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There’s been a crow on my shoulder (monoprint). Been drawing figures - haven’t for a long time.
Wedding and Christening in a day -Lucy-Steve-n-Mary May. So you 💘💘💘couldn’t of imagined it any other way. I@lucyjanestein
- Benjin playing the harp - photo by @ol_marshall - text extract from ‘Glaucous’ - other photos by Kirstin Prisk, work commissioned by Tate St Ives. Costumes made by @cabbage_blue_  other performers: @elcoco____ @hannahray @chloe_bonfield @mayrobson #benjin
Photos by Kristin Prisk, work commissioned by Tate St Ives @cabbage_blue_ @hannahray @elcoco____ @mayrobson @chloe_bonfield @melaniestidolph #benjin
Documentation shots from ‘Glaucous.’ So exciting to to respond to and perform in front of Patrick Heron’s paintings! A massive thank you to the blue maidens. Couldn’t of been done without you @hannahray @elcoco____ @mayrobson @chloe_bonfield The indigo and logwood dyed costumes for the work were  made by Sarah Johnson @cabbage_blue_  and music using the harp and found sound was by the musician Benjin #benjin Benjinmusic.bandcamp.com 🔵 a big thank you also to @melaniestidolph for curating the Late at Tate programme. Photo: credit Kristin Prisk, work commissioned by Tate St Ives
My article ‘Fog, Rocks and Poldark’ + my favourite photo ever taken of Lucy + tractor, pregnant with Mary May has been included in the new edition of #artlicks magazine. 🐖This issue explores the idea of ‘peripheries’ in relation to current art practises in the UK. Also included are some 👌 studies for Uv poem paintings by @swimonbaybliss. 👉magazines can be brought via the artlicks website. Thank you for the invitation @artlicks and @georgevasey 🐄🐄🐄@lucyjanestein @sanderson_ben @castcornwall @auctionhouseart @libita_sibungu_clayton
Naqada bone figure with Lapis Lazuli eyes added at a later date. British museum collection
Last day today of ‘Where it is, there it is’ a revolving exhibition curated by Liam Jolly and Rosanna Martin as part of the #groundwork programme @auctionhouseart a new project space in Redruth. This was my work for it. It was supposed to be an A3 print but found it blown up to wall size. Never seen my work so big before!
On Friday I will be performing my new work ‘Glaucous’ at Late at Tate St Ives. Sarah Johnson who works under the title ‘Cabbage Blue’ has made some wonderful costumes for the work and my reading will be accompanied by music using the harp and found sound played by Benjin pollock. The event starts at 6.30 and my Performance is at 20:10 🔵 photo by #daisyrickman @daisyrickman #glaucous #tatestives #lateattate
✋✋✋☝️. Many hands in production. We have open studios this weekend between 11-4 at CAST, Helston + delicious food in the cafe. All welcome to take a peak ✋
Sarah with hand in vat and a levitating bucket @cabbage_blue_
Indigo dyed linen with the help of @cabbage_blue_  who’s making some beauty costumes for #glaucous #tatestives #lateattate
On our Penwith Pilgrimage - inc. libby with llamas and mi5 with cows. ✊🏿@libita_sibungu_clayton
Hand panel inspired by the Wilton Diptych. The blue is genuine Ultramarine, historically used by painters as the preserve of paradise. It comes from Lazurite, a mineral present in Lapis Lazuli. The finest grades of ultramarine are reported to come from blue veins running through mountains in present day Northeastern Afghanistan. In western medieval maps of the world, this area scraped the edge of Paradise. How•Things•Change - Photo by Daisy Rickman #glaucous #blue #tatestives #lateattate @cabbage_blue_ #benjin
I’m really excited to say I’ve been commissioned to create a new performance / reading for the next Tate Late at St Ives. The work is called Glaucous and is about contradictions implicit in the colour blue - extreme joy, extreme sadness, the colour of sea, the colour of sky, the colour of lapis lazuli (which has yellow not blue at its centre). It’s also about the slippery, problematic nature of using words to classify colour. The performance will include costumes made by Sarah Johnson  @cabbage_blue_  and sound by Ben Pollock. And it will take place in the Patrick Heron exhibition on the 21st Sept. Photo by Daisy Rickman @daisyrickman @tatestives #tatestives #glaucous #tatelate
Bjork - Got over excited and forgot where my car was parked - which has led to deep mental questioning this morning. Eden project has acres of car park.... Thanks @markpiggery for moral support in tracking my Citroen saxo down, think I’d still be roaming the tarmac now!!!!!