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Pedalar Sem Idade Porto


O Porto a pedalar pelo direito ao vento nos cabelos.

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See you later city park, hello city centre!
During a ride with  #pedalarsemidadeporto everything can happen, even unplanned licking, so that we remember that years only give us better taste.
At one point Rosa said, "I couldn't imagine what this was ...". Neither do we, Rosa. We did not know that a bicycle could spread goodness and hope wherever it goes, nor that every day would be like spring. #cyclingwithoutage
When you do something generous for someone, you are impacting at least three people: that person, you, and whoever sees you.  #rotary  #cyclingwithoutage  #cycling
Patóterapia.  #cycling #cyclingwithoutage
This is our DNA. @vitor.massa https://www.publico.pt/2019/03/18/local/noticia/ventoleta-viaja-tempo-combater-isolamento-terceira-idade-1862750
Manuel Jerónimo is our 78 years old pilot, who and never misses a 2 hour ride every week, pedaling with passengers sometimes younger then him. Proud.
This is us.
The more we put the age out of the equation, the more we open doors to these curious, smiling young people to contact us and say: "Of all the high impact projects we know, Pedalar Sem Idade - Porto is the most amazing one... how can we help?" Well, of all the youngsters we know, you are also the most smiling, the most educated, the most traveled 🌍, and the most inquisitive ones. And that's exactly why we would love your help! Thank you for putting questions that had never occurred to our mind 🤔, for having seen all the photographs of Adozinda's great-grandchildren, and for opening your mouths of astonishment the first time you saw our Ventoleta, full of sand, dust and mud. And please keep that digging deeper attitude, don't you ever lose that 💪! If ever one can prove that astro charts are true, it will be only to say that our path was crossed by an extraordinary purpose: for the right to the wind in the hair and for us to learn from one another. For the others.  Let's ride together guys, from purpose to impact. (Group of students from @nova_sbe School of Business and Economics - Managing Impactful Projects Course).
Colorir a vida. Assim.
A @ritabelinha que é muito simpática, já se sentou na Ventoleta para confirmar que é confortável, e também para perguntar ao @Paulo Campelo o que significa ser piloto do Pedalar Sem Idade. Muito boa esta partilha de quem desde o primeiro dia dedica a fazer soprar o vento nos cabelos da Clave de Sol Residência Sénior, instituição que foi hoje passear com companhia especial. ❣️
Imagina-te a envelhecer, num lugar que não é a tua casa. Imagina que não conheces lá ninguém, e que o único património que te resta é a tua memória.  Agora imagina, que com uma bicicleta consegues mudar isso tudo.  Consegues?  #cyclingwitoutage
@vitor.massa, piloto e rotário desde o primeiro dia.
Espelho meu, espelho meu, quem tem mais vento no cabelo do que eu? ▪️ Magic mirror in my hand, who's got more wind in the land?
O Pedalar Sem Idade foi a Lisboa mostrar o que é isto de permitir o direito ao vento nos cabelos. No Campo Grande, a receptividade não foi diferente da do Porto. Para um piloto é mágico perceber como ao ritmo de uma pedalada, consegue inspirar toda a cidade a ser melhor.
We can teach pilots the few technical skills that are necessary to drive our TRIOBIKE, we can help them by phone and when necessary in presence. We have managed to gather a group of responsible, timely people dedicated to Pedalar Sem Idade - Porto from the first minute, which elders like very much. This being said, what we cannot teach is the attitude captured by this photograph. This attitude is our DNA: sharing stories, building relationships, being empathetic, being present. In the midst of this wonderful experience that exceeded all our expectations, pilots are what we value the most, and that is why I think CWA Porto gets so much wind, in so many hairs. Pilots stop to explain what fauna and flora exists in the Park of the City of Porto, feed the ducks, talk to who passes, ask if the passengers are comfortable. These are the gestures of those who take this volunteering very seriously. That's why passengers always get emotional at the end of the trip: -"I need to tell that you were not nice, you understand me, sir? I want to tell you were always very, so very nice. Do you understand what I mean? Thank you so much for that." And we know that you understand it very well, dear pilots. Special thanks to the commanders of this aircraft, that uses your wings to fly.
Bom domingo! #pedalarsemidade_porto  #cyclingwithoutage