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Nikko Hurtado


Artist ⚓️/_\3\6/9/_\⚓️

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Progress @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink @blackanchorworldwide
TAT-TALKS podcast on you tube now.
“If You Think You Know Everything, You Can't Learn Anything”  turn it the fuck up loud! 🔉 one week away!
Another one! @djkhaled voice. #repost @sullenclothing ・・・ @unclejeremy asked @nikkohurtado if he could give some advice to younger ‘up and coming’ tattooers. So many great conversations were had! Thank you so much to @nikkohurtado & @carlostorresart 🙏 for joining @colorcrimes and @unclejeremy on our new ‘Under the Skin’ Podcast and spitting knowledge 🙌. You can view on our @sullentv YouTube channel. Was a very special day ☺️. #sullenartcollective #tattoolegend #tattoolegends #sullenfamily #togetherwerise #sullentv Sponsors - @rejoice_cbd @stencilstuff @cheyenne_tattooequipment @aftercareh2ocean @mdwipeoutz
New Pod Cast  TAT-TALKS with @baronesseast take a listen. Also watch my story to hear another part of this interview. Thank you for having me. @j_rudy_gtc @victorportugal @carlostorresart @deanocook @joecapobiancotattoos @bjbetts @misterctoons
Love when my clients send me progress shot of their tattoos healed. #tattoosinthewild last little scab under the eye
Let see where do I start? It’s been a long road. I started working out about 3 or 4 years ago. It has become a part of my life and I do my best to workout minimum 4 days a week and usually over one hour. The perfect week is when I can get it 7 days a week.  My diet isn’t perfect. I am no model. I do not have a six pack ( more like a keg) haha! As life became more stressful, I started doing a lot more with art, and business I needed a clearer vision of my future. I needed my mind to be clearer as well. The first 12-15 years of my tattoo career I sacrificed my body for my love and passion for work.  Now I’m taking it back. I just wanted to tell you guys that it’s important to keep a healthy mind, body, and soul. Whatever that means to you. Better yourself all the time do things that are out of your comfort zone. Now go and achieve your dreams.
And the winner is -#blackanchoracademygiveaway ⚓️ Congrats @swoiyuken and @blackfiligreetattoo in Yuma, Arizona for winning our contest! We can’t wait to meet you all at the @goldenstatetattooexpo next week 🖤⚓️🖤 I love giving back to my community that I love so much!
Dear Tattooing,  I love you.
This shit ain’t no Yolk! Always an honor and a pleasure tattooing celebs. @world_record_egg I guess we know what came first.
Vegan Blue Announcement. Vegan blue will be available @barber_dts in the U.K. And Europe thanks for the support @barber_dts I’m sure it will sell out fast. @stencilanchored #veganblue
Till next time. Cannot wait to finish. @stencilanchored #veganblue