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Kansas City, Missouri

Instagram photos and videos at Kansas City, Missouri

Thank You Kansas City for incredible night ❤️🇺🇸#2cellos
Right on the kisser! The hilarious @realprestonlacy from #jackass will be joining me this weekend in #kansascity, as the opening act for #steveosbucketlisttour at @improvkcmo tomorrow and Saturday. Just wait until you see the Bucket List stunt he helped me scratch off my list (I’ll be screening it in the club during the show). Free meet and greet after the shows, link in my bio!
😱🇦🇹 ¡La Banda de Rojo presente en Kansas City‼️🇺🇸 ¡Gracias por su apoyo! 💯 #siemprerojos
The Nigerian Nightmare 💪 #tbt
You might say that I had quite the paper cut as well. #momprobs #scarymommy #parentingmemes #funnymoments
Ahh I love flowers so much🌸 always a good reminder that there has to be rain for there to be flowers, in gardening and in life. 🤗🤗
#concacaf #vamosdiablos 👺
Work Wear @fashionnovacurve . . Shop Never Too Soft Dress- Taupe 📸: @asp_aminashawphoto @aminaeffinshaw . . #fashionnovacurve #novababe #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #labelcurv #celebratemysize
Met the sweetest old couple today and they were watching funny YouTube videos together and reading and wow I just love, love! Cheers to the special hearts in our lives! ♥️☕️ // my sweater is from @nordstrom and I’m linking the details here: http://liketk.it/2A3lj
Get in yo bag 💰 video is dropping friday! 📸: @delaruevisuals  #ghettoromeo2 #bucksbaby #longliverod #familia
Here are 3 different Fish Taco variations. Operation: Eat More Fish has come to a screeching halt for me. I’m trying to eat fish at least one time per week and that probably means I’ll be eating fish tacos a whole lot this year. I started out the year strong but I’ve fallen off the last two weeks because my mf grocery store has the world’s worst selection of fish. I could go for some frozen stuff, which I’ll probably have to do in the future, but I prefer fresh. I’m going to try again tonight so hopefully the selection at my store has pulled their shit together. . . I don’t have recipes for any of these. It’s a Taco, it shouldn’t require a recipe. Just put stuff in it that you like and it will taste good. I don’t measure anything. The calories listed are rough estimates with a guess that I used 3oz of fish on each taco. In all of my Taco experiments I’ve found the one thing that makes the biggest difference is making your tortillas fresh. I just use instant masa and water and they are exponentially better than the dry ass, store bought, sorry excuse of a corn tortilla that is on the shelves at Hy-Vee. . . The blackening seasoning is roughly 1/4-1/2 tsp of chili powder, salt, pepper, cumin, and cayenne mixed together. Again, you don’t need recipes for things like tacos, just mix stuff that you like and it will taste good. For any salsa, start with a main ingredient, add jalapeño, citrus, salt, and cilantro. For slaw start with coleslaw mix and mayo and flavor with whatever you want. Top with whatever cheese or vegetables you’d like for added flavor. The pickled red onions are made by mixing 1 tsp of salt and 1 Tbsp of sugar in a mason jar half filled with water. Add red onion to the top and fill the remaining space with Apple cider vinegar. I know you can make them with lemon/lime juice and jalapeño, but I don’t, so don’t tell me I make them wrong. . . www.mealprepmanual.com . #mealprep #mealprepsunday #mealpreplife #foodshare
National News Highlights
Tomorrow is the start of something special 💫🔷 We need all of your support! #sccl #sportingkc
“Gaze upward, look inward, reach outward, press forward.” ✨ -Thomas S. Monson  Hair provided by @hairfactory Unit & styled by @aishaogletree  MUA @makeupartist_reese  Fashion stylist @haskellwilliam  Creative director @tippishorter  Photographer @danny.bourne
Kansas City Penthouse Before & After 😍🌃
All trimmed up by @jerrinhaweshair ! And nearly ready for TORONTO! Can't wait to see my big lumberjack'd Daddy! . . . #skinfade #gaykansascity #menofthe6ix #beardsofinstagram #gingerbeard #superdry #beardedboy
HOT NEW DROP!! Raquel skirt will make you feel oh so dangerously sexy! Be careful, they might slide in your DM’s 🐍  Shop link in bio
It was too hard to decide which shape to go with for these snake handle mugs, so I made a bunch of both! Do you have a preference? Mugs are such a personal thing -- what shape is your favorite mug?
