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Los Angeles, California

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So much fun during tonight's workout with inspirational people around🙌🏻 Be inspired to inspire others💪🏼 #workout #gymnastics @vladimir_russianbear @shezapk40 @alik_tsiupa #nofear #justdoit #nevergiveup #inspirational #motivation #oksanagrishina
Los Angeles duvarları çok renkli! Ne kadar komik ama haha @l3ariserdem
70’s Vintage Lovely Pink Satin Lace Robe by Lucie Ann USA made robe 💐
@wurzzy I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since you’ve been gone. I feel like you’re a major reason why I moved to LA somehow. You and I used to be up at 3 am (my time) Gchatting about the songs and sessions you were excited about. I believed in you so much and I wanted to make your life as great as possible music-wise and I hope I was able to do that. Thank you for checking in on me once in a while and helping to guide me.I  really believe you are. Love you man.
Your Black Friday deal won’t fit in your car? I’m available to book same day. Link in bio.
Avoir toujours le regard fixé sur ses objectifs #le silence#