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We had to have that stranger danger talk. Someone almost dog napped Casey yesterday.  Albert was out in the garage as she’s in the yard doing her business. A small car stops and opens their door and calls her over. Albert got out of the garage just in time. Close call. Now we have to keep a closer eye on her.  I’m sure those thieves will be back for another chance to snag her.
Banana 🍌 nut bread 🍞 for someone special.  #baking #coldweather #bakingweather #babananut
Long awaited!  Finally got rid of my dinosaur of a fit bit (the first bulky version) & got this sleek and thin Versa.  Tracking made easy yet stylish.  Just hope it doesn’t irritate my wrist.  We’ll see.  Let’s go.
Who’s ready for a challenge? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #challenge #walk #walkforhealth
Exciting about this book 📖. #michelleobama #becoming #book #newrelease #classy #intelligent #formerfirstlady #wise
True story.
Chocolate nutritious shake for lunch
Thank you
Aren’t these just cuties?  #fruit #ineedit #healthyfood
Good morning amigos!!! It’s shake time!!!
Ending this day on a positive note 📝  #goodnight #tomorrowisanewday #peace
Good morning amigos!!!! Today is a new day.  We (Beto) may have lost Texas but bigger things are on the horizons. Democrats gain the House and minorities & women have been elected.  History has been made thanks to those who did vote. For those of you who didn’t, prepare yourself for the next election.  Your vote DOES count.  Decide that you will take part in the next election. If your not registered, let’s get you registered.  Get informed and get involved. Let’s do this together.  Si se puede!  In the meantime, Beto says “let’s all help CRUZ for the betterment of all Texans.” A true leader!  Time to roll up those sleeves and get to work.  #anewmission #change #vote #bluewave #letsgo #betoorourke #betoatrueleader #proud
Words of a wise man.
Beyoncé for Beto!!! #vote #bluewave #beyonce #betofortexas
Is healthcare important to you?  Want to protect pre-existing conditions?  Could you afford to wait 1-6 months to get covered by your insurance?  Can you afford to pay out of pocket for your medicine for 1-6 months?  Then vote blue.  Vote Beto! Polls close at 7pm today.