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Bright Stars Nursery


We are a daycare setting based in Sunderland that offers children from birth to 5 years a unique learning experience.

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Using tools is a vital part of nursery life here at Bright Stars. Children are encouraged to create and make their own learning spaces. Today was no exception! Here is some of our children helping to make a new car exploration space.
We have had a spring clean around the garden today! Some new spaces set up and our allotment space dug over ready for planting.
Using shadows to explore numbers and patterns.
Oh the joys of jumping in muddy puddles.
Helping each other to use the hand drill!
Our children have daily access to tools that they can use to create their own resources. Today children made a water wheel!
And the volcano making continues!
Today we created a potting space within our art studio ready to plant our vegetable seeds.
This amazing structure was made by a child who is 1 years old!! Introducing loose parts from a young age broadens the mind and ignites creativity. Truly magical!!!
So this happened today! Our children made their very own volcano with a river around the edge. When they returned to their volcano on the afternoon they discovered dinosaur eggs... can you believe that!!
When nature can provide colours like this then who needs poster paint!
Theres nothing better than a roaring fire and hot porridge to warm everyone up on a cold winters morning.
The art of colour blending and learning how to create specific colours!
Painting with your own homemade paint is just the best!
Tools are sometimes vital to take children onto the next level of understanding construction  and how to connect loose parts together.
What team work when making natural structures!
Some of our children have been doing some amazing observational drawings of their natural environment. Amazing results!
Using tools for a purpose is a vital skill we teach our children. Taking the hand drill out on their adventure today inspired them to make some wooden structures and work together on one project.