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Well Egypt, it has been a blast. I hope to return again someday! Till we meet again. #egypt #travel
The Temple of Horus at Edfu. The main entrance pylon of this temple was really impressive. #egypt #templeofhorus #edfu
Luxor Temple at night. #luxor #luxortemple #egypt
Big day! The day started with a 4AM wake up call so we could make it in time for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Luxor. After that the Temple of Queen Hathshepsut, then the Valley of the Kings, where we explored 3500 year old tombs. Another even more obligatory fedora pic. #valleyofthekings #luxor #egypt #1000feetup #luxortemple
The step pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. The first known pyramid in Egypt. This was a natural progression from the large mastabas(square or rectangular monuments built over tombs) by stacking smaller mastabas on top of larger ones. This was just the first step #rimshot in the evolution of pyramids. Also some other pictures from the temples in the pyramid complex #egypt #saqqara #steppyramid #djoser #zoser
@rogerfatguy is this it?! #arkofthecovenant #foundit
The Sphinx on the Giza Plateau. Believed to be protectors in ancient Egypt, Sphinx were often placed at the front of tombs and temples. The complex at Giza is no different. Had to include another obligatory fedora picture for Botta #giza #sphinx #cairo #egypt #gizapyramids #visitegypt
The Great Pyramid of Khufu! Not only did I finally get to go inside the Great Pyramid but there was an electrical problem and the lights weren’t working. I just so happened to be at the back of our tour group on the way out and I saw the opportunity to have an experience unlike any I’ve ever had. I stopped at the base of the grand gallery and waited for the rest of my group to go down the steps at the bottom. I then extinguished my flashlight and sat...in complete silence and complete darkness, in the heart of a man made mountain of stone. I just sat for what felt like hours though I know it was only a few minutes, feeling the permanence of this space. A space that has remained virtually unchanged for 4500 years. A space that has remained while most of recorded human history has happened around it. A space that I have dreamt about since I was a child. I just sat and felt the power of the beauty of what humans can do. Then the group that was behind us in the burial chamber came out and I stood up and walked out. This was a moment I will never forget. #peakexperience #egypt #giza #gizapyramids #greatpyramid
Since I was a young boy I’ve wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt. I finally fulfilled that dream when we explored the pyramids of the Giza plateau. First we entered the pyramid of Khafre built around 2500BCE. To say that literally stepping into the past was a powerful experience is a gross understatement. It was truly moving to be able to reach out and touch stone that was cut and placed by real people over 4500 years ago. Up next, the Great Pyramid! #egypt #gizapyramids #khafre #doepicshit #lifegoals #cairo #springtoursegypt
Morning on the Nile. #cairo #egypt just the beginning of an epic vacation with @jasonsivak @lishnotaleesha @mama2brewcrew
I spy some pyramids #cairo 🇪🇬
Off to Egypt!!
Hutton putting in the hard work!
Rink side at the @buffalosabres game.
What a beautiful day to get out and put some miles on the #crosscountry skis Popcorn loves it too! #getoutside #longpoint #bemuspoint #meetmeinthemiddle
When you’re going to watch @freesolofilm you’ve gotta dress appropriately. Great job @alexhonnold and @jimmy_chin I wanted to watch it again as soon as I stepped out of the theatre. It has also inspired me to make getting outside more of a priority in my life again. #doepicshit
Fancy Almond Creme Pie. I say again my pie game is strong!! #mypiegameisstrong #baked #thatcremethough
Fuck yes!! After spending years of my life in Africa and countless safaris, I finally got to see a White Rhino up close!! Absolutely beautiful creatures, I don’t know how anyone could bring themselves to kill one of these magnificent beasts. @nairobi_national_park #kenya #doepicshit #fuckyes #animalsarebetterthanpeople