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Lawrence Hall of Science

Instagram photos and videos at Lawrence Hall of Science

Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. 🥰🥰🥰
My scientist know-it-all
Işık ters, manzara guzel. 🌁
Lawrence Hall of Science #ucberkeley #california
. 人帥什麼都帥啦✨ 📷 @_____12.06
Enjoying Berkeley views
Nerding out 🤓 and rose all day
Still some fog over the city. Beatutiful above UC Berkeley. #bayareaphotographer #bayarea
This kid loves the Lawrence Hall of Science so much.
Q: Why did the Fungi leave the party? ⠀ A: There wasn't mushroom. ⠀ ⠀ For our next Sunday Funday, the mushrooms won't be leaving the party. In fact, they'll be giving it life! Come see a wide variety of colorful mushrooms, touch a real life SCOBY used to make kombucha, learn the big jobs that tiny microbes do, and more. ⠀ ⠀ July 14th, 2019⠀ 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.⠀ http://bit.ly/2SciIoH
We need builders, start them young! #youngarchitects #loveoflegos
The key is being an active leader is to be an active learner. Today I’m in learning mode.
It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve visited the Hall and it was just as exciting as I remember. 🐋❤️🧬🔭🧫🦐🐁🐍🦎
Last day in Oakland.  What did we do?  Get some kick-ass Mexican food at Juan’s Place and find ourselves at the top of a foggy hill overlooking the city.  We’ll miss you Oakland (Berkeley too.). #juansplace #lawrencehallofscience #fog #nature #oakland #berkeley
Raise your hand if you're excited about science 🙌🏽 It’s summer at the Hall, and these visitors couldn't be happier.  From camps to fun new exhibits (dinosaurs, anyone?), to Sunday Fundays (and more!), there's always new science territory to explore at the Hall.  With a Lawrence Hall of Science membership, experience something new every time you visit. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2YeHFC5 . . (Thank you, @IntensityMartialArts, for the visit and fun photos)
Perfection 🥰♥️🥰 @tla_salsa
Check out our creative scientists working hard on creating structures for the moon @berkeleyscience #kidsforthebay #science #summercamp
The best view in the bay 🔥🏙
It’s the trend that just won’t end. While many Americans are flocking to this tasty, healthy beverage, do we really know what’s in it? As a bubbly, fermented tea, Kombucha is made from a SCOBY — Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. ⠀ ⠀ For our next Sunday Funday you’ll get to,⠀ 🍄Touch a gooey, real life SCOBY while learning how microbes can engineer powerful resources for us humans⠀ 🍄Get hands on with activities from our Biotech Lab, and ⠀ 🍄Get up close and personal with a colorful variety of mushrooms from The Mycological Society of San Francisco. ⠀ ⠀ Join us this Sunday!
"Never lose faith in America. Its faults are yours to fix, not to curse. America is a family. There may be differences and disputes in the family, but we must not allow the family to be broken into warring factions. From the diversity of our people, let us draw strength and not cause weakness. Believe in America with all your heart and soul and mind. It remains the 'last best hope of Earth.' " Colin Powell⠀ ⠀ 👩🏾 @msgradeamuscle
Field trip at Berkeley
What does a scientist look like? Like you! ☺️ #scientificidentity #stem #stemeducation
Jacob and the Whale #jacoblawrenceturner
İnsan anatomisi bölümü🤓 #onurlagezi
Müzenin bahçesinde baraj yapmayı deneyip, manzaranın tadını çıkarıyoruz😍 #onurlagezi
Dinazorlar ve mekanik 🦖⚙️ #onurlagezi
Bitmeyen deneyler👨‍🔬 #onurlagezi
Böylece çizgi film yapmak ne zormuş anladık😅
Çizgi film nasıl yapılır? Bugün onur kendi çizgi filmlerini yaptı. #onurlagezi
Yer çekimine meydan okuma 🎈 #onurlagezi
Minik bilim insanı 👨‍🔬 #onurlagezi
Lawrance Bilim Merkezi🧪🧬🔬 #onurlagezi
Lawrence Bilim Merkezi 🦖🧬🧪 #onurlagezi
Geçen geldiğimizde böcekler, kelebekler büyüteç ve mikroskop altında inceleniyordu, dönüştürülebilir enerji ve Mars üzerinde giden araç tasarlama vardı. Bu gelişimizde dinozor konsepti var🦖 Bu müzenin statik olmayışını, sürekli yenileniyor olmasını çok sevdim💚 Sabah açıldığı saatte geldik,müzeyi beraber kapattık☺️ #onurlagezi
Kaliforniya ayaklarınızın altında 👌🏼
Weird things yogi moms do during kid museum adventures. Hope she turns out ok 😬😄#backbendstretches #likemamalikedaughter #backbend #yoga #yogamom #yogastudent #yogateacher #yogawithkids #urdhvadhanurasana #berkeley 📸 by @_lucybeyer
The view from the Lawrence Hall of Science at UCB is amazing in person. Quite a few people were there to watch the sunset 🌅.
能够鸟瞰整个湾区的地方,目视可见bay bridge,golden gate bridge,treasure island,恶魔岛的地方
#7.4 🆒💨💨
Enjoying hilltop views outside the Lawrence Hall of Science . . . . #berkeley #bayarea
Over the moon over this #corvair #scifi #midcentury #artprint by @art.prints.landea check out their profile! #corvairs #corvaircommunity #aircooled #flatsix #monza #spyder #corsa #art #painting #believe
那一刻的回眸 我的心已融化
This week, the Hall is giving a big thanks to the @GordonandBettyMooreFoundation for supporting the Lawrence Hall of Science. In their most recent newsletter, the Moore Foundation highlighted their support for the Hall, noting our 50 year anniversary of working to inspire and foster science learning — "The Moore Foundation has been pleased to support the Lawrence Hall of Science in their efforts to inspire those in their communities to remain curious about science. "⠀ ⠀ Thank you, Moore Foundation!⠀ ⠀ Newsletter here: http://bit.ly/327Blif
Today’s field trip at Lawrence Hall of Science!! Join us at our next field trip at the Randall Museum next week!
High in the hills of Berkeley, waiting for the fireworks to start. Science museum, food trucks, beautiful sunset, and my boo. It was a great night celebrating 8 years together 😀💥💥 #berkeley #california #bedoinglife
Presenting my first stop-motion animated short, “The Hit-And-Run Witness”