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Otter The Pit Bull


A fashionable, ridiculous, rescued 9 yr old pittie from @acctphilly ❤️ Philly born & raised ADOPT | FOSTER | SPAY | NEUTER 💌 otterthepitbull@gmail.com

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it was otterly wonderful and filled with love ❤️ Otter
Three years ago today, on an equally cold night, Otter’s little human brother, Orion, was born. From the moment Orion came home, Otter acted as if he’d always been here and in the newborn days, rarely left his side. For Orion, “Otter” was among his first few words and he called home “otty” until he could say the word. Fast forward three amazing and crazy years, and not much has changed. Otter is the best big brother and is patient, tolerant, and always sweet to his silly, willful baby brother. Happy 3rd Birthday, Orion! ❤️ . swipe through .  #otterandorion #pitbullsandkids
When you’re a baked potato with a little bit of pretzel mixed in 🥔🥨
The baked potato transformation process is exhausting. Extra naps must be added to the schedule for optimum baking. 🐶 to 🥔
“It’s Friday. I’ve got not one, but two party hats on. And no pants. I’m ready to party. Who’s with me?!” #bypartyyoumeannappingright
#tbt “Its POURING here in Philly, so here’s a photo of me basking in the summer sun, looking majestic AF.”
“Alright. I give in. My #tenyearchallenge “ #bakedpotatolife
“Saturday mornings are for hogging the pillows and smelling like feet.” #adayinthelifeofotter #justperfect
#tbt “When you put on your best winter fashions and end up looking like an old lady” #ithappens
Current Monday Mood
“My transformation into a baked potato is going swimmingly.” #pitbullbecomesbakedpotato #adreamcometrue
#tbt When a woolly mammoth and a lion meet in the wilds of Philadelphia  #ottermammoth #dogsincostumes
“New year, same me, but even more naked. And more handsome. And even more snagglier toothed.”
“Weird. My #bestnine2018 was all ME! Who would have thought?! What a year. The year of the Otter.” #bestyearever
When you take your holidays too seriously with a side of drool 🎄  volume up for the full experience 🎶 by Wham
“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all! Shrivel neck and I are decked out, ready to eat all the Christmas hoagies and cookies!” 🎄⛄️ #christmasshrivelneck #dogsofchristmas #pitbullsofinstagram
If Monday was a naked pit bull, this guy would be it  #pantsatatimelikethis #mondaysbelike
#tbt Otter Claus is coming to town