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The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

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...and the longest (okay and cutest) name for a coffee shop goes to... @bbcmcafe ☕️❣️👩🏻‍🍳
📍@bbcmcafe  洛杉磯的早午餐店超級多 每到假日就是門庭若市 這家早午餐位在非常好的位置 在比弗利山莊區域 假日都要提早訂位 好不容易訂到早上9:30 食物份量非常大 吃不完可以一起分一盤 班尼迪克蛋好吃 醬汁酸酸甜甜的 麵包很濕潤 配在一起吃不口渴 不過很多人來會為了點彩色拉花的咖啡 上一次來過點過了 實在很難喝 這次就喝實實在在的正常LATTE就好 Photo by @yukii85 謝謝yuki女神幫我記錄我在洛杉磯的生活
Orders latte just for the Instagram post
“Now” is always the best time for brunch. Enjoy our brunch selection from morning to night. Come in, we’re open today. 📸: @foodie_mary
Colorburst latte
The Butcher Eggs Benedict with avocado and avocado toast. Not to be dramatic but this was the best brunch I’ve ever had
When coffee is life 🌈☕️✨ #happydays #sunsetboulevard #rainbowsandsunshine