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Next ride is like 2 weeks away and bike is not ready! Need to stop slacking so I can ride for the kids! #chicagotftparade
Today I was told to bring out the $5k shit box...so I guess my evo only worth $5k 🤷🏼‍♂️
Did I do this right? #shoechallenge #imnotafanofshoessoithinkthisisstupid
あなたと一緒に人生を愛する 📷: @jgusty
I knew it was gonna be a little boy! 💙 Can't wait to meet the little guy!
17x9.5 +32 Wedssport TC105N #wheelwednesday 📷: @jgusty
Hasn't even been a month being put away.... 😭😭😭
Monster truck for #mitsubishimonday 📷: @jgusty
Fun fact! The oval holes on the evo 9 bumpers are to help cool the end tanks on the intercooler... 📷: @jgusty
Friday night. Already in bed. I may work weekends but the pay is good! Good night IG! 📷: @jgusty
#tbt with the grom. Yes I still have it. Will be posting more in december!
#tbt to shop hangs. Dont think I ever posted this.