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Here’s to another year of stressing out my poor mother with my safe, well supervised, and perfectly mundane social media posts. Sorry ma ❤️
2018 has come and gone and has brought with it a whirlwind of changes.  What a year this has been.  2018 brought the opportunity to discover new parts of the world with the kids.  I think we now have two world travelers for life.  2018 was also a year of tremendous professional gain.  I finally was given the opportunity to start the business I have always wanted.  Finally, 2018 was a year of great loss.  We lost a dear friend this year and I know she is looking down on us knowing that she will never be forgotten. All in all, even numbered years have always been pretty uneventful.  Either 2018 reversed that trend, or 2019 is going to be one heck of an incredible year!  Happy New Year!!!!!!!
🙏 ¡Gracias por este maravilloso 2018! 🤙 #felizañonuevo 🎉💫
✨Today is my incredible Mother’s Birthday!! Mommy, you have been everything that I’ve needed and more. You’ve been my rock, my accountability, my ride or die, my shoulder to cry on, my support system...my everything. This year, you also became my only living and breathing parent to be on this earth. And because of that, I am even more eternally grateful that God chose such a strong, beautiful, and brilliant woman to be my Mommy. To this day, the highlight of my life is getting to travel the world with you this year and experience what so many people only dream of. I pray I look as good as you when I turn XX years old 😜. With eternal love, Your Mookie aka Chip aka Boobie #happybirthdaymommy #blackgirlmagic
Thank you to each and every one of you, thank you for coming on this trip, thank you for being so inviting, thank you for the weirdly strong bond we all grew in such a short time. Diamonds are forever and you all certainly are💕💎💕