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The White House

Instagram photos and videos at The White House

Mood when your @nasa internship gets postponed because of the government shut down... smh🤦🏽‍♂️
Happy President’s Day 📜Should grandma run for president in 2020? 👍🏻👍🏻= Yes “Make America Old Again”
Happy Presidents’ Day, Dad! I love you so much and we are so proud of you! @realdonaldtrump ❤️🇺🇸💙#PresidentsDay
throwback to five years ago, back when the residents of the white house were worth visiting! happy presidents’ day! 🇺🇸
Heavy snow falls at the White House on Wednesday in Washington, DC. . A massive winter storm was creating travel and commuting trouble for as many as 200 million people in as many as 39 states. The system is expected to dump rain, snow and ice across the South, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Read more about the storm through the link in our bio. . 📷 @somophoto / @gettyimages
President Trump directed the Pentagon on Feb. 19 to develop plans toward the creation of a new "Space Force." #trump's initial quest was to establish a sixth branch of the military—joining the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force—that would be, in his words last year, "separate but equal." If approved by Congress, it would instead be part of the Air Force and have a Senate-confirmed undersecretary for space, @apnews reports, adding that it would be the first new uniformed military since the Air Force was created after World War II. Last June, TIME's Jeffrey Kluger wrote about why Trump's lofty goal probably wouldn't—and shouldn't—become reality. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @davidbutow—@reduxpictures for TIME
It started with awe and history. We @shoptheinside are so excited to be part of that narrative. For me it began at the gorgeous White House Red Room designed by Jacqueline Kennedy with wallpaper and fabrics from Scalamandré. Photo by #annieleibovitz via @vogue and courtesy of @scalamandre. See the whole @shoptheinside x @scalamandre partnership via the link in bio and go to Stories for the whole story. #beyondthebeige #importantdesign #scalamandre
The fine print of the spending bill shows another political blow to President Trump: In addition to allocating only $1.37 billion for the wall, the bill includes limitations on where he can build. The five areas the federal government isn’t allowed to build are: the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, the La Lomita Historical Park, the National Butterfly Center, and within or east of the Vista del Mar Ranch tract of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. All of these locations have also been named in border wall–related lawsuits. Link in bio. 📸 REUTERS/Carlos Barria
w h i t e...
All I strive to do is live this life with a heart as big as yours- to change the world and break the glass ceiling you dented as you soared. To be the change by promoting love and showing how minority men rise above - the hate. To succeed and never forget my brothers who may be hurting, trapped in a place but striving to maintain their grace ✊ #mypresident #barackobama #chicago #hero #presidentsday
I'd like to formally announce my candidacy to run for president: LONG BOY 2020
Think he still has this jersey ? 👀🇺🇸#PresidentsDay #milehighsalute #broncos #broncoscountry #nfl #whitehouse  #mrb #president #clinton
🚨FOLLOW BEST MAGA account @alphapunisher1776 like LITERALLY the best! 🔥🚨 . .  Blocking him as predicted. They want their illegal votes, drugs, prostitution etc... These people aren’t humans. No morals. 💀
HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY! Oh, and BASEBALL IS BACK! ❤️💯 •  #maga #maga2020 #mlb #springtraining
In honor of #presidentsday, who’s the Commander in Chief you want to (or wish you could have) play golf with? 🇺🇸
This President’s Day, we’re looking back to one of Frank Sinatra’s many appearances at the White House, including his 1985 Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony with Ronald Reagan. 🏅 (Courtesy Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)
My mom and I both wish you a Happy #presidentsday Here’s to a happy, classy, President - full of authenticity and integrity - in your future.
Let’s celebrate our true president today: Purrsident Kafka! 🇺🇸🇳🇱⁣ ⁣ Just a few reasons why Purrsident Kafka trumps President Trump:⁣ • He doesn’t have opposable thumbs so he can’t build a wall, nor grab anyone by the pussy⁣ • His hair is absolutely fabulous and real⁣ • He is naturally brown, not fake tan orange • He is far more eloquent⁣ • He doesn’t have a daughter to make creepy statements about⁣ • He doesn’t have tiny hands, but large fluffy paws⁣ • He loves meeting new people of any race, gender, religion and species, especially birds • He’s a former shelter cat so he understands the need for finding a good home • All world leaders would love to pet him⁣ ⁣ Can you come up with another reason? Let us know in the comments and I might add it to this list ❤️⁣ ⁣ Happy President’s Day to our American friends. (I know it’s to celebrate all US presidents but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass.)
President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the Major County Sheriffs and Major Chief Association Joint Conference today in Washington, D.C.
