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Otter The Pit Bull


A fashionable, ridiculous, rescued 9 yr old pitbull from Philly ❤️ ADOPT | FOSTER | SPAY | NEUTER 💌 otterthepitbull@gmail.com

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#fbf “The only elf that should be on your shelf is the drooling Otter Elf”  #elfontheshelf
#tbt “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” #otterclaus
“It is my dream to be a @biggmuggshots Ambassadog. I’m handsome, naked (totally comfortable with nude portraits btw), smell like feet, am ridiculous, have incredible fashion sense, and am pretty much the best boy. I am ready to represent all the best pitties.” - warmest regards, Otter 🐾  #ilikebigmuttsandicannotlie
“When you think you look like a serious businessman but your neck shrivel peeks out and says what up dog”  #neckshrivelvest #cantbetakenseriously
“Me. Just waiting for the turkey. And the stuffing. And the rolls. And the hoagies. There were hoagies at the first Thanksgiving, right?”
Happy #tongueouttuesday my friends!”
Otters live a VERY hard life ❣️ #formershelterdogturneddiva #alwaysinthemiddleofeverything
The face of snow day 2018 ❄️ #mostbeautifulmanintheworld
#tbt “It’s snowing in Philly! Guess what that means?! Time for winter fashion!” #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #fashiononpoint
Chilly Saturdays are for sleeping til 3pm.  #itsahardlife #thestruggleisreal
“Exactly 8 years ago on this day, this night, I was rescued from @acctphilly and went into foster care (and never left). I weighed 38 lbs - today I weigh 62 lbs - I was sick, injured, fearful, and full of anxiety. I had been taken to animal control after I was found running around West Philly by the police. No one claimed me. I waited for weeks and then my mom saw me standing up asleep in my dinosaur hat at Pit Bull Awareness Day and she just had to have me. It wasn’t easy friends - I wasn’t easy, and it took a long time to get me to be the best boy I am today. But it was all worth it ❤️” #alwaysadopt #savealife #bestboyever
“I voted. If an otter can vote, so can you. Polls are still open in every state right now. VOTE!” 🇺🇸
Happy Halloween from Batman & Robin! 🎃🦇 #otterandorion
Rainy Saturdays are for sleeping in ❤️
Friends! From Oct. 15-21, Haggar Clothing Co. is partnering with the @aspca to inspire & encourage dog adoption. EVERY time a dog adoption story with #haggarhelps is shared on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Haggar will donate $5 to the ASPCA! During the campaign, Haggar will also make a $50,000 donation to the ASPCA.  This campaign is near and dear to my heart as my life was saved by adoption. In 2010, I was a homeless, sick, injured pittie living at Philadelphia's high volume animal control, a shelter that takes in thousands of pit bull and pit bull-type dogs, many of which do not make it out. I was one of the lucky ones, and I hope you always choose to adopt, and not shop. So, please, all you have to do is share your story of adoption and make sure to tag it #haggarhelps ! Like me, all dogs deserve play, joy, and comfort.  #ad #haggarhelps
“What a delightful morning! I spent it strolling around the Art Museum area with my best gal, DeeDee, exploring all the public art. Thanks @assocpublicart for showing us #artpups the amazing art in Philly!”
“Hey, Philly friends! What are you doing tomorrow morning? How about a public art stroll with your pup along Kelly Drive and the Art Museum?! It’s part of the Association of Public Art’s #artpup campaign. I’ll be there - hope to see you!” • • •  More info:  https://www.associationforpublicart.org/program/artpup/#events
“It’s been a tough day. This should make everyone feel better.”