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Epcot - Walt Disney World

Instagram photos and videos at Epcot - Walt Disney World

What Made Me Smile This Week:  Monday 3/18: Hannah and her mom and I flew to Florida today for a little escape from the frozen Midwest. Flying with my wheelchair is always a gamble. Will my chair be returned to me in one piece? Will it be returned at all? Thankfully, this crew seemed to have their act together, and it made me smile when—shortly after landing in Orlando—the flight attendant reported that my chair was ready, and still fully-functioning!  Tuesday 3/19: I’m hesitant to write this smile for fear of sounding like a self-absorbed jerk. (To be fair though, this is a weekly list all about MEEEEE, so the self-absorption levels are already pretty high.) Please know that I’m only sharing this one because it was a genuinely neat, completely unexpected surprise. Strolling around Universal Studios today, Hannah and I were recognized by followers of our vlog exactly 17 times. It made both of us smile to meet so many cool people, and to know that our story is spreading so far!  Wednesday 3/20: We had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with another interabled couple—Ben and Malorie—for a few hours in Epcot tonight. Ben has SMA and works as an animation engineer for Disney. Malorie is on her way to becoming a teacher. We did some rides, ate some deliciously cheesy poutine, and swapped stories about the hilarious interactions of being interabled out in public. Finally getting to meet them after a year of long-distance correspondence made me smile.  Thursday 3/21: This year, I am determined to make our 7th annual Laughing At My Nightmare 5K bigger than ever before! The funds we raise allow us to provide medical and adaptive equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. It’s SUCH an important program, and I need your help to blow this year’s numbers out of the water. We raised $30,000 last year, and I believe we can hit $50,000 this year! The in-person race is on June 22nd in Bethlehem, PA but we also have options for those who live anywhere on
Depois do episódio Mickey, levei um tempo a pedir foto novamente, mas... esse pluto foi PURO AMOR! . . Não resisti! Tive que postar! ❤️. . (Nao, não coloquei Facetune no meu braço gordo, sim, eu amo vestir meus bebês iguais! 😂😂😂😂😂)
Ontem me aventurei com o Ethan, fomos para a Disney sozinhos pela primeira vez. Foi muito gostoso. As vezes me sinto super melhor só de sair e ir no supermercado. Quem é mãe/pai em tempo integral compreende. A gente fica tão imerso nas tarefas da casa e criança que qualquer saída de casa se torna um evento.  Agora que estamos com faxina semanal da @zambelocleaning, sinto que estou conseguindo encontrar um pouquinho mais de tempo e isso é maravilhoso. Preciso me organizar um pouquinho mais pra conseguir fazer tudo o que quero. Mas confesso que tira um super peso das minhas costas não ter que me preocupar com a faxina semanal. A @zambelocleaning cuida da faxina na quarta e eu só mantenho ao longo da semana. Quer dizer, tento manter 😅  Ficava estressada por não conseguir dar conta da limpeza da casa da forma que gostaria. Vocês também são assim? Parece que se a casa está bagunçada ou suja, meu cérebro não funciona direito
#spaceshipearthsunday This was a fun in to snap since there are lights blasting in the front for people to take pics, but a little cropping and proper metering and presto. Shot with @bigpigletfan  and @_wdw.disney (Thanks for the idea)
“Entrega o teu caminho ao SENHOR, confia nEle, e o mais Ele fará.” Salmos 37:5 • #myway  #god
A girl and her dog 🐶
This is one that kids will probably notice well before adults, but at night some of the pavement in Future World take on a new life thanks to a fiber optic lighting package. In an area in-between Spaceship Earth and Innoventions Plaza, some of the pavement tiles have tiny lights that sparkle, making for a magical appearance.  Meanwhile, over by Innoventions West, there are larger sections of pavement completely lit up with designs that “move” and change colors. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been to EPCOT 1,000 times and never noticed any of these lights, as most guests don’t even come near this area on their dash out of the park.  As always, one of our best tips when it comes to touring the WDW parks is to slow down, and give yourself time to take it all in.
Gratidão, sempre! THANK God! 🙏🏻
Disney sem ela não tem graça @orlandobysyl ela arraza nos parques , você aproveita seu dia muito mais !! @savananalmeida curtindo cada dia todas as atrações dos parques ❤️#disney #epcot
Reach out and find your happily ever after ❤️🌹
Take it easy💆🏽‍♀️
🌸 Happy Spring everyone!🌸 Don’t mind me and my fav drink, violet lemonade from Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival!😍😍 @waltdisneyworld #freshepcot
💕birthday eve kisses💕 . . My birthday isn’t until TOMORROW but I celebrated early at Epcot! Check out my story to see what adventures I got into at flower and garden . . Leave a 🌸 emoji below if you want a loose waves hair tutorial like this!
Sunday Morning with Minnie & Mickey 🌻😝🌻 Courtney and me are back in Disney World (again) for an inspiring weekend with @disneydreamersacademy . This time we’re here with our best friend @shereegabriella 📸 #flowerandgardenfestival #disneyworld #disneystyle
I made the cutest new friend today🦋 #day2
Beautiful topiaries at the #flowerandgardenfestival. Next stop—Test Track!
