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Last work in 2018 was done on @go in @blackanchorworldwide in Hollywood , thank you Black Anchor for support and see you next time in late january Happy New Year @nikkohurtado @r17tattoos @hilmartattoos @cheeseburgerchampion @highdesertcat
Crushed it 🔥 Realistic sleeve in progress by @crojasart at @blackanchorworldwide - Hesperia, CA #tattoodo
The good thing about finishing a tattoo at 8 a.m. is you get to take a picture outside in natural daylight! They always look the best. Portrait of Dom’s gramps. Thanks Ricardo and Hilmar for the hospitality, you guys rule! I’m fucking going to bed. Goodnight (or good morning) Instagram! @intenzetattooink @intenzeproducts.eu @cheyenne_tattooequipment @sullenclothing @h2oceanproteam @opustattoogloves @mdwipeoutz @stencilanchored @blackflyseyewear @tattootequila #intenzebobtyrrellblackandgreyset #cheyennehawkpen #cheyennecartridges @blackanchorworldwide
*****UNFISHED******I have a last minute opening for this Friday and Saturday ! Text (323)898-5192 OR DM if you would like to fill the spot! Original artwork by @robertoferri_italianpainter  Can’t wait to get another session on this one!
finished my Haight & Ashbury piece with the talented man himself @r17tattoos thank you for your hard work bro 🙏🏼🙌🏼
Thanks @nikkohurtado for the rad photos 🤘🏽🙏🏽.
Snake on the hand and forearm. Thank you Rick. #tatsoul #inkeeze #blackanchorcollective
Yay! Tarna isn't alone anymore. I'm amazed by the level of talent. Thank you @cheeseburgerchampion for working your magic.
I'll be doing a guest spot at @nikkohurtado 's famous tattoo studio in Hollywood, @blackanchorworldwide All my friends and followers in USA, write to me on devilztattooz@gmail.com for appointments and let's do something cool.
Here we go - Finish this beauty up... with @nikkohurtado at @blackanchorworldwide #betheadventure #tattoo #dad #daughter #lunaberlin
Got my grandmother’s portrait tattooed last night by the legend @bobtyrrell🙌🏼I’ve looked up to his work ever since I started tattooing. Thanks Bob for the beautiful tattoo and great vibes, Thank you @nikkohurtado for having us at @blackanchorworldwide⚓️
#pattern for days! Close up of yesterday’s work. Fingers done by me, hand done by @shayhaas #dotwork #la #melrose #blackanchorcollective thanks and Chris
SEA TO SKIN ⚓️ SINK OR SWIM #humpbackwhale #whaletattoo  This is a first pass. Done in 10 hours @blackanchorworldwide LA. It will get another pass to do details. This will be a full sleeve with a baby calf included. @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @aftercareh2ocean @h2oceanproteam @stencilanchored @fkirons @heliostattoo @sinkorswim_studio @cdelafuentephotography
Darth Vader realizado en @blackanchorworldwide  @radiantcolorsink  @vitaltattoosupply  @vitaltattooestudio . . . . . . . #darthvader #starwars #blackanchorcollective #realistictattoo #vitaltattooestudio
Wounded Beast
With the World Famous @nikkohurtado at the World Famous @blackanchorworldwide in Melrose. 👍
We sat down with @jimsylviatattoo  to talk tattoos, classic cars and working in Hollywood. Head over to our YouTube channel (link is in our bio) to check out our interview with @jimsylviatattoo. Be sure to subscribe so you'll be notified when we publish videos. #blackanchorcollective #jimsylviatattoo  #tattoosnobinterview
Everybody! Check out @hilmartattoos he’s the newest resident artist @blackanchorworldwide #stencilanchored
Looking swole(n) after my 12 hour start to finish session on my half sleeve, but I am obsessed 🖤 • • If you haven’t already checked out @r17tattoos and @blackanchorworldwide artwork, you should definitely check them out. • •  Black Anchor is by far the coolest shop I have been to. Everyone is so nice and helpful and they genuinely care about the work they are putting on you.  You want an artist who is as excited to tattoo you as you are and that is exactly what I got with @r17tattoos the work speaks for itself!
