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Ivanna Volpintesta


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Not ready for winter yet! I’ve just spent the last 2 hours looking back at pics of Hawaii. 😢
A fun pic of my 🐶
Oahu, I salute you for being so lush...not really saluting an island though...🤔 Just stupidly forgot to pack sunglasses! 🤙🏽☀️🌊
Road trip views 🌺🌊🤙🏽
Went snorkelling for the first time ever 🐠 it’s so out of my comfort zone but it was so amazing!
We’re never leaving Hawaii- all this fresh local fruit 🍍and coconut butter 🤙🏽 Mahalo Hawaii 🌺
beep beep •|||||•
Hawaii is a magical place || 🌕
Just casually sitting on our Jeep in Hawaii 🌺
Flying over The Rocky Mountains
Sunday Vibes ⏳ Enjoying my Aroma Haus from @studio50_ca . I’ve got lemon and bergamot oils on. 🤙🏽
Brisket 🐶 & Enya 🐶 it was love at first sight💛 . 📸 @beautifulvomit