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Dharmkot Himachal

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When I was younger, every time we travelled some place new, I would cry and say I wanted to go back home.  Today, I have made homes in so many places and I still yearn to go back - to all of them.  But I’m starting to think it is not merely a coming back, but a coming back to...something - a moment, a feeling, a memory, a version of myself that lives there.  It is funny we think we know cities, but it is only when you enter them, when you feel them embrace your skin with an air of familiarity, that you hear them whisper that they know you too. “Welcome,” they say, “we have met before,” and they remember you home to them. Sometimes you can even tell that they have been longing for you too. This is what I go back for. This is what I go back to.  Dharamkot sneaked up on me. It remembered me before I knew it. It welcomed me with snow to remind me of another home I have in Biel, tricking me into feeling like I’d been there before. Dharamkot was sneaky. Its skies denied me shooting stars so a boy who lives there would have to promise them to me if I returned. I will return, I will return, I will return.
Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together. ❄☃
only to an extent . - Hope
Somewhere on ur journey don't forget to turn around & enjoy the view.
Oo spot the difference🤣🤣yea yea ik im a sexy poser😹 jhumrii ❤️😘😘she is love❣️
Breakfast and a book
Keep ya eyebrows thick and your thighs thicker 😎😈
Breakfast by the Himalayas - I think YES 🙌🏼❄️⛰
मंजिल खूबसुरत हो ना हो, सफर बेहद खूबसूरत है ।।
When peace resonates outside and within❤😇
#majarasan or #kneelingspinalwaves There’s lots of ways you can do Spinal Waves. . Its recommended to begin this practice gently, as the waves may seem easy on the surface, but there’s a lot going on underneath the skin. . One of the most gentle ways is to practice spinal waves by kneeling. I teach the application of Spinal Waves in a range of ways, each with unique benefits: like Standing, Sitting and crawling. . I’ve learned that the straight back strength solution is only half the puzzle of having a back that feels resilient and joyous when one moves. . 📸 @ginnytewatia 😘🙏
#blissful #himachal❣️ #throwback🔙  #sukoon
Current weather #dharmkot #dharmshla_diares #himachalpradesh ❤..
You dont have to be pretty like her,  when you Can pretty Like 'You'💞
Make the rest of ur life the best of ur life✌💪
I’m just at a whole new ‘fuck it’ level😈
Mujhe mere swaalo ke jwaab mil gaye hai.  Ab bas chalte hai ... Aage dekh lenge.
🍁ये विचित्र माया  pc @_u_t_k_i_
Hoping for the life that I dream for🌸 . . . . . . #himachalpradesh #dharamkot
I got the summer on lock🏖️🏜️, and the winter too🏔️🏔️ Let me show you you what a winner do😎😎😉
איזה כיף שכיף רצח 🇮🇳
Hoje é dia de agradecer:  Pela pessoa que eu era E a qual me tornei Pelas decisões certas E as equivocadas Pelos erros E os acertos Por reconhecer os privilégios E por saber aproveitá-los Por ser racional E contraditória Por ser corajosa E reconhecer os medos Por amar demais E por as vezes não ter empatia Por ter aprendido com o passado E por sempre seguir em frente.  Também quero agradecer a todos os amigos, por todas as mensagens de carinho e de incentivo. A todos que me ajudaram com favores, dinheiro, ombro amigo e doaram o tempo para me ouvir quando eu apenas precisava falar!  Obrigada a todos por fazerem parte dessa jornada comigo! Sem vocês não teria chegado até aqui: COMEMORANDO ANIVERSÁRIO DE 02 ANOS DE VIAGEM! 🎉🎊🎁🗺🛫🛬 😘😘 #mochilandonos30 #india
smtyms its only madness tht makes us wht we r😈😈
🌲 רגעים כאלה
May all your wishes Be fulfilled on this special day😇 #happylohri #mountains #gopro #nature #musicalvibes
#snowyseason #dharmkothimachalpradesh❄️❣️
Reposing on the ocean of milk 💭