚡️Monday Motivation⚡️⚡️ ⚡️ • I'm 48 years old. • I'm on Parkinson's medication for a neurological speech problem caused by a dopamine deficiency that comes with side effects of extreme drowsiness and erratic sleeping patterns. • I’m in full-time graduate school while on sabbatical leave from my high school teaching position. • I’m living with my parents for a year to help them as my mom continues to fight an incurable ovarian cancer. • I am not naturally athletic, and I did not excel at sports at all growing up. • I eat a healthy diet with meat, veggies, clean carbs, and regularly scheduled treat meals like pizza, burgers, and donuts. • I exercise in some way EVERY day. • And sometimes I get to do cool photo shoots like this one with @brandontwillis in New Orleans after driving all the way from San Diego. • Someone told me recently I have more time to workout and eat healthy than they do. Nope. I just Never Give Up. What's your excuse? • Need help with your fitness goals? Check out the supplements at @metabolicnutrition which I use exclusively. Use the discount link in my bio and IG stories.  Photo by @brandontwillis Swimsuit: @dannymiamibrand
My favorite people in my newly found favorite place.
Sweet like sugar venom, oh yeah🍒
thanks to the hurricanes, I only forgot most of Mardi Gras!
#neworleans has to be one of my very favorite cities and this dress from @fashiontofigure was made for hot nights and smooth jazz (all the best parts of #nola)! My blog post all about my favorite fancy places to hit is live on the charm city glam blog. Click the link in my bio to read it. Is it to soon to plan my next trip to #louisiana ?
just me in nola on a balcony with some #fun #flowers 😝😝🦋🦋🌈🌈
buku’d up
They say choose wisely; that’s why I was chosen.🛸
Thank you for the mems. @thebukuproject
5th time’s the charm🤷🏻‍♀️oh and happy year and a half chicken🥰 #nola
The only two words to describe it are perfect and magical. So much deep love and gratitude. #jonandkylewalktheaisle
Thanks @thebukuproject for the best weekend🤪 #ahhgocrazy
Swipe for the before ☀️. 👉🏼👉🏼. . What shall I call this one..? . Video coming soon! Color is @pravana And @brazilianbondbuilder 💜. . .  #btconeshot19_vibrant #btconeshot19_colortransformation #btconeshot #firehair #sunsethair
cheeessee 🤩😁 #thanksmollyforthepool #summerwya
reserved for today
Happy 44th born day to one of Louisiana finest Juvenile, former member of the group "The Hot Boyz" along with fellow New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne. What's your favorite Juvenile song/verse⁉️🎂
🍁 // Had To Link Up With My Guy @shotsbysyrajh For A Shoot ! Dude Is Mad Talented. More Heat Coming From Us VERY Soon ! . 👉🏾 SWIPE . 📸: @shotsbysyrajh . . . . #streetwearco #freshstreetfits #hsstyle #convertingculture #paqpics #fashionfuckery #thegallerystreetwear #sumstreetwear #streetcontent #cvshed #streetwearculture #bestofstreetwear #freshfits #thupreem
ok srsly don’t ask us about the 4th amendment for the rest of our careers. #briefedout
اللي يحبه يقيم صبعه 😂💔 . . #ليبيا
Dang, Nola - spring looks good on you.😘 Have you seen our latest blog post on 11 unexpected things to add ins for your next crawfish boil? Link in bio! 🦞