The studio is open this Saturday 2/23 from 11-2p! Feel free to swing by!  Lots of necklaces, pots, etc. ❣️
New short story is up, humans!!! This is a short nonfiction piece that I had to write for class but I liked it so much I put it on the blog!  Pc: @heather.rose.photo
Get your Creepyhorseman trucker hat by clicking the link in my bio! @podoapparel @podo_now
only 1 me ✨
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”—Rumi ▪️ . I have been spending the last 1.5 weeks getting my studio cleaned, organized, adding new furniture (ergonomic) and tools that will make my work more possible [after a wonderful class at New Approach in Tennessee...also can’t stop thinking about this Thai food we had in Smyrna😆. It was SO good]. I keep thinking I need to have a ton of new designs before I open the shop, but I’m trying to just focus on a few good ones and then build upon those over the year. As well as change up an existing design or two 😍. ▪️ . If there’s anything I’ve learned so far in 2019 it is that stone setting faceted stones is an art form...or it can be. It isn’t often. And it requires some bravery and confidence (after a lot of practice, experience, etc ). It requires knowing the tiny depths of something, the tiny hairs that make up a fraction of a millimeter—these fractions of nothing you can see with the naked eye make or break the piece. I love this work because it’s obsessive and kind of perfectionistic but also a bit of feeling things out, checking a seat a million times. Each piece of the puzzle in this work I do myself are a joy (even in the frustrations). And at the end of the day, it’s just jewelry...I’m not saving any lives here. ▪️ . But I sure do love the stories that jewelry tells. This personal fragment of memory and time. Next Monday is my husband and my 7th wedding anniversary and over a decade together. My own wedding rings are vintage that he picked out (and my wedding ring we actually picked out together at this tiny little pawn store that ended up being a few blocks from the last place we lived in Chicago). I love a good story, and now that I’ve been a gem collector for over 7 years, I love all that pours into materials that become ready for jewels. Gems sourced from around the world that support families and people,
Radosť fotiť v takomto priestore 😍 Skvelý movement workshop v Kansas city! #abmovement#workshop#adrianbartalosmovement#kansascity
She’s the boss🔥✨ . . So thankful for the opportunity to work with @kc_fashionweek for their upcoming fashion show. 🙏🏼 Model: @sharisjones  MUA: @swademakeup  Hair: @dylankesterd  Designer: @lucias_sarto  Jewelry: @zuriperle . . . . #justgoshoot #localwolves #portraitfeed #vogueitalia #20kallday  #hcollective #777luckyfish #portraitmf #gucci #kcfw #thecreatorclass #papermagazine #guccibeauty #dazedmagazine #thekccreatives #gqmagazine #vintagestyle #musemagazine #becomewicked #inspireangelo #creativeontherise #portraitsmf  #kcinfluencer #collectivetrend  #theportraitpr0ject  #kansascityfashion  #vanityfair #buildandbloom #highsnobiety #fashionphotography
When it's cold out, but you're still trying to get them likes on Instagram. 😂
Hmm, this picture was taken before he kicked her...
Black and Yellow 🐝🎶 Model: @eleana_essick •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #pursuitofportraits#moodyports#portraitgames#portraitpage#agameofportraits#postthepeople#discoverportrait#earth_portraits#theportraitpr0ject#fstoppers#bravogreatphoto#majestic_people#kdpeoplegallery#featuremeseas#portraitvision#hfeature#ig_masterpiece#buildandbloom#portraitvision#igpodium_portraits#ourportraitdays#portraits_vision#portraitmood#globe_people#bravogreatphoto#portraitsnyc#gramkilla#globe_people#gramslayers ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
All gas no brakes ⛽️ . . You are the driver of your life. Stay in your own lane, and go at your own pace. Know when to speed up, slow down, and go in cruise control. Let’s get it 🔥
I've been asked a lot "Should I enter BTC One Shot this year"? "Do you think my photos are good enough" & told things like "it's a rigged system & only people with thousands of followers win” or "they’re so overly picky with photos so I'm not entering”. Let me say that is all utter BULLSHIT. OneShot isn't suppose to be about winning. It's not about comparing yourselves to others. It's not about feeling ENTITLED to win. There are THOUSANDS of people entering & you shouldn't feel so much entitlement. OneShot is suppose to be about collaboration. It's about community! Uplifting one another. It's an award show designed to help PUSH us out of our comfort zones to become better artist. This will be my 3rd year entering and while I can say I have won NOTHING award wise yet I have won SO much more. Without OneShot my work wouldn't be at the elevated level it's at now. Year by year I have pushed myself further based off BTC’s critiques. I've learned how to photograph color more precisely, how lighting actually comes into play, how important makeup/clothing is to creating a polished editorial photo, etc. I take WAY better photos of my work now. I pay attention to the details I didn't before. Details I didn't even know of. I even execute things better. I have seen SO much support love and passion come from this competition too. AND I've seen people under 1K win awards. 🧐 So think on that. My piece of advice, ignore the bitter people telling you it's a waste of a competition and not to enter. ENTER, not to win, but to GROW as an artist and to push yourself to a NEW level.  And if to don't win, learn from it, adapt after it, grow from it and come back next year even stronger! Let this competition FUEL your passion not kill it. 🖤 #behindthechair #btconeshot19_unconventionalcolor #btconeshot19_platinum #thebtcteam
Feels like slow motion 🎢🎡🛸 #astroworld
These jeans are everything and then some! Who snagged a pair of the ‘Girlfriend Denim’ ... Elina is wearing a 25