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Iosif Nichayko died in a submarine accident in 1948. Yet, he also acted as the director of the Russian Special Sciences Service (S.S.S.) until 2016.  Read about his "special circumstances" on Mignolaverse.com!
BEHIND the scenes.  Was finally able to get pictures of some B.P.R.D. (Booties of Paranormal Research & Defense). The most interesting rear view is the details on the Abe Sapien prototype.  They paid serious attention to detail.  Check out the "Boots on the Ground" Toy Fair Edition on Mignolaverse.com! Special thanks to @brooklyn_geek  for running point on the Funko Pop! assist!
While only Hellboy adjacent, we are excited to see our beloved Doug Jones in so many action figure forms.  Faun, Pale Man, and Amphibian man produced by NECA.
Gruagach of Lough Lane is a special character to John from the Hellboy Book Club, so he’s doing a little guest spot on our Hellboy Day Countdown. If you have a favorite, email mignolanews@gmail.com and tell us who you’d like to biography!  Read all about Gruagach on Mignolaverse.com!
Vladimir Giurescu’s “life” didn't really begin until he drowned to death in after being thrown from his horse. His distraught father, Mihail, prayed to the goddess Hecate (whom he had saved from being used as firewood in 1492) and sacrificed half his servants and all his dogs in a three-day ritual to bring his son back to life. On the third day, Giurescu was brought back to life, not as a human, but as a bloodthirsty vampire.  Read more on Mignolaverse.com!
Some offerings from the @darkhorsedirect booth!  Magnets. Playing cards, journals, enamel pins, flask set, puzzle, coasters...oh my! #toyfair2019
Close ups of the Abe Sapien 1/12 scale figure prototype by @1000toys partnered with @darkhorsedirect.  Love the details, should have the same articulation as Hellboy! #toyfair2019
Close ups of the Hellboy 1/12 scale figure by @1000toys partnered with Dark Horse Direct.  The sculpt and articulation is spectacular! #toyfair2019
Here's a 360° view of the upcoming Hellboy Geeki Tiki exclusive to our friends at Entertainment Earth! #toyfair2019
As teased by @hellboymovie and @originalfunko, the Hellboy (2019) movie version Pop! Figure!  Featuring an ultra stylized version of David Harbour's portrayal of the half demon hero. #toyfair2019
Hellboy has come home to Mezco!  Announced at Toy Fair in NYC, we can now confirm that Mezco is producing the Hellboy (2019) Film figure through their One:12 collective line of super detailed articulated figures.  Featuring The likeness of David Harbour from the upcoming film, fabric clothing, and over 15 points of articulation, this figure is scheduled to release in 2020.  Stay tuned to Mignolaverse.com for updates! #toyfair2019
Roger was a homunculus found by the B.P.R.D. in 1997 inside of the Czege Castle.  He was initially awakened when Liz Sherman’s fire abilities supplied him with a power source...He went on to become a field agent at the B.P.R.D. read more on Mignolaverse.com!
Simon Anders was a profoundly unfortunate member of the early B.P.R.D. On a mission with Trevor Bruttenholm, Joseph Stegner and the rest of the B.P.R.D. crew in 1947, Anders got himself mixed up with some particularly nasty vampires.  Read more about him on Mignolaverse.com!
This month in Mignolaverse history: 80 years ago, February 1939, Colorado.  Lobster Johnson failed to stop a Nazi Saboteur from blowing up a train full of American scientists and troops heading to Los Alamos to work on the Manhattan Project.  You can read about it in the one-shot "Night Train," written by superstar Geoff Johns.  Head to your local comic shop and pick up B.P.R.D.  v1 The Soul of Venice & Other Stories, or B.P.R.D. Omnibus v1
One of the more notable field agents during the 1950’s, Jacob Stegner is a true military man coming onto the B.P.R.D. in 1947 after serving through World War 2 and, later, being deemed mentally unstable from PTSD.  Read more on Mignolaverse.com!
For this year's Chocolate & Ice Sculpture Festival, Salem's So Sweet, Harrison's Comics displayed this romantically themed Hellboy Sculpture.  According to Harrison's Facebook page, It's on display "until the elements or vandals get to it." If you're in the area, head down to get a glimpse and a photo.  And support your local comic shop!
Leopold Kurtz was one of the trio of Nazi scientists, along with Ilsa Haupstein and Professor Doctor Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, that dedicated their lives and intellects to their master, Rasputin.  Read more about the diminutive Nazi on Mignolaverse.com
In 1859, at the height of Victorian England’s obsession with the antiquities of ancient Egypt, a mummy unwrapping party took a curious turn, when Panya, the mummy in question, opened her eyes.  Read more on Mignolaverse.com!