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Portland, Oregon

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It’s my 1 year AKAversary! My organization has provided me several opportunities I’m grateful for and gave me thee BEST sisters, yes I’m bias. 😍🥰💚💕 #akaversary #pisigma
When words so exquisitely capture how you feel that they touch and relieve the pressures weighing down on you allowing you to breath again you know @farahgbz has exercised her gift. 😯 Thank you f.gabdon 🎯❤ #wordshavepower #wordsasart #poetry healingpowerofwords #giftedvoices #artistry
Damian Lillard 🆚 Wizards 🔹 40 Pts 🔹 6 Reb 🔹 5 Ast
حساسية الاسنان 🦷 موضوع كلش شائع و هواية ناس تعاني منه و متعرف بي ... اسهل طريقة واحد يعرف بيها انو عنده حساسية اسنان الالم 🤦🏻‍♀️ و خصوصا الالم الي يصير بس تشربون او تاكلون شي بارد او حار 🔥 هسة نجي على اسبابه : اول سبب و اهم سبب برايي طريقة تفريش غلط و بقوة و ضغط على الاسنان ❌ ثاني سبب استخدام مبيضات اسنان هواية او يكون مو اصلي او طريقه استخدامك/ج اله غلط ❌ سبب الثالث الحشوات الي صارلها فترة طويلة عدنا و ممراجعين طبيب اسنان صارلنا فترة فتقدم الحشوة و تتاكل 👩🏻‍⚕️ سبب الرابع امل حمضيات هواية و هذا كلش غلط كلش اكثر من ما تتصورون لان الحمضيات تاثر على طبقة المينا الي بالاسنان 😭 واخر سبب و الي هواية من عدنا يسوو باردتهم او مرات لا شعورياً الي هو صك الاسنان (الضغط على الاسنان بقوة) خصوصا خلال النوم😴. ملاحظة: شلون تعرفون انو دتضغطون على اسنانكم خلال النوم الجواب سهل من تكعدون تحسون سنونكم دتوجعكم او الفك بي الم 🤦🏻‍♀️. اما بالنسبة لطرق الوقاية او العلاج فهي امور بسيطة ننتبه عليها و ان شاء الله ميصير عدنا حساسية اسنان ابدا . اولا تفريج الاسنان باتجاه واحد فقط ! ثانياً استخدام غسول فم اصلي و زين يفضل يكون ماركة لسترين (Listerine). ثالث شي نحاول ننتبه على روحنا من انام حتى منضغط على الاسنان قوي(صك
DRIVER HITS CARS , MAPLE TREE AND KILLS MAN COLLECTING CANS ON SIDEWALK🚦 . . . A man was collecting cans Thursday when a driver police say was drunk hit and killed him.  Friends told KOIN 6 News Jason Barns was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Teresa Witt, Barns' long time friend from middle school, said the 32-year-old had fallen on hard times and was collecting cans for money when he was hit. "He was just trying to make his ends meet," Witt said. "He was a good kid, he had a lot going for him, and then he just, things got rough." Barns was on the sidewalk off North Willamette Boulevard near a group of recycling bins when police said Calum Breitenberg rounded the corner at a high speed, then hit a blue sedan. His car continued in the street then appeared to swerve, driving over the curb and running over some trees before hitting Barns.  Barns was homeless and living in a tent not far from the crash site. Fellow campers paid their respects after hearing the news.  Tim Heard knew Barns during a better time in his life. "When I first met him, Jason was going to school, he had his own car and apartment and was doing great," Heard said. "And it's like one thing lead to another, he was down on his luck but he had the biggest heart, nicest guy, and it's like, nobody deserves to die like this." Witt is planning a memorial to remember Barns. "He'll just be missed," she said. "He was just out trying to make ends meet, it's sad to say, but I don't know, I feel he's in a better place because he doesn't have to wake up everyday and be cold, he doesn't have to wake up worrying where next meal is from," Heard said. "It's sad to say, he was only 32 years old." Breitenberg faces 2nd-degree manslaughter, DUII and reckless endangerment.  Heard said he has friends who know Breitenberg and he feels bad for him because his life will change drastically due to the crash. "Jason lost his life, Calum is going to be facing some time in prison for killing Jason, being drunk and
i miss my bros
here we go | it’s you & me 🐶⚡️ #pdxpups #oregonhumanesociety
Thanksgivingday trip🍁 Nov. 16-18 Portland, Oregon ・ ・ 朝活したくなるような、素敵な街だったな〜☺️ご飯も全部美味しかったし、ゆったりとした映画館で観たBohemian Rhapsody(2回目)も最高だった〜🎭 また来たいな🍩 #portland#oregon#voodoodonuts #portlandsaturdaymarket#rosegardenは季節外れで何輪か
@wokeface . . . Obsessed is an understatement 💞 check her out babies 💜 . . . #wokeface #wokefacepdx #wokefaceportland #portland #oregon #rosecity #staywoke #art #beanies #iloveher #creative #custom