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╔═══════ ☆My name is Katy, ♔I ain't no lady... ☼I might be crazy, ☽And a lil' bit lazy. ════════╝

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Just wanted to drill this choreo down today and hopefully get back into studio dances this year! I’ve been dancing so much these past few months and decided to showcase something a little harder lol😂 hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to post more choreos on here🤙🏼 - Choreography: @yoojunglee11 - @1milliondance  Song: @this_nao - #makeitoutalive
Thanks for a great year 2018!🥳 I traveled to many places, went out of my comfort zone, met some amazing people, went to see my favorite artists perform, made some great marks in my education, and also gained a new family member! I’m excited to see what adventures 2019 holds and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Hope this year treats you well💓
See you later boi sea ya layda💥
I’m just waiting for fall szn to begin😪
Home: A place your feet may leave, but your heart will always be💓 - Just a thread of some of my faves while I was visiting back home💖
“One: The World in Chicago” - 6/29/18 • This is such a late post, (like a wholeeee week) but I literally never had PCD hit me so hard before😂😂 Last Friday night was one of the best moments I’ve ever had. I finally got to see my baebaes, Wanna One, perform live. It was an amazing night and I’m glad I got to spend it with my gurl, @sum__xiong !! Thanks to my Mama for letting me go for my sweet 6teen as well❤️ • My boys were absolutely gorgeous last Friday night and I still can’t believe I was in the same room with them. Their stage presence was incredible and I was just blown away during all their performances. Since @wannaone.official won’t be here for long, I just HAD to see them irl and as ot11 before they go. I wish I can re-live that night all over again, but here I am sad that it’s all gone now. I hope the boys will have a great time during the rest of the tour and I will hopefully see them soon again, but just not as ot11😭😭😭 (rip I’m still depressed) Much love to my boys and I will miss y’all dearly. I’ll be here to always support my 11 boys no matter what happens down the road... 수고했어요💗💗💗 • #wannaone #wannaoneinusa #wannaonechicago #11monthswithwannaone #onetheworld #worldtour #concert #kangdaniel #parkjihoon #leedaehwi #kimjaehwan #ongseongwoo #parkwoojin #laiguanlin #yoonjisung #hwangminhyun #baejinyoung #hasungwoon
If I could be any animal, I would be a seal... so I can sleep and lay in the sun all day😎
Summer is just around the corner😋
Stay gold and never let go✨
When you try to get the perfect shot but he ruins it😂
Winter break went by too fast😩 I need a longer break😂👀
Veni. Vini. Amari.💖
Just a girl with adventure in her DNA🤙🏼
We are all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality☁️
Happiness isn't about more, it's about less✨
I’m 365 so stresseddd😫 - But here’s sum basic photos of me bcuz why not🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Quiero Del Taco🌮
Oregon back at it again with dem nice views😍 + this volcano was pretty cool🌋