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Oakland, California

Instagram photos and videos at Oakland, California

Welcome to the world son 😍 Leonardo Pablo Morales  7 pounds 3 oz πŸ’™
Spent some time over the winter trying to build more than normal and I'm loving the results, though it's important to note that this ish is often sort of a head game in a society that tells us lady folk to be small, be weak, and an industry focused on being "cut". I got a little fluffier and it was rad. Leanness isn't the holy Grail. It's just part of the process for those who care for it. I dig being lean and I've learned to embrace my body for every stage and get pumped on it. My body carries me on adventures, it lifts big weights, it takes plants and makes them into strength, energy, power. It takes care of me, even when I neglect it. It's awesome. I'm grateful for this opportunity to remember that we're breaking down barriers, those of us who lift the things and aren't dudes, and there is going to be push back. Our bodies being wrong, and us being weak, it benefits others in weird and damaging ways. So let's eat the food, let's get strong, and let's love ourselves every fucking step of the process. It's way more fun that way, right?
Bed cover and bed rug installed on a 2019 dodge 1500.
πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️ GLO UP! LOL _  So the left photo is a little older than 10 years but I wanted to post one that had a noticeable change. πŸ˜† But seriously though, I got better with makeup over the years AND somehow my eyes changed too; when I was first born they looked more like my dad’s and then when I got older they started looking more like my mom’s! _  Anyways, what were you like in middle and high school? I was (and still am) pretty quirky. πŸ™ƒ Sometimes I wore basketball πŸ€ jerseys and really baggy pants, and then on other days would put on a fitted dress πŸ‘— . I guess it took a while to develop my own sense of style. I also had more guy friends than girls because the girls had so many cliques in my school and I just wanted to be friends with everyone. I also ended up joining the math club… not because #asian but because I wanted a free trip to Great America (it’s a 🎒 rollercoaster park)! LOL. I was also really into anime and would sometimes skip my optional last period elective (yearbook committee) to go to a friend’s house and watch πŸŒ™ Sailor Moon. I also really loved reptiles🦎(still do), well just animals in general from fuzzy to prickly πŸ¦”, and was quiet and liked to draw. But occasionally would come up with some really good one liner jokes or comebacks and shock people! lol _  The beauty in photographs is that they never change, even though the people in them do. I love getting to know you guys better, tell me more about you! 😊 #glowup
Sometimes you can go home again... πŸ’— #ohthisplacewelive #mycollege #myfirstcollege #myfirstdistrict
A rainy winter day ... yet we still delivered these beauties! πŸŒΈπŸŒΏπŸ’ #flowers #gifts #roses #orchids #hydrangeas #plants #bloomingplants #flowerdelivery #joy #shopsmall #shoplocal #tulips #flowersinthestorm #wedeliver