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COOH Alexandria

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Happy Valentine's Day to all of our customers! ❤️ Need a last minute plan? Book dinner for you and your loved one at Cooh! We have a delicious 3 course menu for $65 per person 💕
After a week of cooking brekky in the van, I decided to take myself on a little belated birthday date to @coohalexandria on my first morn back in Syd.  I always forget how much of a hidden gem it really is. ☕️ #coohalexandria
This is the table setting the #swanqueen look that i have requested at #achavickybaby #babyshower #babyshowersydney it feels dreamy with a glimps of mysterious rustic elegance touch ✨🌸💕all looking classic . Marvelous collaboration of @magnoliapartyplanner decoration and @the_fotografia by @kenkawitana
From one generation to another 💜 love you endlessly 👑✨
Grateful for the blessings, grateful for the lessons. Happy Birthday to us! 🥂 #sydney #24yearsold
Estoy sentada en un restaurante comiendo sola. Antes esto me daba muchísimo miedo, y ahora lo puedo hacer sin ningún problema. Solo necesito mi libreta y mi libro. Algo que antes también me daba miedo admitir era que tenía un problema en mi mentalidad hacia las relaciones amorosas. Por muchos años (7) continué con mi vida dejando que Dios trabajara en mi corazón EXCEPTO en esta área. Era un area en la cual yo no estaba dispuesta entregarle a Dios. Pensé que me pertenecía a mi, y que era intocable. En aislarme así de Dios, me hice más daño de lo que pensé a una edad tan joven. Tengo desde el inicio del año trabajando en este “problema” pero el día de hoy decidí que era tiempo ya no hacerlo sola. Empecé consejería y la verdad estoy muy expectante por lo que viene. He decido pelear por como quiero mi futuro. No quiero siempre tener el corazón “roto” o estás mentalidad negativas, quiero un día tener una hermosa familia y ser una gran esposa y mamá. Estoy 100% segura de la promesa que Dios restaura nuestras vidas en TODAS las áreas (si le permitimos) Yo se que algún día alguien llenará esa silla, y podré contar el testimonio de cómo Dios es fiel. La razón por la cual soy tan abierta con esto, es porque estoy segura que no soy la única batallando con esto. Vivimos en una sociedad donde sacar “un clavo con otro clavo” es acceptable, hasta incluso recomendado. Así que si has leído todo esto, te reto a pelear por tu futuro, por tu corazón, y por las personas que algún día impactarás. Cuales son las decisiones o acciones que tienes que tomar hoy para hacer eso?
Brunch’n ☀️☀️ thanks for the yummy breaky @intoapp @coohalexandria 🍴
Birthday celebrations round 2 💃🏼 So blessed to have these beauties in my life 💕 #birthdaycelebrations #round2
One of the most comfy brunch place🌱
There's very few places that do breakfast, lunch and dinner really well, but @coohalexandria is one of them. We took up their  offer of a glass of wine with dinner reservations made online and loved their menu options (esp. for our gf, df, vegan and vegetarian friends)! 🍷🥂 The linguine was packed with succulent prawns, mussels and salmon and had a robust tomato sauce. 🦐🐟🍝 The lamb backstrap was perfectly pink and herby quinoa salad with the creamy mint yoghurt and juicy pomegranate seeds was delish. 🐑🥗 We finished with the mocha dessert, which was rich and chocolatey but not super sweet. The cacao nib tuile added a nice crunch, while the pears were perfectly poached! 🍐 - - - • Seafood linguine, prawns, mussels & salmon with white wine, garlic & cherry tomatoes •Junee lamb back strap marinated in chermoula with herbed quinoa, currants, pomegranate & mint yoghurt •Mocha, poached pears & chocolate sorbet layered in a glass with coffee coconut chantilly, topped with cacoa nibs tuile
Bye bestie @thenatejames 👋🏽❤️ Come back and visit me ASAP 🇦🇺 #hardtosaygoodbye #besties #foreverfriends
When you ran out of poses, just look down and play with your hair lol! | 📷 : @sarcxm
TAG SOMEONE WHO OWES YOU BRUNCH 😋 🃏 @coohalexandria 📍
You can never have too much flare  #joeys31st🕺🏼
Today’s breakfast at @coohalexandria 💛 Avocado and Salsa and a ‘Blue Butterfly’ (I think) Smoothie!! So yummy, recommend this place 🤩😋 #coohalexandria #sydneyveganguide
🌟Happy Saturday🌟
Feeling the birthday love 💙
Long time no post!
Cheers to 22 years 🥂🎈 #birthday #dinner
First restaurant collaboration today! What a special experience and a very very intense food coma! ❤️ Thank you @sydneyveganguide @coohalexandria
I look like a boy with my gym hair but i love this woman ❤️ so bloody grateful for my mumma 💕💕💕 my everything
Sun is out and it's almost weekend time-friYAY!!! We hope everyone has an awesome weekend, filled with lots of poachies! 💪👊
You know it’s a cozy place when you had coffee and talk for almost 4 hours.🍂☕️
2️⃣3️⃣🎂 - - Was it really your birthday if you didn’t gain 5kg in the process of having one too many dinners/drinks? Love you girls so much! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️- - - #birthday #morelikebirthweeklol #wildcats #lastpost
When the food & service are a straight 10/10 🥑👅🌈🍳💕💫🥥🍍 I HAVE TO SHARE!!!👌🏽 @coohalexandria📍
Basic white girl 💁🏼‍♀️
Mushroom risotto #lunch #fridaylunch #risotto
Where is the best breakfast in town?! -> @coohalexandria ☺️🙌🏻 #intoapp #coohalexandria
Sunday session with @volikmusic featuring special guest @hananathompson 🎤🎸🎼🍻
Went for Bircher instead of smashed avo because that's how you save for a house 😏
Today’s lunch at @coohalexandria🌸  I truly recommend this restaurant! #healthyfood 🥑  Thanks @intoapp ❣️
Good times☀️
Breakfast at my favourite place in Sydney 🤤🤤 @coohalexandria #theglutenfreebucketlist #intoapp
Michael: Best pancakes ever #foodporn #pancakes
The long weekend has begun and we have our brunch plans sorted! Starting with these hotcakes from @coohalexandria 😍 #coohalexandria #hotcakes #sydneybreakfast #sydneyeats
My baby girl, my veggie bowl and my calm raining morning in cozy @coohalexandria 🥑🌽🍠🍳☕️ #mytasteofsydney . Классное утро! Успели и позавтракать, и в галерею сходить, и чай с сладостями попить, и шоппинг устроить, и в полдень я уже на работе была. Скажи мне лет пять назад, что я буду сама с радостью просыпаться в 7 утра в субботу - в жизни бы не поверила. Но жизнь удивительная штука и все ещё продолжает удивлять! #моиавстралийскиедевочки
black & white photo to break my feed up a bit lmao x
Come see me at work today! ❤️🦄
Falafel and hummus, match made in heaven ⚡️💛 // today at @coohalexandria #healthyfoodporn #intoapp