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Mexico City, Mexico

Instagram photos and videos at Mexico City, Mexico

A entrenar se ha dicho con el próximo equipo femenil a vencer... @gym.juice.yoga
Goals right here
Can't even begin to explain how big and beautiful #cdmx🇲🇽 is! Like to try each and  every 🌮 stand is like trying to try every restaurant in NYC, just too many! Definitely one of those cities you want to go to more than once in your lifetime.
El ángel 🇲🇽... . . . . . . . . . . . . #mexico #angeldelaindependencia #urban #ciudaddemexico #photography #streetphotography #visitmexico
Today I feel free in my own room.  Some people might say or think I'm selfish, egotistical, excessively conceited and even egocentric just for taking a selfie (Hundreds many times). It's not about the selfie, though; it's just a picture, which should actually say a lot about us. But if you're not that sharp you won't even notice the truths behind it. I believe that if you pay close attention to it,  it must tell you our deepest secrets; not just my secrets but yours too.  I've walked through a very long time now, trying to feel confident on my own skin; in my own body. It's been really hard to actually love myself the way I am, covered in and full of flaws. I've hurt before, but now I also love. I know I'm not the only, cuz out there we come across with people who teach us to follow our dreams; who encourage us to set ourselves free. But we also get in touch with others who tell us to hide our uniqueness; to be afraid and ashamed of it, and to follow the paths we "have to", and  not the ones we really want and deserve.  Today, through this picture, I claim my right to own my uniqueness, the one I thought was worthless; the one I felt ashamed of in the past. Today I claim my right to be free in and out my own body. Today I claim your right to do the same.  Now, I don't care how many people like me or love me, because I love myself, and that's all that matters.  Today I know that I'm stunning; that I'm beautiful; that I'm flawless and I deserve to be simply me and to be proud of it. . . .  #stunning #beauty #soul #love #human #nature #naturalezamuerta #newgeneration #insta #fake #male #model #méxico #cdmx #andro #longhair #darkskinned #newworld #top
No suelo compartir este tipo de cosas, pero me lleve una gran sorpresa hoy. Un reconocimiento por 15 años en los medios y PR, he tenido la fortuna de ser parte de empresas como TV Azteca donde empecé con Kippy Casados, Televisa gracias a Lulu Dussauge, Telemundo con Feliciano, Univision con los Galindo, Argos con Epigmenio y Clau y mi mejor escuela Disney con Raúl Aldana y lo mejor es que sigo desarrollando lo que me gusta y ahora en Bobo, gracias a @sonsalsco pero siempre siendo parte de la prensa de espectáculos, con la que he vivido infinidad de cosas y con las celebrities de las que he aprendido tanto. Graciaaaas y la verdad si me sorprendieron y me encantó. Los amooo @alemanzur91 @luiswolosky @natzulmancera
Un par de amados al filo de la muerte sin temor a ello, reencuentran y unen sus alman frente al grande que los mira con aquella frivola incomprension. 💕 .  #angeldelaindependencia #cdmx #artemexicano
Always a good time in Mexico 🇲🇽 . . . . #mrl #mexico #mexicoracingleague #mustang #racing #rollers #rollracing #esr