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The Recycle Bin song ⤵️⤵️

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I was recently talking to a male friend who didn’t believe that sexual assault was as wide spread as the media portrayed it.  After debating with me, he went home and did research.  He was disheartened, astonished, and to his credit, he recanted his previous views.  As a survivor of rape, incest, molestation and middle-high school daily groping, I can attest to the fact that sexual abuse is often a daily ordeal to many.  Whether it is in the home, school, church, general public, abuse is there and it is rampant.  This is not a post to gain sympathy. (But, Thank you! I love you too. And I’m ok) This is a post to educate, and inspire.  There are people right now trying to speak up for themselves. Trying to have their own voice heard. It is a frightening place to be in.  They need your support.  Go out there and wrap your arms around 🤗🤗
No big deal, just adoring my gorgeous children ❤️❤️❤️ oh! And my daddy ❤️❤️
Birthday taco’s. 🌮🌮🌮 made by my hubby ❤️
Made a Dino Nativity scene with my daughter  @maraleafy 😁 complete with hammerhead shark angel. 🦈😇 #twinfantasy doll made by the sweet @grenloe ❤️ . . . . . . . #paleontology #selachimorphology
Sunset of the day 🌅
This was fun
Working on a Christmas gift and stumbled on to this gorgeous,  joy filled picture of Cab Calloway. ❤️ ☀️#cabcalloway #thatsmile #gorgeoushuman #happy #happiness #joy
Is it just me or does our Borefriend #dearestscooter Drew Ackerman look like Colin Hay from Men At Work? . . . . . @sleepwithmescooter #sleepwithmepodcast #menatwork #colinhay
Love these teeny tiny birds nest fungus 😻
This is fun 😁 The Inbetweeners
My (NOT) cooking helper wants to play. Always. ❤️🐶 . Also white floors are SO hard to keep clean. . . . . . #shihpoosofinstagram #souschef #tryingtocook #barkbox toy #mansbestfriend
Getting some pre-Thanksgiving cooking done. I just ❤️LOVE❤️ having/using my daughters @maraleafy hand made ceramic cooking utensils.  Beehive measuring cups, Elephant oil bottle, Weiner dog salt and pepper shakers. ❤️ . . . . . #ceramics #handmade
Just want to replay my love of the sand and the beach and my Bay Area. 1970 La Selva and today... nothing changes. I am forever a CA beach baby.
When you get it, you get it.
Spent some time watching a massive bunch of crows coming in to roost  this eve. (Mass Murder? 😁) So thrilling!  Is it like this but in reverse in the mornings? With a flying V of Canadian Geese cruising through.  Can’t wait to go back! Thank you @corvidresearch for the heads up on location. . . . . . . #crows #corvidology
They made me walk all the way to the back of the merch line around the corner... this is the front of the line. 😹 #concertproblems #realworldproblems
21 Pilots + their 2 opening bands AWOLNATION & Max Frost.  I spy the sweetest @grenloe in the front row.  #21pilots #heyjude #maxfrost #awolnation
Pic 1-Bumped into our favorite local #carseatheadrest & #nakedgiants friend at the 21 Pilots show! Out of 23,000 people. 🤘🤘and pic 2- my girl and her besties ❤️