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UC Berkeley

Instagram photos and videos at UC Berkeley

Que homem incrível, Dr.  john a. powell (ele prefere assim, em minúsculo). Ele é um dos maiores pesquisadores em questão racial do mundo, trabalhou com a implementação de políticas afirmativas nos EUA, África do Sul e Brasil, além de ser professor de Berkeley. Ele foi o key note speaker do seminário que começou hoje. Discussão elevadíssima sobre racismo estrutural (ele é um dos pioneiros desse debate), branquitude como questão sociológica e não de fenótipo. Sem essencialismos, professor john encantou a todos e todas com seu conhecimento. Este seminário é inédito em Berkeley e muito me honra estar aqui com pesquisadores desse nível. Meu coração está em festa, ouvi-lo me deu a certeza de estar no caminho certo. Ser apresentada a ele foi um dos pontos altos do dia. Que evento, senhoras e senhores!❤
“Happy place.” 🙂⛅️ #berkeleypov by @conloncreatives  #ucberkeley #campanile #sunrays
Oh gosh look who busted out the bread knife!! For anyone wondering the set I use is from @chefsvisionknives Cosmos Series ❤️ 🌌 Is anyone else obsessed with space like I am? I’m convinced I might be from another planet lol 👽maybe even Galaxy. . ⭐️Subscribe to my YouTube ⭐️be the first to see new vids! 🖐🏼👉🏼@powderycrunches👈🏼🤚🏼 ⭐️Don’t forget to follow me! 👻Snap Me?👻 : SharkySnapped ⭐️Behind The Scenes & More! - #chefsvision #chefsvisionknives #powdersounds #howirelax
An Ansel Adams (1902–84) photo of campus from “Fiat Lux: The University of California,” 1967. Today is Adams’ birthday. · Happy #bwwednesday, photography lovers. #bww · #ucberkeley #sathertower #campanile #berkeley150 #goldengatebridge #anseladams @anseladams
#found |  not my father.
Weekend trips to Berkeley 💛💙
@b1gman_0n_campus took this over the summer. I like it and her.
did i join thrive so that i could dance with natalie one last time before she graduates? maybe. #thursdaythriveday
#throwbackthursday // here’s a photo from graduation almost a couple years ago 😊 the journey after graduation has been a wild rollercoaster. it’s a journey of self-discovery, filled with pockets of self-doubt, sprinkled with moments of joy. been trying to practice self-care, and learning how to love myself in a new way — i always come back to expressing gratitude, and giving God thanks for my two siblings + my faith + my ancestors on my back. balancing work + creativity is no easy feat. i’ve lost some really important people in my life, and have gone through a lot of transitions. AND, i want to thank my chosen family, friends, and loved ones for continuing to keep me up.
I guess photobooth will have to do while @whateverjason is ~400 miles away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yea aightt
thx for the best weeknd
quick choreography update! choreographing in university has been really different from choreographing in high school! thank you, everyone, for your passion ❤️
A lil shoulder action for y’all 🤪 Swipe through to see how soft my hair looks
first day at uni, kinda nervous 🥵🥴
Another conservative was brutally assaulted on our campus while recruiting for Turning Point USA by a tolerant, inclusive liberal. This marks yet another incident where right-leaning individuals on the Berkeley campus have been put in danger for simply exercising their God-given rights to free expression. We hope the UCPD and the Berkeley administration shall take expedited action to ensure that the heinous individual who committed this crime is swiftly thrown behind bars.
So many people told me I was a good girl today, they don’t know that I secretly stole mom’s bag of carrots 🤭
get ya sum raging gaysians who can do both;) 💓 swipe for proof that gays cancel out!
Junior year called... 😗🧐🤭✌🏼🥰😍
UC Berkeley is UT Austin as designed and illustrated by Dr. Seuss
It’s a Bay Area thing, u wouldn’t get it 😌
‪Ab work: always better with a buddy and some friendly competition 💪🐻‬
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New sculpture tests! #phallus #silicone #foam  #ucberkeleyartpractice
Late last week, onlookers captured images of a Kiwi delivery robot moments after catching fire on the U.C. Berkeley campus. The battery ignited with “some smoke and minor flames,” causing a student to grab a nearby fire extinguisher before the Berkeley Fire Department arrived to make sure that it wouldn’t reignite. Kiwi says it pulled all robots out of service as it investigated the issue, switching to hand delivery for food. Thankfully, a group of students gathered later in the night to build a candlelight vigil for the fallen robot.  Photo credit: @dailycal and @kiwicampus  #robotics #ucberkeley #bayarea #tech
Guess who pulled her first all-nighter of the semester last night 🙃 In my defense, any professor who thinks I’m not gonna procrastinate on a paper assigned within three months of graduation is totally naive ✌🏽🌻
It's been awhile 🖤
Here’s to those college days 🤙🏽📚🎓(PC: @andreasalinaz) #mensfashion #happy #smile #love #ootd #photography
Hella wack but made my weekend so much more dope ✊🏾
walked around campus and visited the glade today with my Tito’s and tita 🌤
berkilling it! 🤩
golden hour treated me well, i guess. (also, thank you iphone for portrait mode.)
all we’re missing is @haleydcolleen #ogoo
To the next part of my life—couldn’t have done it without each of these people every step of the way ❤️ thanks for filling this place with good and fun memories!!! | PC: @andrewkuo17
week 4 reaccs only
me & my newly qualled best friends!!!🌟🌟
University of California. Berkeley. 🎩🇬🇧 Overheard by @ddddonna 📥 #cheersmate #overhearduniversity
At the Cal Invitational speech tournament at UC Berkeley, Queen Chiwanga finished 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation and 5th in Oratory, and Anthonie Lorsithong finished in the top 50 of Extemporaneous speakers.
We made it to semifinals bitches! #calinvitational #policydebate