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San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Instagram photos and videos at San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Checking out the local views #homecominghacks
Exactly 7 months ago I came to the San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge after my job interview with the county. I had no idea I would be here in autumn, with my family, living in Tracy. This fall weather is a trip- 80 degrees and sunny for weeks. With 16% humidity šŸ˜¶. I sure miss water from the sky. But the sand hill cranes help ease the pain. If you ask me if I love it here, the answer is always a weird kind of shrug. We are on an adventure. We are in the moment of taking things in, experiencing, not really evaluating or judging. I’m not always really happy. But I’m also not static, bored or familiar with anything. I live in the midst of foothills and mountains and industrial parks. People are rude and also beautiful, always surprised by politeness. Come visit us....
Went running over the weekend (also tanning).
I ventured down the river bank as the sun slipped westward behind the dusty hills. The swirl of a million buzzing insects, equal parts mosquitos and gnats, struggled in my wake against the faint evening breeze. I'd come this far, I had to see the water up close. Burnt sienna shimmered over the sluggish San Joaquin as fish ripples broke the surface. I gazed across the water as the evening frog songs reverberated in my ears. This escape, so needed. This peace, so necessary. I sank down to my knees and was startled to see the elusive San Joaquin river-bear right before me. Uninterrupted at first, she continued grazing on river grass. Then, suddenly, she noticed me. A shiver pierced my body, but to my surprise she seemed unafraid of my presence. She turned, slumped out of the murky water, and followed me home.