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Hay Street Bar & Grill

Instagram photos and videos at Hay Street Bar & Grill

Day 11 of 365.  Today was rather relaxed! I ran a few errands with my favorite boyfriend and then we went to listen to some live music with my mom. Of course she ended up singing a few songs so here’s a lovely snippet for your ears ❤️ excited to get back in the groove of things when I return to Columbia and finish up my last few months. Can’t believe it’s finally the end of my time there. I’ve thought about it for years, but to be rapidly scooting towards it feels different. Gonna live intentionally these last few months and make sure I participate in lots of memories.
Check out that dude @wildbill38 ft. on @beadz1st “Brick Phone”#Available everywhere. can’t wait to get him on a Mac Tha Pharaoh Production