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Zoo Miami Conservation & Research

Instagram photos and videos at Zoo Miami Conservation & Research

A little bit of wild life 🦒❤️
El día en que una jirafa 🦒 me besó la boca ❤️ . El elefante 🐘 y la jirafa 🦒 son mis animales favoritos, son demasiado divinosss, me provoca espicharlos y acariciarlos, abrazarlos 😍 jajajaj cuéntenme cuál es su animal favorito??? 🌟 . Espero que pasen linda nocheee🌟 PD: la lengua de la jirafa es carrasposa, fin. .  #mamábloguera #fashionmom #abouttravel #travelgram #passionista
Depois de ficar um dia inteiro no Zoo nos despedimos de Miami com essa linda foto do mano Gabriel segurando a força seu pequenino irmão que quase não incomoda ninguém 🤣❤️ Tchau Miami foi 10 ✨
A idéia era levar minha irmã para conhecer a sonhada girafa de perto e não é que eu gostei de conhecer essa bela jovem do pescoço longo também, obrigado Bia por me apresentar suas amigas. hahahahaha  Que bom que levei as câmeras pra clicar isso tudo junto com a família!!! 😂💛🦒 #gopro #girafas #matheuscoutinho
Christmas at the zoo with this little monkey. #herfacethough #family #neice #miamizoo
Miami Zoo 🦒🐘🐅 #familytime #nicoycharles #primitos #funtimes
So my amazing wife @ashleyannvick gave me the coolest anniversary gift, a trip to @zwfmiami. I went to kidnap @limbanizwf but the lion cubs stole my heart!! #kidnapthechimp
Gave you my trust because I thought you was real 😪
Gave you my love, bitch, I thought we could build 🖤
You broke my heart, bitch, that shit hard to heal 🥺
You got me falling in love with these pills 💊
Don't call my phone, don't wanna chill 📵
Busy right now, I'm in the field
Doing too much, always doing too much
Now it's no more us, tell me how it feels (Bitch)🚫💓
I bought you the Rolly, but I don't have time⌚️
And, naw, I ain't going to take that shit back, I still want you to shine
Can't even lie you been on my mind🤔
I'ma be fine #scenes
AHH MAANnn what can I say but “She’s definitely MY CHILD”!... 👱🏽‍♀️👑😉 #newbegining. Entire fit @fashionnova & @oldnavy for my little one
The fam bam👪
Hanging with the giraffes 🦒 🥬  @zoomiami @aldanachuls @nany0015 @natnv
02/01/19 💝 🦒🐪🐅🐿
Contando los días...
9 am meetings with Lizzie 🦒
Hey #dude 🦆🦆🦆 🎩@ipade_business_school @ipadepa @ipade_costa_rica #ipade #ipadebusinessschool
Que nunca muera esa niña dentro de ti. ❤️
Es una cosa loca tenerlas en frente🤦🏽‍♀️ son lindas dan ganas de abrazarlas 🦒
De las experiencias más más más lindas en mi vida ❤️❤️❤️
Paseito con mi niño lindo😘💖
I love animals, especially giraffes 😍they are super cute and with awesome specks🦒🤪
Achei tão fofa essa foto que resolvi deixar no feed 🦒🥬❤️ #zoomiami #miami #ferias
mis favoritas del mundo mundial!!🦒 #elquesabesabe
De visita por el zoológico 😊
When you believe that you can’t more..... remember why you started 👊🏼 #bestrong💪
Been waiting so long for this moment. #giraffeselfie. 🦒
Had a WILD time at the zoo #iphone8
🦒G i r a f f e🦒 #miamizoo
Swipe right to see a pic of me feeding a giraffe at the zoo today 😃
Senior breakfast 🍳 🧡
Zoo day with @miss.nikki.in.colour ❤️
•Enjoying the view•🏞👀
quality over quantity 🦠