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Portland, Oregon

Instagram photos and videos at Portland, Oregon

❤️Ha VL❤️
Tough Sunday decisions
TODAY: Come in from the rain and join us for the opening reception for  Kate Newby’s part II,  A puzzling light and moving.  3-5pm // Michael Hurley will be performing as we continue our ongoing performance and reading series in conjunction with the exhibition.  @kate__newby
Welwitschia mirabilis - one of my prized plants. Endemic to the Namib desert. The cool thing is Welwitschia is the only member in its family (Welwitschiaceae). This plant will only have these two leaves it’s entire life, continually growing and expanding just these leaves. This plant can live up to 2,000 years! It’s crazy to think that if cared for properly, this plant will greatly outlive us.
Vegan, gluten-free ramen dinner!
Who needs Whistler?? #notus