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Vinyl (on Technics SL-5310) and CD. Hanover, Germany. Music matters.

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For the rest of the month I'll be chillaxing in my beloved Italy so there'll be no new posts to see here. But I'll be gathering power for new vinyl hunts and spins. Take care and have some nice weeks of summer until then - ci vediamo amici miei!  #vinylcommunity #vinylclub #instavinyl #vinylcollection #recordcollection #vinyljunkie #vinyloftheday #vinyllover
"Famous Last Words" (1982) is Supertramp's seventh studio album and the last studio collaboration of their original songwriting team Davies and Hodgson. It's a fine album with great songs - an archtypical opener 'Crazy', the jazzy and bluesy laid back 'Put On Your Old Brown Shoes', the popular 'It's Raining Again' - which is often unfairly criticised for not delivering the same quality as their previous classic productions. You don't hear the tension between the two masterminds who for the first time had to record their tracks in two different studios - the finished product is cohesive and profound. And it's the last Supertramp album that sounds like one for the aforementioned reasons - all songs on here are worth a listen.  #supertramp #famouslastwords #supertrampfamouslastwords #supertrampvinyl #progrock #progrockvinyl #rogerhodgson #rickdavies #johnhelliwell #dougiethomson #bobsiebenberg #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #instavinyl #igvinyl #vinylig #vinyloftheday #recordcollection #onmyturntable #nowspinning
After Marc Almond has closed the chapter Soft Cell in 1984 he released two dark and brooding albums with Marc And The Mambas to preach to his converted but none of these would be a commercial success. 1985’s "Stories Of Johnny" was the sound of Almond emerging from his shell, ushering a wider audience back towards him. Pulling together members of The Mambas as The Willing Sinners, Almond continued to create something rather subversive, even if it was dressed up in a more accessible style. The lush orchestration would make Almond's theatrics appear warmer. The title track brought him back into the charts - a place where you might have understandably nevet expected to see him again. All in all, the origin of later successes such as 1988's "The Stars We Are" lie here, in a transitional yet for Almond's standards very accessible album.  #marcalmond #storiesofjohnny #marcalmondstoriesofjohnny #artpop #mikehedges #somebizarre #marcalmondcd #cdcollection #cdcollector #somebizarrecd #80spopcd #musiccollection #musiccollector #recordcollection #cdoftheday
When in 1981 the Rolling Stones had not toured for three years and first solo singles by Jagger, Richards and Wyman were released (of which to most peoples' surprise Wyman's was the most successful one) rumours of a break up were spreading. Keith was getting antsy, the business machine needed to roll again, an album as a reason to tour was needed. Only problem was new songs couldn't be written in time for the tour, so engineer Chris Kimsey who had worked with them on 1980's "Emotional Rescue" was given the task to go through the vaults and find usable material. He dug deep and even songs that  still featured guitarist Mick Taylor ('Tops' and 'Waiting On A Friend'), who hadn't been in the band for seven years, when "Tattoo You" was released, surfaced. Encompassing songs from such a long period of time, by changing personnel in studios all over the world (Bahamas, Paris, New York, Rotterdam, Munich...) the album naturally is a cobbled together affair - then why does it flow so perfectly and feel and sound like a unit so much? Strange but true. Clearly, side one is the rocking one (mega hit 'Start Me Up', Keith's 'Little T&A - special favourite of mine', huge jam 'Slave' with Pete Townshend on backing vocals...) and side two has the ballads (aforementioned 'Tops' and 'Waiting On A Friend' - with Sonny Rollins on sax, 'Worried About You'...) and somehow it makes perfect sense. And the sound is great - I like the sound of late 70s early 80s Stones productions a lot. The following tour in the summer of 1981 in the USA and later in 1982 all over Europe maybe is my favourite Stones tour. I really like the setlist, the sound, the versions of songs, Keith's playing - but certainly not Mick's costumes. Nr. 3 in my ranking of Stones albums.  #therollingstones #rollingstones #rollingstonestattooyou #tattooyou #therollingstonestattooyou #stonesvinyl #rollingstonesvinyl #rocknrollvinyl #80svinyl #mickjagger #keithrichards #billwyman #ronniewood #charliewatts #vinylcollection
