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When in doubt, go work out
Why do boys always run away from me!? 🤣🙄😂
GIVEAWAY // @UCalgary’s Olympic Oval – home to the Fastest Ice in the World – is a legacy facility of the 1988 Olympic Games. It’s now used as a research facility by our Faculty of Kinesiology, a training facility for world-class varsity speed-skaters, and a public facility to serve the university community.  We offer public skating very often, so come take in the Oval for yourself. View the schedule at oval.ucalgary.ca.  Want to skate for free at the Olympic Oval? We’re giving away two sets of four-pass packages. Enter here by commenting that you’d love those passes.  Contest terms: http://ow.ly/bIb630nItmZ  @theolympicoval #ucalgary #yycenergy #loveyyc
Adam and Brad take on V-day❤️ #tobadbags
Canadian ecclesia...! Throw back from Calgary!🙌 @nergal69
Thankful everyday for these girls. #bestiesbeforetheresties
You guys spark joy ✨
T-rex on 3, 2...3 🦖 #calgarydinos
"Today on Valentine’s Day, we're spreading love to cancer patients! ❤ We prepared care packages that will be delivered to cancer patients at Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, and even to places as far out as Ontario. This was all made possible by a student-run charity organization called "Own It" at the University of Calgary @ownitsc” - Hafsah  #ucalgary #myucalgary #happyvalentinesday #valentinesday
raven knows my my good angle 💛
When in doubt build the pipeline 🤷🏼‍♀️ #whatsapipeline #cuscasecomp
What a great night ⚡️!
My team...... awesome people who I will never forget! Nice girls, nice guys.... 3 mouth together and a lot of English..... to the guys only one sentence: Thank you, I appreciate each moment! #universityofcalgary #englishprogram #friendsw
This was officially my last presentation at Architecture school. I’m so pleased to close this chapter of my life story.It’s been a long journey from arriving in a new country,culture and lifestyle;meeting amazing and welcoming friends and classmate,along this ride. It’s been around 9 years of school,2 different countries and worlds. It was a wonderful chapter full of ups and downs,joy and cry and experiences. Now it’s time to move on and start a new journey. There is a world outside waiting to explore. I was not able to do this without the support of my family and friends,however all of them were not here. They are always in my heart. My special thanks to my group members for a wonderful semester and all of my friend who support me in my last day.#friendship-is-unlimited.  دستش را مثل قایقی که روی موج بالا و پایین می رود ، توی هوا رقصاند .  پرسید : « ارزشش را داشت اينهمه بالا و پایین شدن ها ؟.. » دست هايم را مثل کسی که پارو می زند دو طرف پهلو گرفتم و مثلا پارو زدم . گفتم : « تمام عمر که پارو زده باشی ، نسیم و توفان و روز ابری را که تجربه کرده باشی ، یک روز می رسی وسط دریا ، همان جا که موج ندارد ، همان جا که آفتاب است و دریا آرام است . بعد مثل فرهاد قصه ی « در دنیای تو ساعت چند است؟ » دراز می کشی کف قایق چوبی ات و زیر لب می گویی : « آره ، می ارزید ... » #مریم_سمیع_زادگان آخرین روز دوران تحصیل هم گذشت. اگر الان ازم سوال کنن که می ارزید یا نه قطعا میگم می ارزید و قطعا میگم من آدم این راه بودم.این راه فراز و نشیب زیاد داشت.روزای سخت و آسون،شادی و غم اما مجموعه
#himandi #geazyandhalsey #rap #geasy #halsey  just another piece of clip
Come see Like Tom Cruise Loves Running at @ndstudenttheatre directed by @haleypetrowich and written by @czuba.mike it runs Feb. 25 at 4:30 26 at 4:30 and the 27th at 12:30
More content from @eva.reynolds (my favourite dance major) and I in the new year 🕺🏽 #choker - Juno
Who needs a valentine?#single #loveit #bestfriends 📸 @_ecem.d
امیدوارم که زمستانی سر تا سر شادی در کنار محفل گرم خانواده رو پیش رو داشته باشین🤗🤗 یلدا بر تمامی عزیزان مبارک باشه❤❤🌹🌹🍉🍉🍇🍇🍎🍎🍌🍌🍍🍍🍋🍋🍊🍊🍐🍐🍏🍏
Second day of school back 🙃 swipe for my first day lmao @ my shit hair
🦖🏒🍽️ . New year, same great recipe! . 🎟➡ godinos.com/cc . #godinos #crowchildclassic
Calgary meet and greet jams reigns supreme and so will the gig!!🤛
I had always known the exact type of person I was looking for, but I literally didn't think it was possible for someone that amazing to exist. There were many days when I wondered if my standards were too high. But then you came along...Thank you for doing life with me and bringing so much joy to my days. You're truly wonderful ❤️❤️❤️ . . .  Friends, please do not consider lowering your standards for even a second. You are worth so much more than that!
Officially in my last week of being in the university of Calgary. This time in a month I will be back in Wales and I'm pretty excited about it. Whenever I have strong emotions I take it out on my hair so feelings of leaving induced some red tones and I'm not mad about it 🌹🌹🌹🌹
Can't come all the way to Calgary and not get a taste of that long track ice  #thefastesticeintheworld TM 🇨🇦
Congratulations to Bradley Schoonbaert, our U SPORTS Male Athlete of the Week! 🏒 // Félicitations Bradley Schoonbaert, l'athlète de la semaine masculin de U SPORTS! 🏒
I could use some coffee at Calgaryhacks
So much love for them
snow days are for sisters❄️ #alphagammadelta #alphagam #agducalgary #snowday
As my good friend Kevin put it, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE” 📸: @jacob.verhesen & @austinknibbphotography
February Snow ❄️ #recordbreaking #cold
How we approach a problem is more than likely greater than the problem itself.  _ I read a book on body language over Christmas break. The book went into detail saying that our body language is typically controlled by the limbic system of the brain - the unconscious mind that acts without thinking, which is what makes reading body language so influential.  _ I didn’t realize, but my face seemed to consistently look angry when @anna_merrifield started taking photos of me. Furrowed brow, narrowed eyes, and slightly pursed lips. Again, this thing was unconscious and it would happen every time I began studying.  _ I realized that how I approached my studies was fear based, thinking I’d miss some important detail that I’d regret later. It actually led to a bad study habit that kept my attention so narrow that I wouldn’t be able to recall what I just read in the grand scheme of a larger theory or area of study.  _ I began realizing that this simple mindset and heart posture was actually a liability, not an asset. I’m doing my best to change how I think  in favor doing things that are sustainable for days, weeks, and months at a time. I used to pride myself as being the hungriest person in the room, but I’m aspiring to now become the most consistent.  _ “Trust is made by having predictable behavior, and predictable behavior is built on consistency.” - @adamgrant  _ “Influence is built on trust” - @alyssaquilala  _ “Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.” - @johncmaxwell
Next up @trulyy_kayla . Prepare for this gal to get jacked up the wazoo cause I'm going to kick her ass into the gym every chance I get, and you know shes going to catch up quick so I have to get my ass in gear too be preped and ready for July! . . . #competingwiththisbitch #mygirl #competing #july2019 #cpa #bikini #wewearglasses #nerdswithvaginas #nerds #getfit #imhungry #whodat #bestiegoals
We like to party 🎥: @cameron.allen
Nous ne jouons pas
Super excited to be at the U of C today with Crystal  learning strategies to help my little practice members and their families. #childhoodanxiety #yycchiro #calgarykids #pediatrics #mentalhealth