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Lovin' this Boracay view, paired with frozen custard with chocolate-covered potato chips from SuperMagic Burgers! #boracayfoodtour
This burger made me say Oohh Mami! 😛 This Umami Bomb Burger made my mind and mouth explode at the same time! 🍔 😙👌👍 #stationx #streetmarketboracay @supermagicburgers
I really enjoyed this Peanut Butter Shake! Diet can wait. Perfect match for my yummy burger. Thanks, @nowpot and Odette!😘 #supermagicburgers #supermagicboracay #boracay2016 #mytummytravels
Super ✨✨✨
super bacon magic burger 🍔 the patties are freshly ground to order with the juiciest beef cuts and absolutely no extenders!👌🏼
There's a reason why it's called @supermagicburgers --- the BEST burger in the island 👅👅👅
not done posting | 🍦🍨 #icecream #cousins
You guys should visit this when you go to boracay. Affordable and delicious food plus instagrammable place to enjoy with your friends or partner. 💯
Supermagic Umami Bomb Burger with Smoked Cheese✨ #nowiefeast2015 #boracayfoodtour2015 #peppereatsboracay
MEAT.  Supermagic Cheeseburger 🍔 | Quarter Pound Patty,  Umami Dust, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato  The burgers are freshly-ground to order with prime imported beef cuts and absolutely no extenders!  #boracayfoodtour #nowiefeast2015 #supermagicburgers
Now I really feel special .. :) they got me a cake! And it tastes like how a kiddy party cake should taste! This is the Birthday Crumb Cake from Chef Nats Moran :) You can actually order this in advance! When in Boracay.. order from #sunnysidecafe ❤️ #thesunnysidegroup @sunnysidecafe #nowieeats2017 #bawalwalan #justjonesingph
Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic ✨
Station X
Summer is right around he corner. Anyone planning a trip to Boracay? #meetpedro at Supermagic Burgers and grab a Supermagic Shrimp Roll. Perfection. 👌🏼 📷 @supermagicburgers
Today's dessert place! 😍
I can’t help smiling to a good custard. 🍦🌞
Finally satisfied my burger craving at @supermagicburgers at @stationxboracay! 😅I know, I know, it's in Boracay, but this mushroom burger is just soooo good. 😍 If you happen to head over, make sure you order the meatballs and ice cream for dessert. #thesunnysidegroup #nowieeats2017
Пару недель назад решила стать блогером. Путешествуем много и это вроде логично, ну и вообще чем я хуже? Посмотрела на свой инстаграм со стороны, статистику, и выявила в своем профиле следующие ошибки: нет регулярности, очень мало полезной информации, разные фотографии, и пейзажи и предметка и фуд фото (их вообще у меня не любят, ❤️ мало), да и фотографии все разные по цвету, нужно бы один фильтр на все фото, чтоб когда открыл профиль, было красиво и аж подписаться захотелось. После этих выводов, немного подумав, я поняла что блогерство это точно не мое. Когда хочу и что хочу буду выкладывать, и фото без единого фильтра - это уже тоже большая редкость. И, вдогонку 🍔, люблю я фотографировать еду, и есть конечно. .  Вчера были в Supermagic, в этом ресторане только бургеры и мороженое, больше ничего. Но какие же они вкусные, отлично приготовленные, не из полуфабрикатов, поэтому и подождать их придется минут 20. Сет как на фото: бургер, фри и холодный чай, всего 295 песо. Так что всем рекомендую.  #боракай #филиппины #кафеборакай #philippines #boracay
Find a chill person you can chill with for the rest of your life. 💖
Raise your hand if you're ready for the weekend!🙋 #boracayfoodtour @supermagicburgers
Lunchin' #98graderøst
You can’t miss this place when in Boracay. The entire place is a dream! 🍽🍔🍝 #deniseatsanything
Supermagic - самое вкусное мороженое😍🤤
cuteなフィリピーナ3人組🙌🏾💋💋💋 .  可愛すぎるカフェ🍰😳✨ .  写真撮らせて?🙏🏻って言ったら もちろんだよーって しかもこのスマイルやばい 全員かわいーて何事じゃい 顔で取ってるんかいっ👋🏽 .  ボラカイの人達みんな人懐っこくて陽気だったなぁ💭 .  ここのカフェはお腹いっぱいの時に見つけて 何も頼めなかったんだけど 次に行った時にはちゃんとオーダーしよう(笑) . もちろん、この写真を見せてね🤳🙈🌈🌴 .  自分で作ってるフィードなのに まんまと南国へ飛びたい症候群にかかってる😳 .  やばいやばい..
“Eat clean. Stay fit. And have a burger to stay sane.” #awellroundeddiet #enguete #bonappetit #siblingsbonding #theperfectburger 🍔🍔
Possibly the best chicken sandwich I've had on this side of the globe. Thank you @erikrlopez for introducing me to it. @supermagicburgers 😍
My #beer buddy for the day.
[8 PHOTOS] Super Magic Burgers was just the perfect spot to end our Boracay vacation. Not much gimmick, but not boring. And most of all, the burgers tasted good! Saktong lambot ng bun, tamang seasoning, at balanseng fat/meat ratio to put it simply. The last time a burger made me this happy was when I tried The Beef for the first time. No comparisons tho. Nothing beats my (secret) favorite burger! What's yours? #gourmanila @SuperMagicBurgers @StationXBoracay
🎶 When I met you in the summer 🎶 #meetpedro #stepintothecraft #drinksintheair
Our sister restaurant, Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream is back!  They've opened again in a new location at Station X, Hue Hotel, Main Road corner Boracay Food Street, Station.  All your favorite burgers that are ground-to-order plus a few more new items on the menu are waiting to satisfy your comfort cravings from 11:00am to 10:00pm daily.  See you at Supermagic Burgers and Ice Cream!
Work in progress
Really good mango shake 😋 #nomnom #whitebeach #boracay #foodiehaven #traveleats
Burger so good you want to get to know her personality 😅🤣😅 Seriously though it's like you're biting into the glutinous bread from Jackson burger, crossbred with the freshly made patties from Burger Priest without the grease and packed full of flavor! We got The Supermagic Umami Bomb which has housemade umami butter and special Smoked Dutched Cheese *drooool PROTIP the frozen custard for dessert is INSANELY amazing
beat the heat with nice cool treat 🍦
the supermagic umami bomb: signature patty, umami dust & powder, dutch smoked cheese, and freshly baked bun 💫🍔💫 #katonginboracay
This can be your happy place. 🍔🍧
Battling the afternoon heat with some ice cream
Umami Burger, Sea Salt Fries, Pedro Endless Summer Wheat Ale 🍔🍟🍺 #supermagicburgers #boracayeats #burger #beer
Super magic sa sarap ng burgers nila! 🤤😁🍔 @supermagicburgers @maraalyana