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Aberystwyth Beach

Instagram photos and videos at Aberystwyth Beach

Aberystwyth memories
My second Aberystwyth 10k and 10 minutes quicker than 5 years ago. 😀 I could have done without being pelted with hail for the last 1.5k back along the seafront, though. 😕
Another day of sleeping, eating and drinking cocktails 💏
Stunning skyscape, and the birds doing their last dance before bed.  Starting to get rather brisk but no snow yet :(
walking into vizsgaidőszak like
Adam and Natalie: Dad, Cadell and I were so proud of you!! Aber Christmas 10k!! Wind, Rain and Hail..you battled through it all...not forgetting your dodgy knees and hips Adam and no training...😳and Natalie’s sore throat and cold!! 🤧Cadell shouted “I believe in you’ as you set off Bless 🥰He hasn’t stopped saying how proud he is of you two!! So are we!! 🏅🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏅💖