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•Balance in Life• Studio now open in Eaton Physiotherapy | Pilates

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Have you seen our new sign?  We absolutely love it!
We hope everyone has a Happy Easter long weekend! We'll be reopen again on Tuesday to hear all your Easter adventures
Finished off the midweek night across the road at @smalls.bar with this tasty octopus and a half price pizza. It can be hard to juggle that work life balance so remember to take the time to reward yourself (it helps when the food is this good too!)
Morning mantra to kick-start your Tuesday!
Happy international Women's Day!  We love celebrating the movement, strength,  flexibility and functionality of our beautiful bodies and encourage everyone to do the same.  #internationalwomensday #iwd
Breakfast envy 😍 It's always energising to kick-start the day with a breaky that's supercharged and packed with antioxidants. The perfect fuel to help you smash out the day . . photo: @tropeaka
Pilates gives great physical and mental benefits. It teaches you to keep control, invest your energy in the present, take each movement as an opportunity to improve and reflect on your progress #pilatesstudio
We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful region. There are times when we can feel stuck in a rut,  weighed down by work or responsibilities that all have their place in life,  however always remember to take the time to de-stress and reset. Even if it's a visit to the local beach or a bush walk. What's your favourite way to relax?
Some of the important little things in life...
Interested in trying something new? Our pilates classes could be just what your're looking for. Strengthening your core, improving flexibility and benefiting your all round wellness are all outcomes of doing pilates. Not only that, you'll have the flexibility to work at your own level with targeted exercises within a friendly class environment to ensure you leave each session feeling satisfied both physically and socially Our clinical Pilates classes are run by a trained physio in a circuit format so that you can get the most out of all the equipment we have to offer including Pilates reformers, trapeze tables, vibration therapy and small Pilates equipment.
Our clinical floor pilates classes are just one of the many services avaiable at the practice. This class focuses on creating a natural flow of movement to make everyday activities such as walking & sitting more relaxed, graceful & energy efficient while maintaining good breath control.  Increased dynamics/progressions are introduced with bolsters and trigger balls to challenge balance and abdominals without sacrificing control. With this, control and postural habits will improve and joint stresses will decrease.
Our last week of classes in the old studio have wrapped up! To celebrate, our great Tuesday night class relaxed with some well deserved drinks and nibbles after class. The unique and dynamic energy of each class makes Pilates a pleasure to teach and we can't wait to welcome everyone back as well as any new members to next terms classes at the NEW PRACTICE!
We are excited to be announcing the opening of our new studio in Eaton on July 3rd! Physiotherapy Posture and Pilates offers professional, personal treatment from our certified physiotherapists along with a diverse range of Pilates classes to promote overall wellbeing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates throughout the month and we look forward to helping you achieve balance in life