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Fonda Theatre

Instagram photos and videos at Fonda Theatre

🌚 @feedme #thehighstreetcreepstour #feedme
👾 @feedme #thehighstreetcreepstour #feedme
@sandyalexg is coming to @fondatheatre on 10.27.19
You keep your friends & I’ll keep mine.  When he had said “please tell me what do we do with it” I felt that. What do we do is a bop still ❤️.
Empire of the sun ☀️ #losangeles #la
Anybody know this dude? @jasonrossofficial ?? Word is that if you check out his newest Rooms Mix you’ll hear a new dark psy-step ID from your boy? Idk. And maybe it has something to do with @variendarkboi too. Maybe navigate over to Mr Ross’s page and see if you can’t figure it out 🤫 #whoreofbabylon
✨✨It’s been 5 months since we got married at the @fondatheatre ! This space had personal meaning to us, but it didn’t hurt that it’s overall a gorgeous venue... and that their director of events @baykima is the actual best. ❤️❤️ Getting our families up on stage and using the same dressing rooms as The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and a gazillion other artists was magical. Tbh, the whole day/night still feels magical.✨✨ #somanypictures #thefondatheatre #wedding #oncepichonatime
Wait for it. Soulwax (@2manydjs). Apr 19, 2018.
Omar Apollo will be back in November to play at the Fonda Theatre! he will be joined by Dijon and Silver Sphere.  Get more details at TheScenestar.com 👩‍💻🎶👨‍💻🎟 #omarapollo #fondatheatre #dijon #silversphere
Getting super funky with @solo876 @smug.wave to the #futureoffunk @nighttempo @flamingosis and @yungbae !!! Ahhhh! I needed this so much. Finally! Great times, good music my only regret is not being down on the floor #nexttime #nudisco #discohouse #funk #citypop #vaporwave
Take me back. #kimpetras #thefonda #hollywood
Hope everyone’s weekend was as awesome as Jameson’a VIP seats for the @bacheloretteabc premiere this past January. 🌹
@brokensocialscene live at the @fondatheatre June 6, 2019 #brokensocialscene
two and a half more days until I’m in Scranton, PA. here’s @bukudatdude from when I was in L.A. cuz my hype level is uncontrollable #bassmusic #edm #campbisco2019wearecomingforyou
⚫️ @idlesband 🔴
And just like that, hardcore week is over and we go straight into post punk. @daisrecords and their boys @drabmajesty are redefining that genre with every new release so we are over the moon to be able to giveaway two tickets to their “Modern Mirror” record release show at @fondatheatre on 7/26 with @bodyoflightband And @hide_music To enter just follow us and tag a friend in the comments. Winner will be announced 7/22. Link in bio for details. #drabmajesty #daisrecords
The hungry beast takes many forms 😈 #feedme #drumandbass #thegooch
04.26.19 - the Now or Never fancam literally looks like I went to hell to record it #sf9 #kpop
All we need is a bit of young love 💕  Messed up on some lyrics I see...
Performing time: Approx. 6 hours and 10 min  Adding new songs and making it 7 hours will be fantastic☺️  #failurefest2020
Kasabian 4/17/12 Live at The Fonda  I got into Kasabian right after their killer debut S/T album came out in 2004, and this was only time I’ve been able to see them live. This show is responsible for my tinnitus getting way worse, but other than that I loved every second of it. Great mix of songs and they were super energetic. I would absolutely love to see them perform live again.  #kasabian#thefondatheatre#losangeles#liveband#concertpics#bandpics#britpop
"Stranger Bomber" family and #guitargod @John5official from #robzombie was rad enough to share his personal views on #mentalhealthawareness in our rockumentary #strange80s supporting @changedirection and @giveanhour. He also completely crushed his version of Michael Jacksons Beat it. You really don't want to miss this one!  Check it out ... Link in bio 👆🏼
Yung Bae X Paper Idol
Work the middle 🔥  Today marks a month when I seen Alex and my friends. Wow I’m sad... Almost done posting concert videos. Hen back to my normal thing 💛. If you guys haven’t heard Nezza’s song called “Cuentos” it’s a bop. My cousin translated it for me which is called “Stories”. Please go listen to it!!!
& meeting @kwestwhat , I screamed so loud and scared tf outta him on accident 🤧 it was the best night ever period❤️😤 @kwestwhat @cucopuffs - - -(me, obviously & the other pic) Cr me please. #cuco #kwest #losretros #valentines #tb #fondathreatre
i miss the Valentine’s Day concert 🥺 @cucopuffs
I notice everything, I just act like I don’t.
@ryanbeatty in LA // march 2019
Thanks to our "Strange Bomber" family for showing up, participating, and giving your all to our benefit shows no matter what city, state or country we crash land in.  We love what we do, why we do it and couldn't do this without you nor would we ever want to #friyay
As You Need ✨ In this video you could hear me laugh/about to cry at the end of the video because Sabrina was crying and Alex had noticed. My heart was filled at this moment 💛.
Can’t believe this was 2 weeks ago 😭😭💕 @alyandaj @iamaj @iamaly #timeflies
push pack like USPS @smino #35mm #rotd3
Care for me
The logistics of getting all four feet on the wall. @thedriverera .  #thedriverera #rosslynch #rockylynch #thefonda
Portland indie-folk act Joseph will be back in October to headline the Fonda Theatre! Run River North will open the show.  Get more details at TheScenestar.com 👨‍💻🎶👩‍💻🎟 #joseph #fondatheatre #runrivernorth
I never though that a lie could sound so sweet; until you opened your mouth and said you loved me. #lewiscapaldi #fonda #losangeles #music #musician #musicphotography #hollywood #musicphotos #concerts #concertphotography #capitolrecords #california #sad #feelings #mood #universalstudios -ixr @ja_neyneyy
PB&(A)J backstage, Fonda Theater Los Angeles, CA June 27, 2019
Totally forgot about this since I ended up going to another rave the day after 😬 Feed Me @ The Fonda
I know I’m not perfect..., still make the same mistakes, But I’m working on a better me each day  I sometimes lose my purpose...💔. BETTER ME IS OUT NOW!!! GO STREAM IT 💙
what will make me cry more tomorrow: the loss of my wisdom teeth and accepting the fact that i’ll never be wise or listening to @lewiscapaldi while drugged into another world from the removal of said wisdom teeth // shot for @onestowatch
| #tbt to when Melissa & I lived our best lives cat the #sanctuarytour finally seeing @alyandaj together & celebrating my birthday 🙌🏻 |
loved it
And a wild, inspiring, amazing @quackhouse appears 🦆 good running into you Ducky, hope Ugh Let’s Rave sells out! 💕 #ducky #nomanafam #feedme #teeth #fonda #la #hollywood #tbt #throwback #tossback
One year with with my soul mate. She says I post the worst pics of her but I don’t think so. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world in all of them. Happy Anniversary! ❤️ can’t wait for all the rest of the years with you! XO @chanelle_thehairstylist @chanelle_thehuman  #couplesgoals  #happyanniversary  #soulmates  #beautiful  #pretty  #fun #love  #guyswithtattoos  #livelovelaugh  #family
Shoutout to some guy named Ruben who took this photo of drunk me to send to @s2k_randy last weekend (*´꒳`*)
#tbt one of my favorite shows i’ve been to so far this year was @alberthammondjr back in march in LA 🤟🏼🎸
🌴This weekend future of funk at the Fonda was a dream!🌴🌙🌟 @ohbadgers  thank you for making it happen! 📸 front pic @derickdesign . . . .  #futureoffunk #futurefunk #yungbae #flamingosis #nighttempo #fondatheatre