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#repost @f45_training with @get_repost ・・・ Take your kettlebell squats to the next level with the Kettlebell Rack Squat 💪🏼 A full lower body power move that hits your glutes, hamstrings, and quads while targeting your core 🔥 Get in here and give it a go F45ers! @coryg_  @pistoledpete #f45 #f45training #teamtraining #powermove
F45 X APL shoes have launched!! Available via @f45trainingpaddingtonqld, but lucky for you the legend @sonny_ivanovic did a cheeky order!! You’ll have to be QUICK if you want a pair 🔥🔥 #repost @f45_training with @get_repost ・・・ We’re taking your training all the way UP 🔥 F45 X APL. Are you ready? Let us know your go-to color below! #f45 #f45training #teamtraining #apl
A very Merry Christmas special🤶🎅 Save $45 on our ONE MONTH Pass to F45 Maroochydore and @f45training_mooloolaba studio 🎄Enter F45xmas at checkout 🎄Link in bio 🎄Offer expires 23/12 #fitmas #f45maroochydore #maroochydoregym
DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Introducing your F45 Maroochydore MVP! 🥉 Suzi Kennedy! Suzi was committed and focused on her 8 week goal and did not let social events and a love for Nutella get in the way. She learnt about BALANCE and taking her training to the next level 🔥 and she achieved some epic results because of it.. ⬇️ 6.4% Body Fat ⬇️ 6kg total weight loss ⬇️ 6.5kg FAT MASS ⬇️ 3 points visceral fat ⬆️ 300g muscle ⬆️ 8 points InBody score We’re stoked for you Suzi, fitter and stronger than ever before! #f45maroochydore #f45mooloolaba #f458weekchallenge #nutella
DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Introducing your F45 Maroochydore RUNNER UP! 🥈 Alice Cameron! From week 1 we knew this lady was going to go far! We watched her sweat it out pushing herself harder and harder in her session and got to laugh with her via the weekly reviews on Instagram stories. Again showing us that public accountability and a strong mental approach really helped to achieved outstanding results! ⬇️ 10.2% Body Fat ⬇️ 10.6kg total weight loss ⬇️ 12.4kg FAT MASS ⬇️ 5 points visceral fat ⬆️ 900g muscle ⬆️ 14 points InBody score Well done @alicejanecameron! She’ll be walking away with an F45 goodie bag which includes a stunning gym towel by @kobi.activetowels! #f45maroochydore #f45mooloolaba #f458weekchallenge
My beautiful wifey just won the MVP award in the 8 week challenge with @f45_training_maroochydore! I’m so proud of you @sue_sunnycoast_kennedy ❤️ It’s no secret that you love, live and breathe the F45 way of life. You’re an inspiration to so many people around you and I’m so proud of a what you’ve achieved. I love you so much 👏🏻 #f458weekchallenge #proudwife #trophywife @melsax @rachel_mcgrath90
DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Introducing your F45 Maroochydore/Mooloolaba challenge winner! 🏆 Brenton Philp! In 8 weeks, this legend achieved the following INCREDIBLE RESULTS! ⬇️ 11.1% Body Fat ⬇️ 17kg total weight loss ⬇️ 14.7kg FAT MASS ⬇️ 6 points visceral fat ⬆️ 11 points InBody score Bren went into the challenge telling himself and the everyone in the studio “I’m going to win this” 👊 so he was mentally ready to take it on!  Each day the coaches would motivate him during sessions saying things like; “The winner wouldn’t stop” “The champ is here” Being mentally prepared helped Brenton to take out the top spot and walk (run) away with a 12 month FREE membership! ❤️💙 #f45maroochydore #f45mooloolaba #challenge20 #f458weekchallenge #winner
Who’s going to be TOP DOG tonight when we announce the #challenge20 winners?! See you all from 5:30pm at @thedockmooloolaba! #f45maroochydore #f45mooloolaba #winners #topdog
