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Photo by @daisydilardini | While on assignment, everything we do is determined by the light conditions. In Antarctica in January, there are 24 hours of light. That means the best warm light for photography happens right in the middle of the night. We worked tirelessly to capture the raw beauty of Antarctica, with only a couple hours of rest between sunset and sunrise.  A lot of knowledge and logistics are involved in being at the right place at the right moment. Follow me  @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #antarctica #ice #iceberg #polar #conservation #climatechange
Photo by @BabakTafreshi | The World at Night photography. A beautiful evening. The northern lights in twilight. A couple of nights ago in Keflavik, the end of my March aurora photo workshop in Iceland.  #sailing #aurora #northernlights #keflavik @natgeoimagecollection
Photo by @chiaragoia | The island of Amorgos is home to the famous Hozioviotissa monastery, built in 1017 and hanging on a cliff side 300 meters above the sea. Here photographed at night, moonlit. I came to Amorgos to shoot a story on Sister Irini, a Greek Orthodox nun who came to Amorgos for the first time 35 years ago as a tourist with her children and her husband. She fell in love with the island and she returned here as a nun 7 years ago when she took over an abandoned monastery and restored it herself. Her monastery is about 10 minutes drive from Hozoviotissa. #greece #amorgos
Photo by @max.lowe | Sacred to the culture of tribes of the Northwest, the Potlatch is so much more than a sacred celebration. A way by which community is strengthened, relationships within the tribe are sured, and young people are brought into adulthood, these events are a cornerstone in the bedrock of how the First Nations People of the PNW have founded their societies for as long as memory serves
Photo by @kiliiiyuyan | A young Grizzly Bear chows on a sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska. At this point in the fall, bears have stocked up on their winter reserves by eating as much fish as possible during the summer runs. Follow me, @kiliiiyuyan, for more from Alaska and beyond. #alaska #bear #bristolbay
Photo by @emilypolar | An early riser stands in the warm morning light framing up a photo Machapuchare mountain, also known as Fishtail mountain in the Southern Annapurna range of Nepal. To see more of our enchanted world follow @emilypolar #nepal #himalaya #annapurna #tadapani #machapuchare
Photo by @acacia.johnson | Cows graze on a mountainside near Grindelwald, Switzerland. This spectacularly scenic town, a gateway to some of Switzerland's most iconic mountains, is home to bountiful hiking and skiing opportunities. On a quiet September morning, there were few other hikers on the trail, and the music of cow bells filled the autumn air. Follow me at @acacia.johnson for more adventures in the mountains and on the sea. #switzerland #grindelwald #swissalps
Photo by @jimmychin | Morning commute on the staggering formation of Ulvetanna with @conrad_anker. Climbing with Conrad will never get old...and apparently neither will he. Ulvetanna, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. #tnfantarctica17 For more mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin.
Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | Erin Brooks (right) and Maxi Rosano (left) making the most of the day catching waves at last night on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. #surfing #oahu #northshore #hawaii
Photo by @taylorglenn | The Middle Teton is framed by the walls of the Stetner Couloir. This image was made late in the afternoon while descending the Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The color of light at this time of day is exquisite, blue hues of the shadows contrasting with the warm sun light. Nothing quite like winter in the mountains. Follow @taylorglenn for more from #wyoming and beyond. #winter #grandtetonnationalpark
Photo by @emilypolar | A local cliff jumper sails off the Fort Wall in Galle, Sri Lanka to entertain tourists and earn tips for the day. Do not try this at home, these guys are pros. To see more of this lively world follow @emilypolar #srilanka #galle #fortgalle #jump
Photo by @renan_ozturk | Travel for me is often about the stripping away of creature comforts and immersing in a landscape or culture.  @taylorfreesolo pictured here putting in the work required daily during our stay at our friend Eric Johnson's backcountry cabin.  Eric uprooted his city life the last few years to fully commit to being the first year round resident in the valley high above Ouray CO in 100 years since the mining boom.  If only we could all live such simple and efficient lives. ~ Check out @renan_ozturk for more form the fringes of the travel life