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Where book club meets internet, cuz who are we kidding, no one has time for book club📚

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I carry a book everywhere I go, planes, trains, the dentist office, and family dinners. What's an odd place you've pulled out a book in public instead of your phone? #bookclub #readersofinstagram #readalibrarybook #bookwormproblems #booklover
Grab your teas and reading socks ya'll it's book review time! So The Locker by Adrian Magson it was a good mystery novel. I definitely could wait to read the next chapter, talk about up all night reading one more chapter! If you like a good mystery mixed with some covert affairs to snuggle up with, then this is a book for you!  #readalibrarybook #bookclubbook #stormydayreads #summerbooklist #tbrlist✔
🇨🇦Happy Canada Day🇨🇦 Let's kick this summer off right with Book BINGO!! The rules are simple: -mark a square off for each book you read that fills the category (one book can fill multiple squares) - solely for fun and bragging rights only 😉 - add your book titles so we can share which books we've all read (I will have a few posts in the up coming weeks so we can all share what we've read so far) - No previously read books. Only currently read books  And don't forget to have fun reading #readalibrarybook #booko #bingo #booksofinstagram #letsread #goodreads #whattoreadnext #summerbooklist
Let's talk book review!! If there's one thing I like more than reading books, it's talking about them! I just finished The Little Old Lady Behaving Badly by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, and I can't say I loved it or that it held my interest, BUT it is the third book in series that follows Martha and her League of Pensioners. Even though I didn't enjoy this particular book I'm giving the series a go - a proper go! So I've got The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules.  #savealibraryreadalibrarybook #bookclubbook #bookclubofinstagram #letsgetreading
THE TO BE READ LIST! #tbr #tbrjar #ifyouarereadingthisbringwine #ifyouarereadingthisbringmecoffee #summertodolist
Reading everywhere #lunchbreak #goodreads #novel #bookclubbook #bookclubofinstagram