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UC Berkeley

Instagram photos and videos at UC Berkeley

Blue skies and white clouds. I can breathe. ⭐️ #ucberkeley #campanile100 #berkeleypov #sathertower
New haircut...
Walking down to see the third largest bell and clock tower in the world .. #sathertower #ucberkeley
I am very excited and humble to announce that I have verbally committed to the University of California, Berkeley to continue my academic and soccer career! None of this would be possible without the great support of all my friends and family and especially my great teammates and coaches along the way!! Go Bears !! 💛🐻💙
Meet our next founder, Dhruv Puri of UC Berkeley! . "Hi! My name is Dhruv and I recently graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 and am now currently working for the World Health Organization in Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health while I prepare to apply for medical school." ___________  Tell us a bit about your experience with Science Olympiad. “I competed in Science Olympiad in high school for LASA from Austin, TX. It was fundamental in shaping whom I am today. Scioly taught me how to how to work hard and to learn science for science's sake. It taught me passion, curiosity, and gave me an intimate appreciation for science. It also has connected me with so many brilliant and intelligent people who inspire me daily to be a better person and go above and beyond what is possible." . What inspired you to become a founder of GGSO? “I was inspired to found GGSO from a very simply idea: Equality. Some of us are so very privileged in this world. From having supportive parents to having access to education, we are so so lucky. I believe this gives us a responsibility. A responsibility to ensure that we work hard to make sure others can also have these opportunities. There are so many science olympiad teams who do not see a state or national tournament. We cannot neglect these teams. GGSO provides a platform for them to get excited about Science and hopefully inspire them to pursue Science just like all of us here at GGSO." . Anything else you might like to add? “A small thing that I have learned from working at the UN: don't let age hold you back. Some of the brightest and most innovative ideas come from our generation of young people. Do not let anyone tell you, you cannot do something because of your credentials, your age, your standings. Show them wrong." . __________ . #goldengatescienceolympiad #goldengatescioly #ggso #scienceolympiad #science #stem #ucberkeley #cal #stanford #founderfeatures
Come get some chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies from the leasing office!
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak lurking around UC berkeley
Visiting UC Berkeley today #campanileview #calberkeley #hazy
Cafe #ucberkeley #berkeleypov