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Ryan McCartan


•scandalacious ⚪️👖 Fiyero in @wicked_musical on b’way •damaged 💣 JD in @heathersmusical •rose-tinted 👠 Brad Majors in @rockyhorrorfox \/\/

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A friend recently sent me this pic of fetus Ryan playing the Kennedy Center. So if anyone needed receipts; yes, I’ve always been a complete and total theater nerd.
Giving you JD vibes and an insta-chiq brick wall. Happy Saturday 🧱
A few weeks ago I posted a clip of me singing a song called Something To Hold On To, and a lot of you have asked me where that song came from and why I was singing it... well I’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift for you — the full video one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of singing [keep swiping for the whole thing ➡️]. It’s from a new musical called Between The Lines (@btlmusical) - based on a book by @jodipicoult and her daughter @samanthavanleer, with music by @samselanderson. Can’t wait for you to see this show onstage some day! 👑
Guess who’s back, back again #wicked #myelbowisntbrokenanymore
An open letter to my friends on Instagram: I haven’t posted this week because it’s been one of the busiest/most fulfilling of my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to workshop an amazing new piece of theater in New York City, while simultaneously undergoing continued physical therapy and rehearsals in preparation for my return to Wicked on Broadway next Tuesday (Yay!) — I now travel across the country to sing at an incredible festival. In exchange for my week of absence, please accept a picture of me with this puppy. Xx
Hit me up on Cameo [Link in Bio] — Doing discounted singing telegrams for all of February 💙🖤😈
Cash me on a carousel 🎠
Wicked does Churros, Wicked does Disney, Wicked mourns Ryan’s busted elbow; a series.
Swipe ➡️ to see how quickly I go from confident to camera-shy.
And now all I wanna see, is a sky full of lighters* ..... *iphones ••• TELL ME this is not the coolest thing ever, I’ll wait #jtf2019
Recently I realized that out of all of the things I’ve put on my “Wildest Dreams” list in life, most of them have already come true. My first thought when I wake up and my last thought before I fall asleep is always... “Thank you.” ••• My life was graced with another moment of divine gratitude recently at #jtf2019 as I sang and interviewed in front of 6,500 students, many of whom are the age I was when I discovered that performing was what I wanted to do with my life— and many of whom (as I witnessed first hand) absolutely have the chops to do so. This is me singing a snippet of what has become a new favorite song of mine “Something to Hold On To,” from a new musical being developed by best-selling author and now great friend (how is this my life?) @jodipicoult. This is the best audience I’ve ever performed for. This is one of the most intense and gratifying performances I’ve ever given, and this was one of many reminders in my life that the power of the arts is one of the most fundamentally important powers on this planet: The closest thing we truly have to magic.
Sitting here waiting for the limo to get here for my performance at JTF in Atlanta — but I needed to sing NOW so I did this 🖤