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╔═══════ ☆My name is Katy, ♔I ain't no lady... ☼I might be crazy, ☽And a lil' bit lazy. ════════╝

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See you later boi sea ya layda💥
I’m just waiting for fall szn to begin😪
Home: A place your feet may leave, but your heart will always be💓 - Just a thread of some of my faves while I was visiting back home💖
“One: The World in Chicago” - 6/29/18 • This is such a late post, (like a wholeeee week) but I literally never had PCD hit me so hard before😂😂 Last Friday night was one of the best moments I’ve ever had. I finally got to see my baebaes, Wanna One, perform live. It was an amazing night and I’m glad I got to spend it with my gurl, @sum__xiong !! Thanks to my Mama for letting me go for my sweet 6teen as well❤️ • My boys were absolutely gorgeous last Friday night and I still can’t believe I was in the same room with them. Their stage presence was incredible and I was just blown away during all their performances. Since @wannaone.official won’t be here for long, I just HAD to see them irl and as ot11 before they go. I wish I can re-live that night all over again, but here I am sad that it’s all gone now. I hope the boys will have a great time during the rest of the tour and I will hopefully see them soon again, but just not as ot11😭😭😭 (rip I’m still depressed) Much love to my boys and I will miss y’all dearly. I’ll be here to always support my 11 boys no matter what happens down the road... 수고했어요💗💗💗 • #wannaone #wannaoneinusa #wannaonechicago #11monthswithwannaone #onetheworld #worldtour #concert #kangdaniel #parkjihoon #leedaehwi #kimjaehwan #ongseongwoo #parkwoojin #laiguanlin #yoonjisung #hwangminhyun #baejinyoung #hasungwoon
If I could be any animal, I would be a seal... so I can sleep and lay in the sun all day😎
Summer is just around the corner😋
Stay gold and never let go✨
When you try to get the perfect shot but he ruins it😂
Winter break went by too fast😩 I need a longer break😂👀
Veni. Vini. Amari.💖
Happy New Year my dudes🎉 Honestly 2017 was a pretty crazy year. I gained many new friends, left a ton of toxic people, and kept the ones that are truly important to me. I grew more independent, confident, and went out of my comfort zone a lot. I’ve traveled to many new places, joined many clubs, challenged myself in many new things, and living a happier life overall. Shoutout to all the new and old friends who stayed with me throughout the year- I’m super grateful for y’all. I am excited to see all the surprises that 2018 holds and hope for the best to everyone in 2018❤️❤️
Just a girl with adventure in her DNA🤙🏼
We are all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality☁️
Happiness isn't about more, it's about less✨
I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time🤙🏼
I’m 365 so stresseddd😫 - But here’s sum basic photos of me bcuz why not🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Quiero Del Taco🌮
Oregon back at it again with dem nice views😍 + this volcano was pretty cool🌋