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Duluth, Minnesota

Instagram photos and videos at Duluth, Minnesota

Off She Goes... In Search of Robots and Sand... @lissamaki #dlh
While it's winter, let's enjoy the fall😉 The most beautiful fall I ever had was in Duluth, Minnesota. It was colorful and bright🤗🍁🍂 #enjoyfall #fallmood #photography #photograph #duluth #minnesota
Arya guarding my leg from restless leg sprites👀🃏
Ohh you know just a Kwik selfie at work 😉  #happy #funny #workbesties👭 #bff #shesthefreakingbest #friendgroupmomselfie😂
I just filled in some black I missed on the first pass. I’m a bit behind, but this is looking terrific. #longarmquilting #quilting
I’d be blue without you 💙
Happy Birthday to a swell guy, my little brother, and my best man @tygoebs 🎂❤️ #birthday #brother #wedding #toast #speech #family #love 📷: @nicolemodeen
Yeah the pics are blurry but so are all my nights when I’m with them... your roommates will miss you Allison ❤️ oh and me too 😜
When someone asks me if I'm ready for finals week.🤷
Here I go again with another Carpenters appreciation post!😂 In all seriousness, if it weren’t for my father and my great-grandmother playing The Carpenters all the time while I was growing up, I wouldn’t be as passionate about music, therefore I wouldn’t have these opportunities to share that passion and love I have for music. The passion was embedded in me by the Carpenters when I was very young and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t grown up listening to them. And, for as long as I can remember, I always felt Karen with me when I’d listen to her sing and when I would perform... and I still do!😇 Thank you, Karen and Richard, for being apart of my musical journey and inspiring me to be the best musician I can be! I dedicate my songs to you!🎶💕 #muchthanks #operasinger #pianist #thecarpenters #appreciationpost