Mais uma viagem pra conta 💙 Quem me acompanha sabe que minha maior paixão é viajar ✈️😍 - Meu destino real é Montreal, mas tive uma conexão longa em Washington então aproveitei para conhecer a casa branca 🏡 . Ameeei o pouquinho que vi de Washington e agora partiu Montreal ❄️⛄️ - Vou mostrando mais detalhes pra vocês no meu insta pessoal: @fe.cavalari 🦋
#new POTUS & FLOTUS heading to Mar-A-Lago for President’s Day weekend (February 15, 2019)
Still the craziest experience so far! 4 years ago today 🤯
Well, at least the pictures were worth the time 😏
Sorriso no rosto pq DEU TUDO CERTO!! 🙌😝😂 Quem acompanhou a saga de hoje nos stories? Kkkkk  Eu tinha uma conexão de 10h (que viraram 8h pq meu voo atrasou) e duas opções: Ficar no aeroporto esperando sozinha ou sair para conhecer Washington e a Casa Branca.  Confesso que eu estava morrendo de medo de me perder (pq sou total sem senso de direção) e perder meu 2 voo 😬 principalmente porque estava sem internet. (Só caçando o wifi dos lugares kk)  Mas como uma bela Ariana, esperar não é meu forte rsrs e conhecer novos lugares é uma paixão ❤️ Então apesar do medo de me perder sozinha aqui, confiei, fui e deu tudo certo! 🙌  Na vida sempre temos diversas oportunidades, mas para realmente usufruir delas precisamos agir.  Não deixe seu medo te vencer, confie em você e aproveite as suas oportunidades 💪😝
The future is doodle. 🇺🇸🦸‍♂️🗳#PaxForPresident #makeamericawoofagain #regalaf #presidentsday
Back in 2015, I started making Bernie Sanders artwork to try and support the campaign... Midway through my second piece I was lucky enough to get involved with the campaign thanks to Luis (read below), and support a guy who ignited countless people with spirit and hope. . In addition to artwork that toured the country, I was fortunate and happy to make banners to fly during rallies, send 22,000 posters out to supporters, and also to get the opportunity to meet Bernie and his wife. . I believe wholeheartedly that he was the only candidate that wanted the best for the America people over all else.  He was selfless then, and he’s the same now; fighting for equality, justice, and prosperity for everyone, you and I included. . I couldn’t have done any of this without the gracious help, time, and consideration of @luis_calderin, the guy who made miracles happen on the fly, and many of the major organizing groups that linked up with me to raise awareness and spread the word. . Looking forward to a 2020 run of any candidate who’s on our side, but my heart and mind still believe in Bernie above all.  He’s the person who inspired many people, (and an entire generation), to care about politics again, and the politician who actually cared about all of us. . #berniesanders #bernie #berniesandersforpresident #bernie2020 #feelthebern #art #spraypaint #work
#new President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, and First Son Barron arriving back home to the White House (February 18, 2019)
October 5, 1990. Princess Diana and former First Lady Barbara Bush after having coffee at the White House, in Washington, DC.
White House Tings🏛#historynotpolitics #dc
President Trump declared a National Emergency along the Southern Border during a event in the Rose Garden on Friday. Also Including a couple pixs from earlier in the week.
Good things take time. Believe and Let God do His precious miracle.
Recognized as the mother of American country style, it's no wonder why First Lady Jackie Kennedy commissioned Sister Parish to decorate the White House. On this #presidentsday, look back at Parish's lasting design influence at the White House, notably in the Yellow Oval Room.
Die USA sind ein wichtiger Partner für Österreich. Bundeskanzler @sebastiankurz war als erster Kanzler seit 13 Jahren zu einem Gespräch im Weißen Haus. Dort hat er den amerikanischen Präsidenten @realdonaldtrump getroffen. 🤝
Behind every great man is an even greater woman! Happy #presidentsday Mrs. President🇺🇸 . I couldn’t think of anything to top this from last year and it is sooo worthy of posting again👍🏻 . Swipe to see the side by side comparisons! And I laughed so hard doing this I cried! Check out the stories!👆🏻
Some serious flex going on here. What's everyone's thoughts on this rig?  Someone needs to spill the beans  #kingshocks
Happy #presidentsday ! 📸:Frank Sinatra visiting the @WhiteHouse, July 1976  #franksinatra #presidents
President #trump declared a national emergency at the U.S. southern border on Friday to access billions of dollars to build a border wall that the U.S. Congress refused to give him, transforming a highly charged policy dispute into a fundamental confrontation over separation of powers. The president’s decision, previewed on Thursday, triggered instant condemnation from Democrats and some Republicans, who called it an unconstitutional abuse of his authority. @nytmills shot this photo of Trump in the Rose Garden on Friday. Visit the link in our profile to read more from Chief White House correspondent for The New York Times, Peter Baker.
President @realdonaldtrump saying "the press has never been more dishonest than it is today" in a tweet on Wednesday. #donaldtrump
The @michaelsmithinc @whitehouse @barackobama @michelleobama family dining room with our #patriciamps in Prussian blue #glorydays #pottertothepresident  repost from @arlenepenrosedesigns photo @archdigest