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Coach Letterman


3YearLetterman official account. The reluctant virtual diary of the production crew of the ISA nominated docuseries Three Year Letterman.

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Coach Letterman gives his 3 steals and 3 sucks in this weeks upcoming draft from the fountain he can see from his apartment.
Coach Letterman now on Spotify. Also on SoundCloud, iTunes and YouTube.
Day 10: Coach Letterman is making us use our steady cam systems to film his daily workout. We initially thought it must be for a training video but he said it was for quote “Personal use”. Whatever that means.
Day 133: Coach has been trying to help Le’Veon out for years with his technique. Unfortunately Le’Veon’s ring jealousy is palpable.
Episode 4 out now. Storytime in House Letterman. Coach talks about a recent adventure into his DT’s career day and showed the kids the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. Also Coach breaks down this week in sports. On iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.
Day 55: The editing team was given a great shock when presented with the conundrum of handing over the footage to a board or some investigatory team for the misappropriation of rules but after exhaustive efforts through state and local governmental systems. They have ran out of steam and decided to just make porn music jokes when they can.
Day 43: Post game press conference for the Pork Chop Invitational. Jordo was the first military veteran to win MVP in the under 9 division. Coach Neubert was escorted off the field when he made a grave mistake about the meaning of “t-shirt canon”. He was later quoted as saying “They know I do Civil War re-enactments on the weekend. And if they didn’t want all the shirts fired at once then why did they give me a box of them?”
Day 23: “On the field of battle it is ok to make mistakes. This is where lessons are learned. This is what losers say to other losers. Mistakes will be punished and those who resist will be ostracized and promptly shown the way to the tennis team” -Coach Letterman
As a production crew we know the importance of equipment. Here you can see the Canon cameras used for the shoot and our invisible sound guy operating the boom out of the back of a truck.
Day 59: Episode 2 of the Indie Series Awards out on youtube now. Catch up on the series and have Coach Neubert tells you things he doesn’t cry about.
Day 65: Vanessa Humphrey’s, North Georgia Gameday’s Host, questioned Coach in a one on one interview. This quickly devolved into a shouting match ending with the phrase “Well you’re a two bit hooker”. That Vanessa sure does have a fowl mouth.
Day 101: Coach has decided to broaden his base of declaring CTE is a scam and that he’s the most devastating downfield blocker to include iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube now.
Day 100: Big day. Inspired by Tiger Woods’ Masters win Coach Letterman decides to hit the links. The toughest 3 Par around. With his trusty Pat in tow to carry his two rented clubs Coach breaks down his fundamentals to the game of gentlemen.
Day 72: Coach was interviewed on by @bionicbuzz for his red carpet appearance at the Indie Series Awards. Coach went for his docuseries Three Year Letterman where he shows what kind of a monster he really is at heart. So check out his interview!!!
Day 83: Coach has instructed us to find anybody capable of turning these into oil on canvas adaptations. Apparently they came from his fervent Twitter followers. At least he has clothes on this time.
Congratulations @tigerwoods on taking down the @themasters. You deserve that win and this wonderful portrait hanging above the pisser’s at Coaches local Par 3.
Coach has instructed us to start early on some Veteran’s Day materials for his prized Quarterback. Describing his time in the military as “Mostly computers with some light machine gunning” this brave young leap day baby has been through the trials of war, not knowing his parents and even divorce all by the tender age of seven. This kind heartened, puppy dog eyed sweetheart finally got the chance to prove once again that his six foot, two hundred and twelve pound body deserved to be on the only field of battle it should be on. A youth football league full of frightened nine year olds.
Day 34: Coach used his man child Quarterback for the first time. So far Coach Letterman’s team is up by 10 touchdowns and half a dozen kids and 2 Coaches for the opposing team have already quit in protest.