In the fall of 1978, Blondie released their third album, "Parallel Lines". The previous year, in the fabled year of “’77”, Blondie along with Talking Heads, Television and the Ramones were at the forefront of a rock and roll explosion whose epicenter was CBGB’s in New York City. First commercial success was gained with the singles off "Plastic Letters" (1977) and now Blondie was about to rise to stardom. For "Parallel Lines" the band approached a major player in British pop music, producer Mike Chapman, who promised to make them record a hit album. The method was to get the snotty new wave out of them, keep the rock'n'roll and add pop in the style of 60s groups (also disco - 'Heart Of Glass'). The album starts off with a phone ringing and a cover of 'Hanging On The Telephone', originally by the lesser known new wave band The Nerves. The song is not really different than the original but Chapman's production and Harry's voice more upfront give it a bit more 'oomph'. The momentum is carried on with 'One Way Or Another', which displays well how the band had matured in songwriting. With these two songs the charts were entered and the aforementioned 'Heart Of Glass' became the absolute hit single (do you know the early reggea version - so great to see it evolve into this big synthesizer disco thing then). In the UK the single 'Sunday Girl' had become a number one - Blondie was the band of the hour in 1978. But for example non-single cuts like 'Fade Away And Radiate" with a guest appearance of Robert Fripp on guitar make clear that the songs not singled out were at least just as good. The album was a game changer for the scene as it showed that success could be gathered outside of the 77-new wave-peer group and its success breathed new life into the genre. Stepping into the 80s was made easier for new wave bands that had already tended towards a more keyboard heavy style, such as Blondie themselves and Talking Heads. Chapman delivered on his promise of giving
Indeed, Einstürzende Neubauten's "Tabula Rasa" (1993) was a clean slate as this would be the last album with the important members Mark Chung (bass and manager) and FM Einheit alias Mufti (percussion). Immediately in the opener 'Die Interimsliebenden' you notice that this is going to be more melodious than metallic. Songs circle around gentle melodies and vocal harmonies here ('Zebulon', 'Blume'). Fans, and possibly also band members, may have gotten the feeling the band had softened compared to the raw industrial experiments of the 80s, but you could also argue they expanded their sound. Though the pipes may be plastic and not metallic and female voice s sing softly the intensity can still be the same. And lots of ideas are simply great, most of all the interplay of loudness and silence, the change of volume in stand out track 'Wüste'. And then old fans get the roughness as 'Headcleaner' builds from a low hum to a 15 min industrial explosion of metal smashed against metal. Maybe it's apt that they might have never done a song more chaotic and tense at the same time. Good Neubauten album for sure.  #einstürzendeneubauten #einstuerzendeneubauten #neubautencd #einstuerzendeneubautencd #tabularasa #einstuerzendeneubautentabularasa #blixabargeld #alexanderhaacke #alexchung #fmeinheit #nuunruh #andrewunruh #cdcollection #cdcollectionpost #cdcollector #industrial #industrialcd #cdoftheday #instacd #cdclub #cdcommunity #mute #muterecords
Ironically the latter part of the title Soft Cell's second album "The Art Of Falling Apart" (1983) is quite a good summary of it as this is what the band did shortly after its release. The well-executed formula of Dave Bell's sleazy synths and Marc Almonds witty nightlife lyrics that had made their debut "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret" (1981) such a focused success had started to strain as quite a few songs, though their ideas and sounds were good, dragged on for too long (example: 'Hendrix Medley'). There is still plenty to be enjoyed - the fake funk of 'Numbers', the take on an occult horror movie 'Martin', 'Kitchen Sink Drama' that is what it says - but the album as so often in music history can't keep up with its fresh predecessor which just seemed to flow out easily on its own and was a total dirty blast of fun (cf. 'Sex Dwarf'). Worn out by increasing drug abuse Almond and Bell would call it a day after album number two - for a while.  #softcell #theartoffallingapart #softcelltheartoffallingapart #marcalmond #davebell #80svinyl #synthpop #synthpopvinyl #1983 #synthvinyl #recordcommunity #recordcollection #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinyloftheday #instavinyl #nowspinning #onmyturntable
Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (1979) - simply major in scope, emotion and strength. The seed of the record's idea were frustration and alienation Roger Waters felt in front of his blowb up gigantic audiences after his band had become the unanimous kings of psychedelic rock. The album perfectly exemplifies the art of albums: a narrative, a perfect flow, directed like a film or already sounds like one and that is why it worked so well on the screen. Its cinematic quality is of course brought forth by the fantastic music, the rhythm section is incredible and the guitars are wonderfully fierce. On this particular copy I feel I got a whole lot for only ten euros (the sticker says 'bad condition' but it's only slight crackling noise) - 80 minutes, 26 songs/themes, 4 LP sides of one of rock's best (concept) albums.  #pinkfloyd #thewall #pinkfloydthewall #rogerwaters #davidgilmour #conceptalbum #70srock #psychedelicrock #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #recordcollection #vinyloftheday #vinylclub #vinylcommunity
In Numan's back catalogue "The Fury" (1985) and its surrounding albums often get hated on. You can find some admirers of its robotic guitarless electrofunk but most listeners seem to put it down. First you have to get over the confusing cover art of him in a white tuxedo with a red bowtie. Maybe that's Numan trying really hard to lay off his image of dark dystopian electronic music replicant. The style of predecessor "Berserker" (1984) is taken further but also poppier now, with a heavy focus on female backing vocals and saxophones. The tracks are either really good and overlooked (opener 'Call Out The Dogs' with Blade Runner samples, 'God Only Knows', 'I Still Remember') or quite weak. Apparently the record was crafted totally in the studio, relying heavily on technical aspects (Numan had just discovered the punchy PPG Wave synth) in place of hooks and melodies. Something Numan would later regret about the middle period of his career. Still, 'The Fury' is loved by fans of his icy but funky side.  #garynuman #thefury #garynumanthefury #electrofunk #synthpop #electrosynth #synthpopvinyl #1985 #80svinyl #numa #numavinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #recordcollection #vinylcommunity #vinylclub #vinyloftheday #instavinyl #nowspinning #onmyturntable
I honestly haven't seen the film yet but a friend has and said it has unexpextedly aged quite well.  I know that some see David Bowie's contributions to the soundtrack of Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" (1986) as a career-low but in my opinion 'Magic Dance' is one of his best 80s songs and 'As The World Falls Down' also is really strong. Fun fact about 'Magic Dance': They weren't satisfied with the baby's noises in the studio as it wouldn't hold the tones for long enough, so Bowie dubbed them himself and achieved to sound like a two-months-old perfectly. The soundtrack got reissued a few years ago, but this original pressing (apparently hard to find?) sounds really good and the price was reasonable. It sounds as if Bowie enjoyed the songs and the work on the film pretty much after the defeat that was "Tonight" (1984) but stumbled again on "Never Let Me Down" (1987), the year after this work, when he released his arguably worst album although much of its defects are productionwise. I got myself this one for my birthday recently which is fitting as this was recorded and released in the year I was born.  #davidbowie #labyrinth #thegoblinking #labyrinthsoundtrack #labyrinthoriginalsoundtrack #bowielabyrinth #davidbowielabyrinth #jimhensonslabyrinth #jimhensonlabyrinth #80smovies #labyrinthfilm #labyrinthmovie #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #recordcollection #vinyloftheday #instavinyl #vinyllover #nowspinning #onmyturntable #80svinyl #80svinylrecord #soundtrackvinyl #moviesoundtrackvinyl
"Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" — recorded in 1969 over two nights at Madison Square Garden — is the last official live document of the Rolling Stones in their swaggering Sixties prime; it's also one of the great live albums of all time. Expectations were high for the band on its 1969 tour, the Stones' first in the U.S. in three years, and their first outing without guitarist Brian Jones, who had died that summer. They delivered in spades. Keith Richards and new guitarist Mick Taylor combined for angry workouts on Ya-Ya's' 'Midnight Rambler' — the album's bluesy nine-minute masterpiece and a stark, rubbery 'Sympathy for the Devil'. Mick Jagger and Richards pull apart Chuck Berry's 'Little Queenie' into a raunchy romp, as if to prove they had fully mastered the rock form. One of the world's greatest rock live albums.  #rollingstones #getyeryayasout #rollingstonesgetyeryayasout #rollingstoneslive #rollingstonesvinyl #1969 #mickjagger #keithrichards #micktaylor #billwyman #charliewatts #livevinyl #vinylcommunity #vinylclub #vinylcollection #recordcollection #vinyloftheday #vinylcollector #vinylgram #instavinyl #nowspinning #onmyturntable
'Warriors' was the second single taken from the 1986 album "Liverpool" of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The sleeve notes describe it best: This twelve wild disciples version of WARRIORS is, of course, a re-mix of the track that opens the Frankie album 'Liverpool'. The question is now begged – what is a re-mix? 'It used to be a change of clothes, now it's a dream come true.' There is one answer. On 'Liverpool' the members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood played WARRIORS with their own notoriously fair hands: touching their instruments, squeezing, banging, urging, making noises which were recorded by microphones onto a tape recorder. This 'so-called' 12", this marketing invention, this golden gate to possibilities is in fact a total cheat. What is a re-mix? 'A total cheat.' There is another answer. No-one played anything, in any orthodox sense. It was all done by computers, very powerful computers (38 megabytes R.A.M. 600 megabytes hard disk storage) juggling and organising pre-recorded sounds. We all had a hand in it – that is, myself, Steve, Andy Richards the keyboard player, the lads, Holly and Paul. We all peered over the computer operators shoulder at the little screen, to see what the hell was going on, willing the circuits to do their uncanny business. From the little screen lept twelve wild disciples, with their gifts for the listener. What is a re-mix? 'A gift.' – when it's Frankie, and Frankie only. And this 12" is Frankie. Only. TCH"  #frankiegoestohollywood #warriors #frankiegoestohollywoodwarriors #trevorhorn #80ssynthrock #80spop #80selectronic #80spoprock #80svinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #recordcollection #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #vinylig #igvinylclub #ztt #vinyloftheday #onmyturntable #nowspinning
The Humpe sisters, Annette and Inga, released their first album "Humpe Humpe" in 1985 and singled out 'Geschrien im Schlaf' in the same year. The Conny Plank production sounds brilliant. The older sister Annette had previously fronted the NDW pioneers "Ideal" and Inga is also associated with the Neonbabies. They tried to go big in America under the name "Swimming With Sharks" (also the name of the second album) but that didn't really come true. The Humpes both returned with successful music projects in the 2000s.  #humpehumpe #geschrienimschlaf #yonobailo #connyplank #1985 #ndw #ndwvinyl #wave #wavevinyl #80svinyl #vinylseveninch #seveninchvinyl #45rpm #annettehumpe #ingahumpe #ideal #neuedeutschewelle #vinylcollection #vinylsingle #vinylcollectionpost #recordcollection #instavinyl #vinyligclub #igvinylclub #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #vinyloftheday #nowspinning #onmyturntable
What is The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" (1980), contemporary witnesses, I'm asking you. An odd compilation early on in their career between the first two albums? In fact, it's part of the debut album "Three Imaginary Boys" (1979) but less notable songs are left out and early classics such as 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Killing An Arab' are set at the side of the good ones ('10.15 Saturday Night', 'Grinding Halt') which makes it a better debut album. In this phase The Cure presented themselves as a perfect post punk outfit with uncommon, partly quite personal, pop and wave anthems while the goth was yet to come.  #thecure #thecureboysdontcry #boysdontcry #killinganarab #robertsmith #thecurecd #thecurecollection #postpunkcd #fictionrecords #cdcollection #postpunkcollection #recordcollection #instacd #cdsofinstagram #80spostpunk #cdoftheday #nowspinning