Thank you @amberkeith_ for sharing your story.. “I’ve always been very into fitness and health, it’s what I love! I’ve been on and off training since 2016 doing Personal Training sessions, attending gyms, you name it I’ve done it! In August towards the end of winter I saw a post about F45 and I was intrigued into what it actually was all about. During winter I wasn’t as motivated and found myself sparingly training and eating too many of the wrong foods. I felt unhealthy and wasn’t happy with how my body was starting to look like so I wanted to do something about it. My partner and I both really liked the training sessions and how it was fast and quick. (Even though we died a few times!) We loved how positive everyone was and it made it an enjoyable environment to work out in! Once our trial ended we saw an 8 week challenge was approaching so we decided to join up for it and give it a go! The first week was VERY HARD! Eliminating coffee, dairy, red meat and sugar. My body was not liking it let me tell you! I had the worst withdrawals from drinking 3 coffees a day I had no energy and didn’t want to do anything. After the first week I started to feel more alive I wasn’t craving sugar and coffee and found I was even sleeping better. After the 1st phase I still continued with not drinking coffee, I had no urge to drink it. I am so over the moon with my results and love the way I am feeling and looking!! Not only do you train hard but you make new long life friendships too it’s such a wonderful thing to be apart of. I would highly recommend F45 Maroochydore to anyone ❤️💙 The support you get from the trainers is so motivating and encouraging. I hope my story inspires others too!” #f45maroochydore #8weekchallenge #healthyinsideandout
A very Merry Christmas special🌟🎄 Save $45 on our ONE MONTH Pass to F45 Maroochydore and @f45training_mooloolaba studios. ✖️Enter F45xmas at checkout ✖️Link in bio
Baby got BACK! 😍 We love our ladies STRONG! Great work @kazmc1981 #goals #f45maroochydore #strongisthenewskinny
Kettlebell Stretch for hip flexors 🙌🏻 . Oh and 🙋‍♀️ I forgot make sure you are doing both sides eh!!! . ➡️ swipe right to see @christopherkohl on his first attempt 👌😂 . Happy HumpDay Peeps 😉 . @f45_training_maroochydore  @f45training_mooloolaba . #f45 #f45training #f45kettlebell #f45trainer #f45coach  #hipflexorstretch #hipflexors #improve #performance #stretch #yourbody #feelgood #enjoythepain #loosenup #movement #fitfam #fitspo #inspo #humpday🐫
See you there! Link to our timetable below 👇 f45training.com.au/Maroochydore/schedule/ 📲 While you’re there you can sign up to your Intro trial! $10 for 10 days 💪💪💪 😎🌴 VISITING THE COAST?! We have CASUAL options available too!! #f45maroochydore
Oh hey MEMBER OF THE MONTH, miss @emma_laing taking out the top spot for November! • Dedicating herself to the challenge • Inspiring people inside the studio and out • Achieving new goals • Getting out of her comfort zone • Mentally and physically STRONGER So proud of you Em! Keep going hard and wait until you see her before and after pics🔥🔥 #f45maroochydore #memberofthemonth
Alice, who for the past 8 weeks has dished up your Monday mornings lols and reviews of the week achieved some pretty amazing results! It’s amazing what a little public accountability, hard work and consistency can do for you!! Incredible result Alice, were so proud of you! #repost @alicejanecameron with @get_repost ・・・ 8 weeks, a spray tan, few little tattys and 12.4kgs later! Thank you to everyone who has followed my F45 journey and laughed with me along the way. I was at the heaviest I’ve ever been at the start of the challenge and as happy as I may have come across, at the time, I was constantly thinking about how much weight I had put on over the last year. My self esteem was at an all time low and I was miserable. Cannot thank the team at @f45_training_maroochydore for their guidance, positivity & pushing me at every session and always knowing when I want to give up, but not letting me. I’ve come out of this with a whole new attitude towards my body and lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier 😊 The challenge may be finished now but I couldn’t imagine a morning where I’m not sweating my metaphorical balls off in the F45 studio so you betchaaa bottoms I’m not going to be stopping!❤️ Thank you everyone again so so much & watch this space, reality TV show coming in 2019......😂
Just because the challenge is over, doesn't mean you should stop prepping your meals.. Look at this MOUTH WATERING smoothie coming our way for Week 1 of maintenance meals.. Choc Brownie Smoothie 🍫 30g whey chocolate protein powder 120g frozen banana 15g smooth peanut butter 300ml unsweetened coconut milk 5g cacao nibs 1/2 tsp. cinnamon Himalayan salt 1 cup ice Enjoy! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 #f45maroochydore #smoothie