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Austin, Texas

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I love youuuu.
This MOON!!
Hike 494: We filled this bag up scary fast at Bauerle Ranch Park this weekend. Such a bummer to find so much trash in such a beautiful place! . . #happytrails #atx #bethechange #lovewhereyoulive #leavenotrace #dontmesswithtexas #keeptexasbeautiful #reducereuserecycle #planetorplastic
I LOVE my decorations this year. Sure they're a little girly but hey, I'm a single girl who bought my own decorations this year. . . This year has been about focusing on my goals and setting them into motion. Going to school for the classes I need, studying📚 for the OAT, and opening my ETSY shop. Three BIG goals that I have been working hard to achieve! Now I have 2 classes left, 2 months before admissions test and 1 month before I start expanding my store. I can not be more excited and ready for my next chapter to begin. While I wait I'm just gonna sit back with a book by the fire, or watch some Hallmark Xmas movies. . . #whatbookshouldiread #imthinkingchristmastheme #bossbabe #christmasdecorations #craftywonderland #marblehastakenover #fireplaceandabook
Celebrating our 1st free Sunday at Austin’s #trailoflights festival 🎄  Congrats to everyone who survived their 1st semester of grad school! You’re all so brilliant and inspire me every day ❤️ #utnight @thelbjschool
After 8 years of living in Austin, I finally made it to Trail of Lights
I’ve seen migos about 4 times already & I’ll never get tired of seeing them . yeah they perform the same songs but I mean I love those songs yk . 😤 migos is amazing .