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Orlando Chavez


TV/Film Actor (The Son, Major Crimes, Southland) 🥊Boxing enthusiast 📚Read Books 😂Watch funny videos.

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Whhooooo!!! What a game! The Saints played an amazing game. Rams came out on top. Rams to Atlanta.
Chomping at the bit, for the NFC Championship. Let’s go Rams!
Happy Saturday! To the beat.
#tbt After the premier of Sympathy For Delicious written, starred in and Produced by one of my former teachers Chris Thornton starring Him, Orlando Bloom, Juliette Lewis and Mark Ruffalo Directed by Mark Ruffalo. Circa. 2011
Circa. 2009 shooting on 16 mm film before the digital revolution completely took over. It was a great experience but I definitely don’t miss the telecine, instant gratification, much better, however the discipline of making fewer mistakes because they cost money is still inbred. 😅
One goal. Win, win WIN!
As predicted.
Game day. If they don’t like me, I don’t like them. 😊. Go RAMS!
Only a couple of hours away.
Stories evoke thoughts and emotion, if done correctly can change the world.  A classroom exercise on different shot angles when I was in film school.
White-T Wednesday when I would have to drive all over LA to audition.  Thank you tape auditions.  Eco-cast @rayban
A sign for whats to come. Touchdown, Touchdown, TOUCHDOWN LA!!!!!!
Go faster by slowing down. It works.
Let’s do it!
The most exciting team in the NFL.
Throwback to earlier this year when I did an Episode of AMC's The Son.  I used to dress like a cowboy when I was little. 😂 #tbt
Rams do it again. :)