I’m always in Disney
E aqui começam os parques da Disney! Como eu amo ser uma criançona grande!😍🤣 #disneyworld #epicot #orlando
It’s a breeze
No Epcot você pode vivenciar várias experiências gastronômicas e culturais passeando pelos diversos pavilhões do parque. Para quem tem mais paciência que eu 🤷🏻‍♀️, cada pavilhão tem “palestras” que falam mais detalhadamente da história de cada local. Relatos bem interessantes, valorizando os detalhes de cada cultura. Os meus preferidos foram Japão e Italia. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. #amputee #amputeegirl #amputeelife #travel #trip #happy #amputation #reallife #disabled #god #blessed #gratitude #love #pace #resilience #prosthetics #cancer #cancersurvivor #disability #behappy #photography #ossur #ossurbrasil #prosthesis #inspiration #motivation #strong #disneyworld #orlando
hands up for disney😋🦋
What’s CRAZY is I would never speak to or allow anyone to speak to younger Rachel the way I’ve spoken to older Rachel. I would never body shame, doubt myself, or hate aspects of who I am. I’d tell younger me, or any young girl that she can be or do anything. That size, shape and beauty don’t mean shit when you’ve got a brain and people who love you. So who am I to let age change that? I would rather live as a little girl, ambitious to take on the world than anyone else; and I won’t let anyone (myself) change that. 🍭🦖🍭🐙🦋✨💥🌒🍬🧜🏼‍♀️
Klooks and Smash take Disney👭
🇲🇽UN POCO LOCO🇲🇽 Had the best time at Epcot’s new 25 minute show The Story of ‘Coco’ Bring your #disneyfamilia and be a part of the show! ———————————————————————— MAJOR DISNEY TRICK ALERT: Stand where the mariachi comes out and in to the show area to quickly snag a photo with Miguel at the end of his performance! He does NOT typically take photos so ask quickly and politely right after the show! He’ll dance with little kids during the show so be sure to bring your little ones for some extra magic! I was the only one to snag a quick photo with Miguel at the end and was SO happy Keat managed to take this one perfect photo that captured how happy and fun the entire show is!❤️ . . . #disneyinsta #disneyblog #disneystyle #disneyland #disneyblogger #disneyworld #animalkingdom #waltdisneyworldresort #waltdisneyworld  #disneyfoodies #magickingdom #hollywoodstudios #wdw #dlp #dream #mickey #minnie #disneytricks #disneytips #disneyfollowloop #followloop #disneygiveaway #magicallipreset#orlandoblogger #waltdisneyworld#wdwbestdayever #rockthedots #mainstreetusastyle #rundisney#epcotflowerandgardenfestival
WOW guys. it's ANOTHER one of my favorite days. NATIONAL FRENCH BREAD DAY. 🇫🇷🥖 fun fact: my favorite snack at EPCOT is a full baguette from the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. It's $2.95 for the entire baguette (probably the cheapest snack at @waltdisneyworld tbh!) it's fresh baked AND you look like a TOTAL BADASS walking around the world showcase looking VERY PARISIAN. (also i'm with a trash can because le duh. it's me your favorite #disneytrash 🗑)
This is the first pair of “Small Shop” Disney Ears I purchased on Etsy. They are from @trinkettrovedesign and as soon as I found them, I fell HARD down a rabbit hole of Disney inspired small shops 🤣🙌🏻🎉💕🏰 I even stopped buying stickers & planner supplies for about 3 months because I was too busy buying ALLLLLLLL the Disney things 🤣🙈 it’s been non stop ever since, but it definitely ignited a MAGICAL SPARK within me to create more Magical inspired things for my shop 💕
NASA 📞ᴄᴀʟʟɪɴɢ
Haven’t posted a #spaceshipearth picture in a while, so here it is in all it’s round, beautiful glory 😍🌐 I can’t wait to be here in FIVE days! I’ve been outfit planning and packing all weekend and I’m debating if I want to bring a backpack into the park on Friday for F&G. Do you bring a backpack? If not, what do you bring?? Tell me below! 👇🏼 Hope everyone’s Sunday is going well! ✨ . . . @waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #disney #disneyfamily #disneylifestyle #wdwbde #wdwbestdayever #bestdayever #sse #spaceshipearthsunday #epcot #disneygram #disneyblog #disneyblogger #annualpassholder #wdwap #wdw #happysunday #thatdisneygirlie
Traveled around the world in 2 hours!!
Muchas ganas de volver🔙😭♥️
who says we have to grow up?
Epcot! ✨ A word of advice from me to you : cute, new shoes should be broken in before wearing them to walk long distances. I still have healing blisters on the back of both my feet from sporting these kicks at #disneyworld 👟 Swipe to see the before photo & the images I chose from. A best friend is one who will take dozens of shots so you’ll end up with the perfect one for Instagram. 💕 . . . Also, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been entering the giveaway! It’s nice to see some new faces. This photo is NOT eligible for an entry, but I’d love to read your comments anyway. . . . #wallsofdisney #colorfulwall #epcot #waltdisneyworld #ohiomodel #toledomodel #clevelandmodel #picsartapp #toledoohio #pacsun #sperry
a magical day
Before the Mickey ice cream vs. right after 🎡