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Breakout Kansas City

Instagram photos and videos at Breakout Kansas City

It’s official!  WE ARE SOLD OUT! And therefore the first season of Element Ice Cream is over!  Y’all have been the BEST!  Keep an eye out for our Pop Up Ice Cream Shops during the colder months!  Graceandpeace ~Element Ice Cream
Escaped with 2 minutes and 59 seconds to spare. That was pretty tricky...and more fun than I thought it would be.
✨Wishing this weekend didn’t have to end✨
redemption; re•demp•tion; re’dem(p)SH(e)n: Tumanut Clan turning the first loss into our first win #wedid2rooms #mybrainisfried #dubcity
Sending Foto to Cali with one last successful breakout 🧩 congrats and good luck in your next chapter brotha!! We’ll miss you here in kc!! 🔜🌴 #captainamericaisout
kenya get used to this - (I’m corny💀)
Breakout KC!! We made it out!! #birthdaygirl #ladiesnightout #saturdaynight
We ain’t picture perfect but we’re worth the picture still‼️‼️
I had so much fun "breaking out" in KC this weekend and celebrating this birthday girl! We cracked the code!!!
should’ve just left it to the girls😴 a day well spent in KC
KCMO trip!
7 cousins 2 escape rooms 1 fun night
That’s it for round one! Today’s fastest time goes to Sumner Academy with 45:07.  10 teams showed up, but only 8 move to the next round:  1. Sumner Academy - 45:07 2. Shawnee Mission Northwest High School - 48:34 3. Shawnee Mission South High School - 51:34 4. Liberty North High School - 52:54 5. Oak Park High School - 53:12 6. Liberty High School - 58:02 7. North Kansas City High School - 58:19 8. Excelsior Springs High School - Completed 97%
After last year’s fail, round two with my baby cousins was finally a success. I’m now 3:1 for these escape rooms. Super thankful for all the time I’ve gotten to spend with these beautiful girls while in town. 💕💕💕 #megansface
A meeting of the minds @breakoutkc
I would have stayed locked in a room with these 2 all day but we broke out successfully 😬✌🏼
i’m not lying when i say i LOVE my job...oh and i guess i love my coworkers too. #teamlocked
The Gambling Room 🎲🎰
Saved the world twice this break with the greatest cohorts—Wishing you all a very merry holiday season! #breakoutkc
We tried.
We saved the world from Y2K 🤙🏽#CallMeSherlock
Finally did my first Escape Room and thankful to say my group was able to escape with five minutes left 👏💪
@ultra_orange gets a flat. 👎 #citymarketkc #fridaynightfun
Good thing we’re not sore losers 😂🤗 #wetried🤦🏼‍♀️ #stillhadfuntho
The doofus in the hat broke the game but we still managed to get out #8secsandproud 💪🏻
We broke out from @breakoutkc! With 16 seconds to spare! And what a surprise when @isaacroehm and Jerome couldn’t have done it without @loganroehm and I.  Good marriage lesson 😜 Though we also couldn’t have done without them....🤩 Also, generally tearing apart a room is fun! #youngandfun #marriagegoals #breakoutkcszechuansecret
Broke out with the best of friends. Going to miss these people like crazy. ❤️ #doingasmuchaspossible
Escaped The Hero room at BreakoutKC tonight with my awesome parents and 2 strangers! Also went to Q39 which is always amazing and over all my day today has been awesome and I have some really awesome parents!
Friday School focused on some team building and #wellness with @breakoutkc . We won't judge our senior residents for getting beat by their intern counterparts. #kuim #residency
Wouldn’t wanna be locked in a room with anyone else 😘 @kierrak
Thank you Jackie for letting is harrass you today and for being an awesome room-runner! 😁💛 #coworkerlove #teambuilding
We broke out 🔑 Also, look at Jace being a real trooper with this fine group of ladies that he was stuck in a room with for +/- 60 minutes
Last night was my first time doing an escape room and we made it out alive! #breakoutkc #fridayfun
태어나서 첨으로 방탈출게임했다 근데 서비스는 걍 그랬음 바쁜날 바쁜시간에 가서 그랬는지 다른 팀하고 섞어버리고 기념사진 구리고.. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤹🏻‍♀️해봤다는데 의의를 둔다 담번에 한다면 소인원 작은방 할듯 그럼 또 할게적어서 재미없으려나 나 한국가면 k-방탈출게임 할사람 (1/n)
My first #escaperoom sesh, and it was pretty badass. Highly-recommended. An absolute must for gamers!! #dfcnation #breakoutkc #fatkidcity
"A for effort" on this escape room. We apparently chose one of the hardest rooms but still had fun trying to solve it with all of the locks, keys, buttons and puzzles. 🔐 . . . #breakoutkc #breakoutkcthecure #escaperoom #escaperoomkc
We did it! With 26 seconds to spare. It takes a village, folks. @breakoutkc  Post-escape reward @missiontacokc #breakoutkc #conqueredthetrumanroom #birthdayshenanigans #famfun
Breaking out of The Szechuan Secret on spring break with 5 minutes to spare
WE SET A NEW RECORD AT @breakoutkc for one of their toughest rooms!!!! #dreamteam #wedokcmo also, go gators! 🐊💙
We accidentally signed up for the hardest room..and ESCAPED! 👊 #breakoutkc #thecure