Been an amazing past few weeks. The other day I got to link up with @killy who is taking the music scene by storm. Love being surrounded by people out there and getting it 🙌🏼 Thanks for coming through G! #blackanchorcollective
Why so serious?!? The focus is strong tonight at @blackanchorworldwide - @jessesmithtattoos & @chrisjenkins_tattoos guestspotting in #hollywood ⭐️ #loosescrewcrew
Really fun rose yesterday at @blackanchorworldwide thank you Giselle! And always a pleasure hanging with the crew up there! Thanks for the hospitality @cheeseburgerchampion @r17tattoos @crojasart and nice to meet you as well @sivak_ 🙌🏼 see you guys soon. Done with @fusion_ink @fusionink_pro @inkmachines #scorpionmachine @stencilanchored @hustlebutterdeluxe
Did this jason voorhees at my guest spot at @blackanchorworldwide ! Thanks for watching NEXT WEEK @milanotattooconvention  Dm me or email for appointment!
Incredible new piece by @nathanandersontattoo on the good dude Frenchie  Hit Nate up for more creations like this! #tigertattoo#freshink#tigertat#sicktatbro #forarmtattoo
New one from @jimsylviatattoo⌛️🦅 @blackanchorworldwide Thanks Jim! #timeflies
So beyond STOKED for this new piece in the Musée d’Levay! @simonhtattoo put in work yesterday, thank you man. Grateful for your artistry and work ethic. 🙏🏼
my boy Otis eternalized in my skin by one of my favorite artists and friend @camilarochaofficial. a dream come true. 🙏🏼
In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. -Lewis Carroll  Thank you @simonhtattoo for this beautiful piece! You are a master of your craft. • • • • #blackanchorcollective #blackandwhitetattoo #nopainnogain #bodyart
@cheeseburgerchampion once again thanks for the amazing work 🌹🌷❤️👌🏽 you’re the best 🙌🏽 #cheeseburgerchampion #blackanchorcollective #workinprogress #slowlybutsurely #topnotchtattoos
Another pic of the healed zombie I did on @nickfuneral a couple months ago. I love tattooing zombies! Who wants one? @intenzetattooink @cheyenne_tattooequipment @sullenclothing @blackflyseyewear @stencilstuff @mdwipeoutz @opustattoogloves @tattootequila @blackanchorworldwide #intenzebobtyrrelladvancedblackandgreyset #cheyennehawkpen #cheyennecartridges #zombietattoo #monstertattoo
Finally got my very own @jimsylviatattoo piece after long coveting his work. Thanks Jim, will definitely take her to New Zealand!  #blackanchorcollective #traditionaltattoo #gypsy
Peony on the arm. I enjoyed making this, would be fun to tattoo more of them. Thank you Amy. • #tatsoul #inkeeze #blackanchorcollective #peonytattoo #peony
Big thanks to @samwichtattoo for all the BIG ramen from all the way from Hong Kong! Can't wait to try them all! Thank you @samwichtattoo
Ninja @l_o_v_e_machine #turtlesninja #turtles #l_o_v_e_machine
About to get it done with @mathurtado at @blackanchorworldwide.  #gettininkdone #stahlwille #13mm #tlgauto #tattoo
I actually love this picture.  This represents so much for me....in a past life (only a couple of years ago) I fell for the idea that I wasn’t going to ever be around good people or work in a great shop so I accepted my fate to work at a place where it was praised to act like a scum bag.  Don’t get me wrong, I partook in plenty of shenanigans with everyone; but, on top of that, I never turned my nose up at hard work, both physically and mentally, in order to learn my craft and deliver a good product to my clients.  In this photo, the guys are hitting each other in the balls while drinking beer....I am mopping up a mess on the floor that the shop “owner” made.  This is a genuine photo in the moment and I think encompasses the personalities and roles we had.  Since then I have gotten to work with the people I look up to the most and learn from them like my mentor @paoloacuna who took me into @divinity_tattoo_az .  Right now we are both @blackanchorworldwide learning more about art and the craft of tattooing. I can’t understate the value of being around enlightened people in order to become one of them!  There is a ton of value in hard work but there is so much more than that....the energy of those around me is being absorbed through osmosis at times and now, instead of fighting my environment, I am inspired by it.  Thanks @nikkohurtado for lighting a fire under my ass so many times.....it changed my life.
Finished product! #tattoo #marypoppins #letsgoflyakite #disneydad #blackanchortattoo . Thanks @hilmartattoos
I appreciate you @bobtyrrell☺️Thanks again!
The best tattoo I have and it’s of Ollie! Gracias @r17tattoos 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #eternal #olliepreciado #r17tattoos