Lush and orchestrated (in Paris), drunken (on French wine) and thorny, Echo & The Bunnymen's opus magnum "Ocean Rain" (1984) is a strange beast. Lead single 'The Killing Moon' certainly towers over the album and everything else the band has ever done. In fact it's a justified centrepiece with so much going on, you always find something surprising in the song. Other standouts in a field of only good and very good songs are 'Silver' that's pure poetry in motion, a spring evening song, and 'Seven Seas' with 4AD-like, reverb-drenched sounds that make you feel you're really swimming. Then later there's the title track, the only way to end it. When you think of a wash, a wave of sound you might think of chorus effect or layers of digital delay but it's the opposite here that works: stillness and focus, nothing overpowered. The album is just like the cover looks. The group shown in a grotto, the bluest of waters, a unity out in the open, floating towards no particular place but focused at the same time. Otherwise it possibly wouldn't be the masterpiece of 80s indie that it is.  #echoandthebunnymen #ianmcculloch #oceanrain #echoandthebunnymenoceanrain #80sindie #postpunk #80spostpunk #postpunkcd #cdsofinstagram #cdcollector #musiccollector #recordcollection #vinylcollection #neopsychedelia #cdoftheday #80scd
After some Italian music my first weekend sounds after yesterday's @fetehannover come from Hubert Kah's first album "Meine Höhepunkte"(1981). Wherever I look I found quite a lot of thumbs down for this record, and people saying it's pubertal and simply dumb - I think they must have gotten something wrong about Neue Deutsche Welle, where the art often laid in the simplicity. I mean, of course 'Rosemarie', 'Libido', 'Liebelei', 'Aufblasbare Puppen' don't seem too profound at first listen but a) who says they have to be and b) that's what Rock'n'Roll is about and in 1981 NDW's mix of punk attitude, no false respect, bold costumes and new sounds pretty much was as Rock'n'Roll as it got. And take a look at the price tag - a bargain, it's worth a whole lot more.  #hubertkah #meinehoehepunkte #hubertkahvinyl #hubertkahmitkapelle #1981 #80svinyl #neuedeutschewelle #ndw #ndwvinyl #germanwave #germanpop #recordcollection #vinylcollection #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #vinylgram #instavinyl #vinyligclub #igvinylclub #vinyllover #vinylcollector #vinyloftheday #onmyturntable #nowlistening
It's 1984 and Depeche Mode are moving closer towards their trilogy of greatness. "Some Great Reward" was Depeche Mode's fourth album in as many years, the culmination point of one phase before yet another phase in the remainder of the eighties as the band slowly but surely became one of the biggest bands on the planet. The album is rich, an "industrial pop fusion" of dreams (The Quietus) and sequenced perfectly. The key of this phase lays in its transitional character: there's still the element of youth, Gore's angst, Gahan still away from singing lessons but getting closer to a frontman persona, Wilder becoming the best pop arranger and keyboardist of his generation. Confidence could be gained through the release of the world hit 'People Are People', though it's not loved by the band anymore, it opened doors and made them ready to shift gear on the following albums. This is Depeche Mode coming of age, the teenage poster boys go industrial, they already go berlin and that's why this is an important stepping stone for the band and just slips into their top 5 of albums.  #depechemode #somegreatreward #mute #mutecd #depechemodecd #davegahan #martingore #alanwilder #andrewfletcher #danielmiller #80scd #cdsofinstagram #recordcollection #cdclub #synthpop #industrial
...and in the same year Eurythmics followed up with arguably their best album and one of the best album covers of the era, "Touch" from late 1983. The tiny picture of Annie Lennox nacked back on "Sweet Dreams" had been too much for Americans, so that out of spite "Touch" showed her naked again on another bold move. The album's music is a run through of hits: 'Here Comes The Rain Again' topped the charts, 'Who's That Girl?' was just as mystic, with a popular video of Lennox in male and female roles. "Touch" can be just as dark, cold and electronic as "Sweet Dreams" but has lighter and -sweeter- moments, for example in 'The First Cut' or the Caribbean sounds of the unjustly overlooked single 'Right By Your Side'. The Eurythmics had taken their synth pop to the highest level and added orchestra and hard guitars, the mix they were then known for best.  #eurythmics #touch #eurythmicstouch #annielennox #davestewart #davidastewart #whosthatgirl #herecomestherainagain #1983 #80svinyl #newwave #newwavevinyl #synthpop #synthpopvinyl #electronic #recordcollection #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinylclub #vinylcommunity #vinyloftheday #instavinyl #45rpm #onmyturntable #nowspinning