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The Mobile Dipstick


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Don’t postpone a job, or quit working let us service your businesses vehicles while you keep working. In this case we replaced a battery and starter for #maxwellsgrassgurus Call for your cars service Today! 423-444-9543 #nodowntime #mobilemaintenance #themobiledipstick #timeismoney
Oil service, fuel filters, and air filters all while the US Postal service employees keep working. #mobilemaintenance #themobiledipstickllc #uspostalservice  423-444-9543
Bass Pro Hunting
Cold, flurries, busted brake lines oh my.!!! Don’t worry about the weather, we still got you covered at The Mobile Dipstick 423-444-9543  #tricitiestn #mobilecarservice #mobilemaintenance #brakes #tricities best #itscoldoutside
Ahh the smell of oil and well the sound of little golf carts driving by blissfully as the golfers get their car serviced. The Mobile Dipstick 423-444-9543 #golf #johnsoncitycountryclubtn
Golf and Dipsticks!!
THE MOBILE DIPSTICK WILL BE OFFERING BRAKE JOB SERVICES STARTING MARCH 1!!! Let us come on-site and service your brakes! Call, text, or email today for a quote or to schedule an appointment!!! 423-444-9543 or themobiledipstickllc@gmail.com  MAKE SURE TO SHARE OUR POST!  We are committed to making your automotive maintenance needs less of a hassle!!!
Little Dipstick Humor
This morning and n The Adventures of The Mobile Dipstick I found a drain plug that was loose/cross threaded  from the previous quick oil change company that many people go to. You can visually tell by how the head of the bolt does not set flush with the mating surface of the engine block. I refuse to use business names however when you get caught up on dirt cheap service some times your car gets bad service. Be sure,no matter who you use, that everyone involved is knowledgeable about what they are doing. If you don’t want this to happen to your car, and have to deal with repair cost, CALL THE MOBILE DIPSTICK 423-444-9543
Belts loose, but she sounds polite right???? #mobilemaintenance #veteranowned #mobiledipstick
Just waiting to get off the trailer and let the Dipstick run the streets. This car has been a trip to build.. almost done. Just needs a dyno . #aircooledvw #aircoolboosted #efi #mobilelube #mobiledipstick #mobilemaintenance #mobilecarservice
It is freezing outside, but your not. Your inside  staying warm and your car is still getting fixed. Automotive maintenance experience redefined at The Mobile Dipstick. #mobilecarservice #mobilelube #mobileoilchange #mobilemaintenance #staywarm #veteranownedbusiness